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Megaman Battle Network 4: Red Sun

Where do you get all the program modifiers?

Games Guru: Are you talking about customizers?  There are quite a few.  Any one in particular?

How do you get vilcano panel?

Games Guru: Do you mean one of the Vulcans? There are three different chips plus a SuperVulcan.

Where can you find Lavapanel after you beat the cyber snowman?

Games Guru: Instead of looking for Lavapanel K, try looking for Heatbreath K.

I have beaten the cybersnowmen, but I can’t find the chip “blkbomb” to light the cybertorches. Where can I get it? Please help.

Games Guru: Try buying two HEAT SHOT CHIPs from Higure. They should do the trick.

When you beat Duo the first time and get a continue2, then get to the part where you have to help searchman in Undernet 6, how do you get there? I can’t find a way out of Undernet 4 (the area near Django).

Games Guru: Go to Sharo and enter a three-round virus battle to win the much-needed copy key. Go into the Undernet. Take the east exit out of Undernet 3 and use the copy key at the blue gate. Now prepare for a fight.

Comments about “Megaman Battle Network 4: Red Sun”

  1. gaugeman says:

    where u get all the spin program navi customizers?

  2. sonicman says:

    where do you get alot of zennys easily, how u beat shademan random enclunter in undernet 4, how u beat all the random encounter bosses in a an amount of period of time to get there chip? please need help if you are reading this! any help is needed.

  3. MegaMan/ProtoMan says:

    Hey, does anyone know an easy way to get ElemDark from ElmperorEX? It’s the last Evilchip I need to access Black Earth.

  4. hyper darksoul says:

    you could go to undernet 4, make sure you have 1000 zennys, there is a heelnavi seller there, he will give you want . hope this works!

  5. hyper darksoul says:

    does ANYONE know how to beat bass? tell me now!

    • MegaMan/ProtoMan says:

      To beat Bass, I’d suggest using Sanctuary S with HolyDream *. Put lots of HP recovery chips in your folder.

  6. megaman livers says:

    you can in to undernet 6 there you can find a black healnavi

  7. Sapphire says:

    Anybody know where chip #122 is ?

  8. uh says:

    how do you get blkbomb

    • 123 says:

      Go to sharo area 2 but first you need an unlocker.

    • mega soul says:

      if you want a black bomb u have to buy an unlocker go to the sharo space center jack in in the pannel board down stairs and jack in when you reach the sharo net area look for an orange navi an nex to her it will have data spining unlock it and it is a blk bomb

  9. blah says:

    Okay after the boktai side quest with django i go into the dracky comp and then i see him and otekno there and django says something about an evil emenating from undernet 3 but i still dont know what it is can anyone give me any clues? i have red sun version.

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