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Mario Cart Double Dash

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  1. Xplant says:

    This game is so frustrating! I know how to unlock Luigi’s Mansion, BUT I CAN’T DO IT!

    Waluigi and Paratroopa are awesome!


    baby luigi yodels when he gets a chain chomp!

  3. dude says:

    They should have made it harder won game in 1 hour

  4. redhead736 says:

    race as 2 characters!


    i beat the game so ask me anything! ;) ps. you can’t play as a hammer bro. you can play as petey pirannah and king boo though. they can use all items! imagine king boo using yoshi egg or petey using chompers. ;) hahaha!

  6. The empire muggs back says:

    So who is paratroopa ? And can you play as hammer bro?

  7. jacen6 says:

    the last car to get is a golden mush room car

  8. Samus the Maurth hunter says:

    The one of best combos is toad and parakoopa in toads kart, Yoshi and toad in Wuluigi’s kart, Bowser Jr. and yoshi in mario’s kart, and Mario and Yoshi in luigi’s kart.

  9. qwerty123 says:

    King boo & petey pirahna in pirahna pipes in my opinion is the best. King boo & petey pirahna can get any special item!

  10. firestar 104 says:

    Love this game, it is my fave Mario game besides Galaxy and Super Mario World. How do you get Mirror Mode?


    unfortunately, i dont have the game. but i play it with my friends. in my opinion best combo is paratroopa and baby mario in the para-wing

  12. Tails says:

    I’ve beaten the game and it is true what Super mario says about the trophy cart!!

  13. toad o tron 5000 says:

    i cant beat star cup 100!!!!!! whos the best combo?!?! help you fools!

  14. Leonardo227 says:

    To get Mirror Mode You Have To Get Special cup and……….If you don’t have it yet,let me know And I’ll Give you help CHOW!

  15. luigi99 says:

    how do u play mirror mode

    • Nerfplayer says:

      Actually, Luigi99, to get to the Mirror Class you have to earn 1st, 2nd, and/or 3rd place trophies for all cups in all classes. It’s the same thing for all other Mario Kart games as well!

  16. boohead84 says:

    I personally think the babies are the best combo because they get access to fast cars and if they are behind chain chomp puts them back in the race

  17. luigifreak says:

    paratroopa and baby bowser are the best commbo. with paratroopa you get the triple red shell as his special and with baby bowser you get the big shell as your special. i have beaten that game completely

  18. eagleorbust says:

    yoshi+babybowser+yoshikart= awesome!!!!

    Bob-omb blast is the best

  19. kool aid dude says:

    Hint: Hit a car with mushrooms on it and a mushroom will fall out.

  20. kool aid dude says:

    Good pair: Paratroopa and Baby Luigi

  21. reaper says:

    You can unlock petey pirahna and king boo by beating star cup in mirror mode.

  22. mario man says:

    i like the baby bros. because they are fast.

  23. super mario says:

    here’s a tip: when you beat every cup on every engine mode( 50 cc, 100 cc, 150 cc ,mirror), you will unlock a new title screen, a new screen after the end credits, and a trophy kart that can be used for any character combo!

  24. Auburn S says:

    I also like the combo of Mario and Peach but i doon’t use it much..

  25. Auburn S says:

    actully i think that the best combos are Pety prauna and Peach or Peach and Toad!!

  26. benrocklegend says:

    i love the game were the cheats do you get more cars

  27. me says:

    to unlock petty piranha and king boo, win first place in mirror mode star cup. to unlock mirror mode, win first place in every 150cc cup.

  28. MARIO man says says:

    First of all, how do you get King Boo and Petty Piranha? P.S. I rock at this game!

  29. super mario says:

    how do you unlock king boo and petty pirahna?!?!?

  30. paum501 says:

    i like this game

  31. alex9nick says:

    i love it!

  32. Drawin Dude says:

    Waluigi Time, I have to agree with you!

  33. colbybd says:

    I like Mario and Luigi, or Mario and baby Mario, or Luigi and baby luigi.

  34. doubledashmasta says:

    I personally think mario and bowser are the best combination. (strange combination, huh. :) )

  35. k2o559 says:

    I think Mario cart Double Dash is one of the best games I have evere played ps. luigi rocks!

  36. mkd pro says:

    personaly, I think that winged koopa and koopa are the fastest when put together on a red winged koopa kart

  37. sonic fan101 says:

    ok i have it 4 nin. game cube so if that helps then take it and message me P.S. i have it 4 wii so ill help u out =D

    • IAMAWESOME says:

      on daisy cruiser i know a shortcut after you get out of the dining room go down the pit and u get a speed boost easy huh

  38. yomomma says says:

    The best combo is King Boo and Petey Pirahna cuz they have all the specials.

  39. Anonymous says:


  40. Jlee says:

    cool game

  41. How do you unlock the last two cups? says:

    nickname says it all

  42. jakdatiger says:

    kitty cat177, are you talking about a diffrent game? Cause I thought you HAD the star cup! (And what I mean about having the star cup, it`s already unlocked when you first get the game!

  43. !@#$%^&*() says:

    I rock at Mario kart

  44. kitty cat177 says:

    how do you get the star cup???

  45. jakdatiger says:

    Your`e right, Waluigi time! Waluigi DOES rule!

  46. Super Sonic says:

    There are best combos to other people. It’s just their opinion on best combos. P.S. the game guru is wrong about just unlocking the specal cup. I unlocked all tour cup WITHOUT UNLOCKING king boo & petey pirahna!

  47. ????????? says:

    How do you play da game

  48. jakdatiger says:

    OK game. used to be awesome at it, but now i don`t play it. And I also don`t think there are any “best” combos.

  49. Waluigi time! says:

    To some guy that likes video games, Waluigi rules!!!!! Bowser jr. drules!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Just my opinion)

  50. some guy that likes video games says:

    personally, Groudon, I think the best are Bowser jr., and and waluigi. I usually use waluigi and yoshi/birdo

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