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Megaman Battle Network 5: Team Protoman

How can I make the numbers in main comp. 1, at the very beginning? Please help me.

Games Guru: The numbers should be arranged 762. On the first set of letters put in NAP. Next time put in Owl and RAT.

I need HELP!!! I’m on the part where you have to figure out the letters.

Games Guru: First the numbers: Arrange them into 762.

The next puzzle should be arranged to say NAP.

The puzzle with two sets of letters should be arranged to say OWL RAT.

The next set of puzzles unscrambles to DOCK HALL.

The one after that is HIP TOE ARM.

That should get you past all of those puzzles.

I need to know the code for the engine room when you’re aboard the “Queen Bohemia” ship. I’m stuck and can’t figure it out.

Games Guru: Here’s your code: 11922911

Where are all the megachips and gigachips?

Games Guru: As I understand it, there are 60 megachips and 12 gigachips. Were there any particular chips you needed help finding?

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  3. get all 140 standard and u battle bass

    to get them buy them from higbys

    and bass awaits

  4. how do u get past nedula area 4

  5. rockman and roll // August 26, 2007 at 9:20 pm // Reply

    to mega: just hit the one nearest to you, if two of them from the same direction got close to you, you can hit both of them at the same time.

    to Zero X: remember to save once in a while so that when you get deleted, you won’t start from too far away.

  6. zero x are you talking about the one where you use the stick agents 100 foes? or where you have to defeat all the viruses to get to the evil navi?

    does anyone know the stragity for the 100 foes challenge at gargoyel castel?

  7. to get through nebula area is so hard i can’t get through

  8. to silent meteor : you can get it in Undernet 6 you get it in battle the green data thing

  9. silent meteor // August 22, 2007 at 3:56 pm // Reply

    does anyone know where to get sanctuary

  10. Are you talking about leader raid yaeh it’s awsome. Choas lord is my favorite it does 500 damage an break all the panels

  11. chaos gospelDS // August 20, 2007 at 10:37 am // Reply

    guess what I have a secert but I will tell you I have every cornel mega chips and giga

    but the best is I have choasL and leaderR wich you can ownley get on the DS virson!!!


  12. yeah, i just bought star force dragon the same day i wrote that. you battle as though you’re behind megaman instead of to the side of him like in battle network. instead of battle chips there are battle cards. you can’t move forward, just left and right. you can activate a shield though, to block attacks you can’t dodge. but some attacks break the shield. i kind of like the battles of star force more than battle network – my favorite thing about it is that just by pressing the down button, you lock on to any enemy in front of or diagonal to you, and then when you attack with them there, you go to the perfect place to attack; basically what you could do as a cybeast but much easier. this means my favorite type of chips – sword chips – no longer have their range problem. i hoped bass would be back somehow in star force, but it doesn’t look like it. and yet, in mmbn6, bass disapears after saying that we’d meet again – where’d he go??? i know star force is 200 years later, but you meet the battle network megaman for a little while. anyway, did anyone else get any of the star force games?

  13. to: chaos gospelDS beat them by not missing on chips or bustershots.beat them fast and use as less chips as posable. also to make it easier have lv5 on everything on buster. PS: heres a helpfull item lotto#30112002

  14. rockman and roll // August 12, 2007 at 9:31 pm // Reply

    to slashman, megaman starforce is a whole new story…the way you fight is something like battle network style but from a different angle… um …i dunno how 2 explain..

  15. Serenade lord of the undernet // August 11, 2007 at 4:36 pm // Reply

    well that was very confusing….oh well as long as more megaman games come out i have nothing to worry about

  16. i haven’t heard about a megaman battle network 7 – that series is over, it says “end of battle network series” at the end of the credits when you beat the boss on mmbn6. but there’s a megaman star force that i think came out a few days ago. basically, it’s 200 years after the battle network stuff. i don’t know much about it, but in the star force game, navis and the internet aren’t used much anymore. it’s hard to explain; something about another planet with beings who are made of radio waves. they can combine with humans to make navi-like things; this is how megaman comes back. it’s only for ds, and i heard that you can unlock stuff by putting any mmbn game in the gba slot. i’m hoping to get the game soon.

  17. rockman and roll // August 8, 2007 at 9:01 pm // Reply

    ya, I read it from the internet. It is a whole new generation with Lan’s son, his rival who is Chaud’s son (Chaud has a son and twin girls 0.0) Megaman is handed over and they upgraded him with A.R.M.O.U.R. that’s what I read… I wonder what was the website..

    Megaman Battle Netowrk 7, The Next Generation

  18. Serenade lord of the undernet // August 7, 2007 at 6:35 pm // Reply

    does anybody know about the new megaman game thats coming out.because some1 told me that lans son has megaman now. and that they upgraded megaman

  19. how do you get ds chips

  20. chaos gospelDS // August 6, 2007 at 12:13 pm // Reply

    TO:otto do you have hints on getting S ranks aganist bosses

  21. where is bass

  22. z proto boy // August 1, 2007 at 7:47 am // Reply

    hi plz help me who is the navi or darkloid in the undernet 1

  23. rockman and roll // July 30, 2007 at 8:35 pm // Reply

    to chao, do more liberations and fight the battle images.

    I need help on where to find colonel. After I encountered him in UnderNet 3, I jacked out and went back there…now I have no idea where he would be…

  24. I’ve fully beaten the game fighting bass and all any one need major help

  25. i need help finding 40 megachips

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