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Mario Cart Double Dash

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  1. Supersonic says:

    My friend has the Golden KartB) you ride in when you win the tracks: You do the star cup in 150CC It’s super strong:D, but super slow :(

  2. bluetyger says:

    the best car for mario kart is the green turtle car. also the toadies car is really good. mostly all the small ones. the best medium car is mario’s. the best big car is boo and the pirahna guy.

  3. Saturos says:

    Petey Piranha and King Boo can use all the special items including the special mushroom used by toad.

  4. Squirrely Person says:

    Are there any cheats?

  5. t says:

    bomb battle are my favrites

  6. randomness says:

    :) Mario Kart Rocks!!!! :)

  7. colbybd says:

    I love Mario Cart Double Dash!!!

  8. valmar says:

    I dont like hevy kirts

  9. Chose Bulbasuar says:

    Did You Know That The Rainbow Track Was In Mario Kart 64?

  10. nick says:

    i want to play the beta

  11. cafe says:

    How do beat 150cc in crown cup.

  12. e8t the Den Chief says:

    The Pihrana plant has the better cart than Boo

  13. Extreme Rapper says:


  14. Rapper says:

    I like doing

    ballon battle

  15. e8t says:

    I suggest using light karts for 150cc races

  16. I love Sasuke Uchiha says:

    i beat mariokart double dash years ago. it came with my gamecube. my cuz was the first to beat me. and im hard to beat. i scream really loud when i lose. but, i own you all!!!!!!!!

  17. e8t says:

    I suggest using toad and baby luigi for your needs

  18. seachn the web 98 says:

    ug the 150cc is to hard! i alwas end in 7th or 8th but i still have fun

  19. virtual ninja from burnout 3 says:

    my original name was jimmy neutron, so the long cool was mine.

  20. Jimmy Neutron says:


  21. wwebatistafan says:

    person, yoshi and baby luigi are a great team to

  22. Wackodude says:

    How to turn on mirror? Win special cup150 cc and you will get King Boo, Petty Pirhanha, 2 new cars, and mirrormode. as for turning it on, go to the cc level. there you will find mirror.

  23. weird person from mars says:

    How do you turn on mirror mode?

  24. person says:

    I heard the best team is Mario and Bowser…

  25. Mario says:

    I have lots of Mario games

  26. mini-game MASTER says:

    I love the Mario kart games my friend beat the hole game and got all the karts and drivers

  27. game lover says:

    I love this game!

  28. TB says:

    u have to beat all cup tour on 150cc to get boo and petty pirhanha

  29. geek #2 says:

    I have beaten this game and gotton to the very elongated level. It takes forever to beat!

    P.S. Go to the bowling game if you want to talk to me. That is where i do most of my talking.
    :) :( :0 :^

  30. getxnfytfuA2 says:

    i beat this game and got all of the people there is a shortcut in the placewhere you drive downtown in flowercup

  31. robo cup winner says:

    My friend beat this game and got every thing so much fun in 4 player battle

  32. Wackodude says:

    Hey people, how do ya get the big people, like Boo and Petty Pirhanha?

  33. toka says:

    i use waluigi and mario and drive in the purple car.thats a good team and really funny

  34. The Joke Master says:

    That “someone els” is Toadette.

  35. Evil says:

    i got all the Powers!!!!

  36. Drago says:

    Do speacial cup to get the toad pack. It includes toad, someone els, and thier cart.

  37. luigi 1 says:

    also what combination wins all cuptour at 150cc

  38. luigi 1 says:

    Hey strongfullyBad how do yu unlock King,boo and Pety pinhira and tilt areana

  39. dmh2 says:

    if u beat the whole game u get a different background

  40. triple j says:

    yes there is a waluigi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Jules says:

    Is there Waluigi?

  42. § Zihark § says:

    i have everything

  43. lyr says:

    i have those ashketchum

  44. Ash Ketchum says:

    how do yo unlock:King Boo,King Boos Kart,and Tilt Table Battle Arina?

  45. StrongfullyBad says:

    You can also unlock Toad, Toadette, King Boo, and Petey Piranha

  46. Videogame master says:

    This game is awesome!! Mirror mode is fun but on Yoshi circut there is 2 shortcuts u cn is threw his arms and the other is in the tunnel. You can only reach them if you have a golden mushroom or 3 mushrooms. Save them…….Videogame Master

  47. yo mama4 says:

    what about all tour cup?How do i baet it in 150cc?:]

  48. SpikeEX says:

    CO OP PLAY! Me and one of my siblings did the entire ichilada (Don’t think I spelled it right) with the Co-Op play.

  49. Joe moe says:

    I have Mario Kart Double Dash! Thank you!

  50. Mario is awesome says:

    NO you Also get mirrior mode

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