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  1. elecman108 says:

    Does anyone know what the clue “one of many birds” means? I have rank #8 on Megaman Battle Network 3: Blue Version and I am trying to get the item rank #7 asked for. Thanx.

  2. megamouth04 says:

    Is there any way I can get the locations of all the ranked navis? I play Megaman Battle Network 3 : Blue Version. I am also trying to find out what “one of many birds” means (for the #7 rank, that is)

  3. dddnnhh says:

    on MMBN6 how do i hack the judge tree after my father got arrested?

  4. LIOP says:

    where is the ex-member of WWW in megaman battle network 1

  5. charl95 says:

    how could i find the new member of the WWW in mmbn 1

  6. MMBNproblems says:

    ok i have every game in the megaman series except for 2. But thats not what this comment it about. Everytime i save my game….if i turn the game off later when i come back to play it, it says i have to start a new game. PLEASSSEEE help me is there a secret to saving this game

  7. CoolMan says:

    Is there a comment page for Megaman Starforce 2, Zerker X Ninja for the nintendo Ds lite? I’m stuck on it.

  8. chipmunks alvin says:

    how to get “colonel force” giga chip?

  9. Hikari says:

    i cant done the ‘whr my navi quest’ pls tell me how do

  10. choaslordclub penguinbassXD says:

    hello,i’m a fan of megaman and my question is well do you know the boy in the harbor by the scilab well hes says that to play hide and seek.I already beat for 4 rounds and now his navi that changes costume says “find me somewhere that is warm and in a cyberspace.”Please help!

  11. pokefan2000 says:

    there are 12 fire in the undernet

  12. pokefan2000 says:

    dog3 go to undernet2 for “wheres my navi

  13. iceninja1777 says:

    In BattleNetwork 3, when you get chips from the gems and battle, how do you put them in your folder? Please answer quickly.

  14. dannyexe says:

    in megaman battle network 5 how do you get the secret code in he ship to the engine room

  15. serenade lord of the undernet says:

    to ceece: i think ur talking about megaman 3 hopefully…to get hammer u have to beat v3 flamman in the area beside the water heater

    when u get that far let me kno

  16. ceece says:

    ive beat the game and how do you get “the hammer” for secret area

  17. Kino .S says:

    I played this game a long time ago; I really liked it.

  18. jr says:

    how do you beat nebula grey

  19. DOGg says:

    Where do you go for the “Where’s my Nazi” mission?

  20. maloy says:

    I’m having trouble with finding program advance. How do you make the BloodSuk, Storm, HvyStomp, and BgStrait program advances? Also, I can’t find the last PowerUp in MegaMan: Battle Network 1 so if you know where it is please let me know.

  21. DarkMega says:

    3Ddude, “One of many birds” is the orgami bird at Beach Hospital, 2nd floor, in Mamiru’s room. Help any?

  22. Anonymous says:

    i need help with finding the number of fire in the undernet.

  23. king of the games says:

    to MEgamn BLues :the navi remains are at the undernet 2.(close to the door that leads to graveyard area)it’s between two torches.

  24. king of the games says:

    to chargeman ex 44 :the navis are not only in cyber city,they are on other cities and the net as well,but nothing happens if you beat them all.

  25. jop says:

    i need to the battle network 6 number codes

  26. ???????? says:

    I need help in megaman battle network 1 I can’t find Yai’s hopage!Can someone please help me?

  27. king of the games says:

    to Mega Chewy lvl 80 : r u talking about the one in the starforce series?if so, she is at the time square em wave road.(outside the store)

  28. Mega Chewy lvl 80 says:

    Im looking 4 the snake ladie where is she? im talking about her ghost data.

  29. duc says:

    where is the center of 3rd acdc 4th square find the way to oran

  30. thadd says:

    how do you make program advance chips in megaman 3 white

  31. chargeman ex 44 says:

    what happens if you beat all the undernet navis in copybots that is roaming around cyber city ?

  32. MEgamn BLues says:

    PLease Answer My Quest Please Where poh Bayung Where Is my Navi In MEGaman BattLe Network 6 PLease And What Is ProgRam AdVance And How Many ProGram adVance And Secret Chips That ALL Thank You^_^ PLease Answer

  33. king of the games says:

    the graveyard area is behind a door at the undernet two,to get there u will need to beat the game once and have 100 std chips in the library.

  34. megamanman says:

    How do you get to the grave yard area in megaman batle network 6…….or was it removed???

  35. blademan56 says:

    does anyone know where to get megaman battle network two.pleas tell me.

  36. king of the games says:

    how many secret chips r in mmbn 6?

  37. bass 15 says:

    thanks a lot

  38. dr.zetaman says:

    the navi ruins are in undernet2 on that high ledge.walk on the center walk way and press A.

  39. dr.zetaman says:

    the immortal area in mmbn6 is called the must beat the game and have 100 standard chips and is accessible via the gate on the above platforn where the bbs is located on th other end.

  40. Lucario_owner_684486 says:

    Help!! im stuk at the guy at the zoo!! i only have 340 hp and he has 800!!! how do i beat him!?!?

  41. bass 15 says:

    does anybody know where are the navi remains of the mission “where’s my navi” in mmbn 6??

  42. choasgospelDS says:

    thank you :D

  43. bass 15 says:

    i found out that graveyard area 2 only exists in the japanese version

  44. bass 15 says:

    if someone has trouble defeating bass bx,here’s a little advice:use the chip “sanctuary” to cut his atk power in half…that should give u more advantage.

  45. choasgospelDS says:

    i need help on starforce leo when he says:,let’s go back to the wave world and lookit transers!


  46. bass 15 says:

    …by the way,i found the chip in graveyard area 1

  47. bass 15 says:

    i’ve found a chip named “hack jack sp” and when i used it something happened to the screen…

    i had to turn off my gb and then start again…any ideas about what could that chip be??

  48. choasgospelDS says:

    no i need help to get there

  49. bass15 says:

    …how did u get to graveyard area 2 in mbn 6???

  50. bass15 says:

    i’ve done it … i have the 200std chips and the bass icon

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