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Mario Cart Double Dash

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  1. GROUDON says:

    can anyone tell me tips on how to beat cups on 100 and 150cc?

    P.S. my usual combo is parakoopa (koopa with red shell) driving and Bowser jr. using items in the parkoopa kart. Is this a good team?

  2. pokemon2000 says:

    This game is so easy, I beat every cup on virtually every kart .

  3. Waluigi time! says:

    This game is fun, but I like Mario Kart Wii better!

  4. Cameldude says:

    Brawlchampmaster dude, Toadette is paired with toad after you beat 150cc Special. Petey Pirana is this ugly flower thing in speedos that you get in Mirror mode

    • Gamemaster says:

      I thought he was a walking pirahna plant.
      There’s another version of him in Super Mario Sunshine (an awesome game) AND Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

  5. someone else says:

    I know how to drift really well on the first part of rainbow road. You have to powerslide before you get to the turns.

  6. Shaymin Stun Spore says:

    Hi, i’m back from Florida and my favorite character in this is Bowser Jr. Gotta stun,bye!

  7. BrawlChampionMaster says:

    How do you get Toadette?P.S.Who is Petey Pirana?

  8. Willyboy says:

    How do you unlock the Special Cup courses?

  9. shadowroy64 says:

    this game is so easy!

  10. Mario Kart Master says:

    Ultimatepokemonmaster, My Favorite Combanation is Mario and ParaKoopaTroopa, Kart is The Waluigi Racer,Mushroom Cup Track is Luigi Circut, Flower Cup is Mushroom Bridge, Star Cup Track is DK Mountain, And My Favorite Special Cup Track is Bowser’s Castle.

  11. Mario Kart Master says:

    Ok, this is for anybody who doesnt have King Boo and Petey. To unlock them, Go to Mirror Mode and Go to The Star Cup and beat it in 1st Place and Then Their Yours I recommend being the Koopas on the Para Koopa Troopa Kart Ok,Bye! Hope This Helps.

  12. Cacklettaconquerer says:

    To Mark the Gamer: You still didn’t tell me your favorite stages in each cup.

  13. Mark The Gamer says:

    I beat the whole game the best combination I say would be using Toad and Walugi in the Walugi Kart the purple one (not the heavy weight Wario One) use this on any cup and you will literally beat the game easy. Results May Vary on Gaming Experience.

  14. Cacklettaconquerer says:

    Hello. I’m back from camping and I just want to say that I’m the Ultimatepokemonmaster kid, but I don’t think I should be called Ultimatepokemonmaster since I don’t have all the battle frontier symbols so I changed my name.

  15. Ultimatepokemonmaster says:

    Did I say tournament? I meant survey!

  16. Tomare! says:

    Character Combo: King Boo and Petey Pirhana

    Racecar: The Golden car (where GP winners ride for ceremonies)

    Mushroom Cup: Dry Dry Desert

    Flower Cup: Daisy Cruiser

    Star Cup: Mushroom City (or whatever it is called)

    Special Cup: Rainbow Road (it is also my turf)

    These are my favorites of Mario Kart Double Dash

  17. Ultimatepokemonmaster says:

    Yo! I’m new here with a tournament: What’s your favorite character combination? Racecar? Mushroom stage? Flower stage? Star stage? Special stage? My favorite combination is Mario&YOshi. My favorite racecar is that golden one where you beat the all-cup tour on mirror mode 150cp. My favorite mushroom stage is Peach Beach. My favorite flower stage is Daisy Cruiser because I have a crush on Daisy. My favorite star stage is Yoshi circuit and my favorite Special Stage is Rainbow Road.

  18. Victor says:

    Someone post their freind codes and I’ll post mine for mario kart wii


  19. Tomare! says:

    I beat the whole game.

    All the grand prix

    Unlocked all stuff

  20. iactuallybeatthegame says:

    beat the special cup and you get the alltour cup with all of the tracks in it.

  21. Waluigi time! says:

    Never mind what I said about the, yeh you guessed it, the 2-D box thing. I beat the game and it didn’t show it on the picture of the castle. When will these idiots on the internet stop spewing false info.?!!!

  22. Waluigi time! says:

    This ones for Mr. Anonymous, I unlocked Boo and the flower guy from beating All Cup Tour on Mirror mode. Good luck though, it took me hours!!!

  23. Waluigi time! says:

    Those of you Mario fans who are familiar with the infamous 2-D black box in Super Mario 64 DS(Still trying to break by the way!)watch for the ending when it shows a view of the castle. You will be able to see the box on the same side of the castle as on the main selection screen of Super Mario 64 DS!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    How do you unlock Boo and that flower thing?

  25. Victor says:

    heres a Glitch I found out but you have to be lucky

    drive into a bannana or somthing as somone uses the ligthning thingingy and you won’t be tiny!

    From the sword weilding cart driving laser blasting Victor!

  26. pokemonluvr says:

    I beat Mushroom, Flower, and Star Cup on only 50cc.

  27. JJG says:

    I love the last two characters you get.

  28. samy1 baby mario and bowser jr. says:

    Yo, this is what i earned so far since you want to know extra stuff. Mushroom cup 150 cc is the Luigi mansion for battle mode. Mushroom cup 100cc is the green baby carriage. Flower 150cc the girl or pink yoshi’s cart. star 50cc is paratroopa or red koopa’s cart. 100cc star cup is Special cup. 150 for star cup is barrel train “mixture of donkey kong and at train. Special cup 50cc is bullet kart, 100cc is Toad and Toadette. Special Cup 150cc is All star cup. I haven’t beaten All star cup yet.

  29. pokemonluvr says:

    I play on 50cc but I’m still pretty good.

  30. koopatroopa21 says:

    Hey Luigi, Mario’s right. There are 2 cups to unlock: Special Cup and All Cup Tour

    (well, I guess the All Cup Tour is only a cup in Grand Prix, so score you one for that)

  31. DD says:

    Note: The Golden Parade Kart is available for all weight classes, and it’s fast.

  32. astrokid430 says:

    I beat the game in 2 days. Thats after I had beaten it 14 times already, with NO CHEATS.

  33. Mario says:

    To: Luigi

    I saw that you said there is only one cup that you can unlock

    Um your wrong and right you can unlock another cup but its the all cup tour and all you do is race all 16 courses again

    if you want to find how to unlock this go to your records and see what courses you haven’t won first in yet

    just to help a bit there is one kart for each player plus a bonus one

    there are 6 battle stages and 16 courses

    plus you can get something called mirror mode witch turns everything around like you were looking in a mirror

    I hope that helps and if it doesn’t it might help someone else


  34. luigi says:

    this game is sooooo booring. we beat it in less than a only unlock 1 cup,not 2. the other one is a hoax

  35. gagert says:

    i have the all cup tour

  36. gagert says:

    i beat 50cc and 100cc

  37. gagert says:

    that game is easy !!!!!!!!!!

  38. rocket racer says:

    I think the best light car is the bullet bill, medium green fire( Luigi’s) and heavy is Wario car. P.S. There is an all-purpose car at the end.

  39. Don't need a name says:

    this game i beat wit my frend i beat 50,100,and 150cc we used only bowsa joonier and baby mario

  40. Tomare! says:

    I’m Invicible on this game.

  41. colbybd says:

    Here are some good teams: plow crew: Diddy Kong and Bowser Jr. super fast crew: Toad and baby Luigi

  42. Vinnnnny says:

    Beat the all tour cup in mirror mode for that you will get THE GOLDEN PARADE KART!

  43. Vakama says:

    Get baby Mario & Luigi in the green cradle, and you can get Chompie.

    Got to the options screen and choose frantic.

    Hope this helps,


  44. LIL,P says:

    I love this game. its the best racing game ever. no one can beat me

  45. victor says:

    I beat all the courses on 150cc

  46. victor says:

    arghhhhh! dumb mirror mode you have to do the opessite turns

  47. you are not says:

    the easiest way to beat this game is if you do it with somebodyelse

  48. victor says:

    I am having trouble beating special cup on 150cc but asid from that I have opend up toad and toadet and beat almost all the courses on 150cc!

    I am the best!

  49. A name is pointless says:

    Hey, all of you out there looking for a good kart, I have one. You know the baby luigi kart? I have beaten the game with that. No other kart. Good luck!!

  50. victor says:

    I like it

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