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Pokemon Heart Gold

How can you get the egg from Professor Elm’s aide when my party is full? And how can you get Pokemon from your Pokewalker into your party?

Games Guru: Sorry, but you cannot add the egg if you don’t have space in your party. Here’s how to restore your Pokemon: Turn on your game. Go to the Pokewalker Connection screen. Press and hold all these buttons at the same time: Up + Select + R. That’s all there is to it!

What happens after you beat Red? What do you do after that? Thanks for answering my questions.

Games Guru: There’s still an adventure that awaits. Fly over to Professor Oak’s lab (that’s in Pallet Town). Choose a Kanto starter and toss him in the PC. Now you can add Kygore and fly back to Route 30. Inside Mr. Pokemon’s house, you’ll get a blue orb. That should give you a good start!

Can you really catch Lugia in Heart Gold?

Games Guru: Yes. Head over to Pewter City and an old man will give you a silver feather to capture Lugia. Now go to the Whirl Islands, all the way to the bottom. You can catch Lugia at Level 70.


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  1. Poke` Dude says:

    ~Please Rate My Team~ (1-10) (I’d give myself an 8.5)
    -Lv.98 Shiney Charizard
    -Lv.96 Blastoise
    -Lv.97 Bulbasoar
    -Lv.100 Mewtwo
    -Lv.92 Lugia
    -Lv.100 Articuno

    • shinycharizard says:

      I’d get rid of those legendaries because you don’t want to be a noob and be an uber trainer.

    • shinycharizard says:

      I’m sorry you’re not an uber trainer for using articuno and lugia because I found out that those aren’t considered uber pokemon.

  2. latos31 says:

    plz rate team from 1-5
    lv46 latos
    lv50 faragater
    lv51 togekiss
    lv56 kyogle
    lv60 lugai
    lv71 blazeken

  3. Spore74 says:

    For the record, The roaming legendaries are Tornelos, a pure Flying type (Black), and Voltolos, an Electric type (White).
    In addition, they make a legendary trio if you have both in one version; the third is Landlos (a Ground and Flying type).

  4. latos31 says:

    what moves should i teach latos

  5. lucario says:

    I discovered a way of being covered from just about every type using only 5 pokemon: pokabu’s evolved form, mamepato, meguroco, shimama, and vanipeti. (They’re all from generation V) However, you also need a water type for HMS.

  6. torterra21 says:

    Hey everyone want to know something cool I found out the other day? You can defeat a level 100 With a level 1 starly, no cheats! First off, you need it to know quick attack and endeavor and it must be holding a focus sash. When the level 100 uses an attack, the starly will remain at one health. use endeavor to bring it to one health point then use quick attack to knock it out! Post a request if you need a more detailed answer! :)

    • pokemanfreakthing16 says:

      That’s pretty awesome. I never thought of that. Seems like you’re almost as awesome and smart as ME.

      • Zekrom says:

        It is called the fear strategy. The letters stand for Focuus sash, Endeavor, attack ( as in quick attack ), and rattatta ( because he can learn endeavor and quick attack so he is often used for this strategy.

    • pie222 says:

      i know awsome right?

  7. matt says:

    my pokemon are feraligatorlv100 lugialv53 witch pokemon

  8. arceas says:

    it rocks

  9. torterra21 says:

    Well, the mew event is sadly over. Hope everybody got one and is now happy!

    • arceas says:

      i did not get one, Torterra21.

      • torterra21 says:

        Sorry Arceas, I did not mean to offend you. And thanks for posting that, I only started coming to this blog two weeks ago and I am typing with a phone, which takes FOREVER and was wondering if it was actually posting what I said. I can be found on both the Heartgold and Soulsilver, if you have a question just contact me!

    • pokemanfreakthing16 says:

      You bet! Check it:
      Mew Lv. 56 (NO CHEATS)
      Dark Pulse
      Drain Punch
      I love how Mew can learn any TM or HM.

  10. Pika-boo22 says:

    I would pick pokemon white version. I am still tied between Pokabu and Tsutarga

    • pokemanfreakthing16 says:

      Pokabu is WAAAAY better. It can learn Head Smash at Lv. 50-something. It’s kind of sad that Emboar is the 3rd Fire/Fighting Pokemon IN A ROW.

      • Zekrom says:

        I am getting white and my friend is getting black so we can get each get version-exclusive pokemon. I am stuck between getting tsujara ( thats the new name ) and mijumaru.

        P.S. how do you guys know this much? have you been PLAYING them or something?!

      • Spore74 says:

        You of all people should know a magician, even at pokemon, never reveals his secrets.

      • Spore74 says:

        Level 50 exactly. Pokabu at LV. 37 and Chaobuu at LV. 44, if you’re willing to go that far…

  11. torterra21 says:

    Less than 26 hours to get MEW off of Wi-Fi! Don’t forget!

  12. torterra21 says:

    Only two more days to get mew off Wi-Fi!

  13. torterra21 says:

    Hey everyone be sure to get mew off Wi-Fi. First you need working connection then click mystery gift on the home menu then hit receive via Wi-Fi and you will see mew. The game will automaticly save then start up and go to any Poke’ Mart with a free space in your party and a man in a green suit will give you a level 5 mew that only knows pound but can be taught any TM or HM and be taught any BP moves and therfor be trained any way you like. This ends OCTOBER 30 2010 so hurry and get one while they last!!!

  14. meepers says:

    oh and steven is in silph co.

  15. meepers says:

    don’t forget, after professer oak go to vermilion city and go to mr.pokemon and he’ll give you a doll after that, give it to a girl in saffron city then go to steven (hoenn region) and he’ll say red stone, blue stone,green stone green stone treecko, red stone torchic,and blue stone mudkip (hoenn starters).

  16. Spore74 says:

    Be sure to get Mew off Wifi. Opportunities like this do not happen very often. Although it is LV. 5 and only knows Pound, you still get a MEW.

  17. pokesteeler says:

    any one of you want to battle online??

  18. Spore74 says:

    I return. First of all, be on the watch For Reshiram and Zekrom in Pokemon Black and White. Secondly, the Fire Starter is Pokabu, The Water Starter is Mijumaru, and the Grass Starter is Tsutarja. I am choosing Mijumaru. Third, you have Two rivals. Which Starter and Game will you choose?

  19. MARIO101 says:


  20. MARIO101 says:


  21. D-man says:

    Is it true you are a GIRL in the game?

  22. Pokemon says:

    Well good but not as good as mine I had all the pokemon and they were all level 100

  23. Mountain Dew says:

    How do you get Ho-Oh to appear? Thank You.

    • pokemon says:

      hello does any of u get ho-oh agian because my sister put in in soulsilver

    • Pokemon says:

      Well you get the bell and go to burned tower with the bell and the gold feather and go to the top and it will fly down in front of you

    • destroyer of games says:

      you get ho-oh at the tall tower in ecruteak when you get the bell and the rainbow feather or what ever it is called. I forgot how to get the bell but the feather you get at the top of the radio tower in golden rod after you get rid of team rocket of course

    • FoxFalco says:

      To get Ho-Oh you need to beat all the Johto gym leaders and then beat all the Kimono girls. You also need the Rainbow wing.

  24. graystripe says:

    how do you find blue

    • torterra21 says:

      He appears in the Viridian city gym in the Kanto region, accessable after the Elite Four have been defeated for the first time.

      • Poke` Dude says:

        Well, ~pokemon_is_awesome_12~ you cant just rely on Cyndaquil(What if a really strong water pokemon comes around??) Are you still in johto? Have you defeated all the gym leaders inculding red? If you have a level 100 pokemon you should have more higher level pokemon!!!!

  25. pokemon_is_awesome_12 says:

    rate my pokemon:
    cyindaquil lv 100
    sentret lv 3
    bellsprout lv 3
    bellsprout lv 6
    bellsprout lv 7

  26. darkrai says:

    rate my team
    darkrai lv100SHINY
    arceus lv100(dark SHINY)
    toterra lv87
    dialga lv92
    palkia lv 99

  27. Shrew says:

    What do you do after you show the Pokemon to Professor Elm?

    • six says:

      To Shrew,

      if you’re talking about the Togepi that hatch from the egg. Elm will just give you an everstone, which prevents pokemon from evolving

  28. amazed about people not knowing obvious puzzles says:

    My party are a lot of diamond trades this includes:
    current level
    Porygon-Z 76
    Torterra 95
    Heatran 100
    Giratina 100
    Staraptor 94
    Deoxys 100
    I didn’t cheat either

  29. boohead84 says:

    Heres my theory on pokemon parties. If you don’t have a legend in yours and you don’t need it then you are probably the best trainer I know. If you do then you kind of need to stop using the legend.

  30. FoxFalco says:

    I have 2 shiny Pokemon besides the red gyarados. A bronzor in my Platinum (I lost that game somewhere) and a ponyta in Heart Gold.

  31. FoxFalco says:

    I CAN’T catch legendary pokemon and I realy need Kyogre!
    Atcion Replay?

  32. wierdo says:

    how do you face red again ps my new team is typhlosion, sceptile, blastoise, mewtwo, metagross, and dragonite ALL LV 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • FoxFalco says:

      Just go to the top of Mt. Silver.
      P.S. Once you beat him, go to Silph Co.. The Honen Champ (Steven) will ask you that if you have 3 stones in front of you, what stone will you chose? He will give you a Honen starter based on your answer:
      Red stone=Torchic
      Blue stone=Mudkip
      Green stone=Treekco

  33. pkm wonder says:

    rate my team
    venasaur lv: 100
    charizard lv: 100
    blastoise lv: 100
    dragonite lv: 100
    tyranytar lv:100
    espeon: lv 100
    my pokemon are ready for any type thrown at them also i raised them all by myself no action replay ask me anything and ill answer it

  34. blueboy says:

    does anybody know if storing pokemon in the pokewalker EX squirtle then starting a new game and getting charmander and placing it on another pokewalker then start another new game and get bulbusaur bring the other two to that game do you think it will work to have all three
    p.s i know you have to beat red to get them but hey if it means getting all three im up for the challenge

    • DOC says:

      blueboy, you cant get the Kanto starters by using the Pokewalker. The Pokewalker will only transfer the the pokemon it is holding to the game file it recieved it from. But you can try it with other Pokemon DS games:).

  35. Buddy says:

    please rate my team: Leafo(Torterra)78(imported)
    Vulcan(Typhlosion)55 Ho-Oh 45 Crobat 48(imported)
    Tentacruel 53(imported) Gallade 53(imported)

    • monkey man says:

      i think you team is awsome mine is typhlosion (blaze) lvl 82 lugia (shiver) lvl 52 electrode (sparky) lvl 40 gyrados (splash) lvl 41 ursaring (sammy) lvl 43 machoke (crash) lvl 43

      this is at least how strong i want my pokemon
      blaze lvl 100 shiver lvl 71 sparky lvl 62 splash lvl 65 sammy lvl 70 crash lvl 67

  36. lucario 126 says:

    I need to get a riakou

    • FoxFalco says:

      Try not to go through routes without bildings or Fly.
      P.S. 2 other new pokemon games will be released later in the year:
      Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs
      PokePark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure

  37. super mario says:

    Is my team any good!?

    Typhlosion, Lvl. 86(Starter)
    Gyrados, Lvl. 81(Lake of Rage)
    Charizard, Lvl. 87(Professor Oak)
    Lucario, Lvl. 86(Pokemon Diamond)
    Mewtwo, Lvl. 73(Cerulean Cave)
    Arceus(Event.I don’t like to use him unless I have to), Lvl. 100

    I used no cheats to get this team. It was just me, my team, and repeated battles with Red.

  38. Wild Eagle Scout has appeared. says:

    My only complaint is my Ho-Oh from Pokemon coliseum is no longer rare D=

  39. FoxFalco says:

    Rate my team:
    Zapdos level 54 (Traded back gengar)(Pokerus)
    Nidoking level 54
    Blaziken level 52
    Staravia level 27 (about to be trained)
    Mighteana level 18 (evolved at curent level)
    Charmander level 5 (this and Mighteana are also to be trained)

  40. FoxFalco says:

    I need help catching Kyogre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • pokemontrainer8599 says:

      yesssss i finally got to pallet town

      • shinycharizard says:

        Rate my team.
        Typlosion Lv.100
        Swampert Lv.98
        Charizard Lv 69
        Blastoise Lv 67
        Espeon Lv 51 in training
        Dragonite Lv55

        Although I do not plan to keep my swampert,I did not train him from scratch. I got him through the pal park at level 81.I plan to replace him with a Tyranitar.

      • ownerofallledgedarybirds says:

        dude no oafence if I had the right team i could beat you

    • Ash 24-7 says:

      if you have a levle 100 teach it strangth then use a NETBALL.

  41. Shiny Zekrom says:

    POLL!!!!! Who is getting Pokemon White and who is getting Pokemon Black???

    Poll ends on August 15!!!

    P.S. any body who has HeartGold or SoulSilver needs to get the Enigma Stone on Wi-Fi!!!!!

  42. zakison says:

    my team, lv. 100 infernape from diamond, lv. 67 typhloson, lv. 66 charizard from proffesor oak, lv. 70 sceptile, from emerald, lv. 70 brongzong from diamond, and lv. 70 gengar from diamond

  43. Mewtwin says:

    My team is:
    lvl 81 Mewtwo
    lvl 67 Typhlosion
    lvl 100 Torterra (traded from my Diamond version)
    lvl 77 Dragonite (traded from my Diamond version)
    lvl 73 Lugia ( Caught in Heart Gold )
    lvl 74 Charizard ( From Prof Oak in Heart Gold )- Trained it like crazy, I love Charizard’s :D

  44. rayging says:

    I have beaten the “Elite Four” at least 20 times on Heartgold alone, and also seem to start out with the fire starter on every brand-new pokemon game. p.s. no “you will get burned jokes out of this, I train teams of pokemon to where their moves cover their weaknesses.”

  45. Tyflosion says:

    rate my team 1-5
    tyfiosin lv 52
    ho-oh lv 57
    pigiot lv 45
    snorlax lv 52
    polywrath lv 49
    garados lv 52

  46. Pokefrk says:

    DId you know you can get Kyogre in HG and Groudon in SS?

  47. zgun says:

    Red is SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!

    please respond

  48. goketa says:

    i happen to have everyknown pokemon 1-493

  49. shinycharizard says:

    I’m planning on getting this game in three weeks.

  50. Type-j says:

    lol, im wierd with starters XD

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