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Megaman Battle Network 5: Team Protoman

How can I make the numbers in main comp. 1, at the very beginning? Please help me.

Games Guru: The numbers should be arranged 762. On the first set of letters put in NAP. Next time put in Owl and RAT.

I need HELP!!! I’m on the part where you have to figure out the letters.

Games Guru: First the numbers: Arrange them into 762.

The next puzzle should be arranged to say NAP.

The puzzle with two sets of letters should be arranged to say OWL RAT.

The next set of puzzles unscrambles to DOCK HALL.

The one after that is HIP TOE ARM.

That should get you past all of those puzzles.

I need to know the code for the engine room when you’re aboard the “Queen Bohemia” ship. I’m stuck and can’t figure it out.

Games Guru: Here’s your code: 11922911

Where are all the megachips and gigachips?

Games Guru: As I understand it, there are 60 megachips and 12 gigachips. Were there any particular chips you needed help finding?

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  1. rockman and roll says:

    to ShaXdow, what do you need help on? there are 9 liberations in total. track back where was your first liberation mission. get to the 1st, 3rd and 6th liberation. save up some bugfrags. there is a chip (bug attack?) you can get traded for 100 bugfrags.

    to Megadude, ooo, battle network 6….my brother wants to buy it but the ds version is not out yet….poor fella. he loves the cybeasts soo much. and I also have 172 chips… now i am going on a virus busting mission 2 collect the rest!! lol

    to Megaprotoman, try chips that can go over holes like, yo-yo, cannons, mark cannons…

    use also geyser, it works.

    chaos unisoul wif shadow chaos.

    hope these help~~

  2. Megaprotoman says:

    wat are the best chips i can use against nebula gray

  3. buster11 says:

    i no this sounds complicated but after you beat the game u might see beta versions of dark loids and ur friends. if u beat them at an s level u get a ds mega chip of them

    if u beat them again in a random battle with s level u get a sp mega chip . if u get all of them at an s level, get 40 mega chips and all standard chips, beat all nebula area liberation missions, and get to nebula area 6 u have to beat ur friends in ds mode.

    like dark megaman ur allies use chips u used but also their attks(meddie throws pills blah) . u have to beat them all to open a dark door for the fial boss. if u beat them all in under a minute- 20 sec each~! you fite dark megaman, 20-40 u fite bass beat him u get a giga bass chip, it rocks and longer than that is nebula grey again, 3000 lp. you can do this again but u have to jack out first to fite them all.

    once u beat bass he pops up randomly; bass sp once you beat him at an s level- very very hard u basically beat the game and get a new symbol at the start menu


    magnetman beta is in the first big block in acdc area1

    get all sfrags using the 10 chip trader

  4. Megadude says:

    Sorry for double posting, but rockman and roll, i could possibly help u on collecting sfrags. I have 171 of them. Just ask and ill try my best.

  5. Megadude says:

    sigh… atleast im happy u made it rockman and roll. i do no wat drive yourself to the absolute limit is, and what is behind it.

    Drive yourself to the absolute limit: Get 900 + Hp without Navicust

    What is behind it: Z Saver

    BTW, I haven’t played 5 in a long time. Im playing 6

  6. ShaXdow says:

    rockman and roll please help me!

  7. Makeoh says:

    Well any clue at all where i can get 1 i might of got 1 before or do u have to do anything to make it work also im on nebula gray hes hard!

  8. rockman and roll says:

    to dudemister, i think you have to go to the engine room, then press A when you are standing in front of the stairs on the wall, then head for the room on your left.

    liberation 3 is the first time you fought cloudman, the story after that is that megaman gets kidnapped by a dark cloud.

    liberation 6 is dark protoman…i think it is at end area 5? or the last part of end area….

  9. ShaXdow says:

    To makeoh, to get your custom screen bigger you have to find cust ups. And rockman and roll where is liberation 6.

  10. dudemister says:

    where is the theif who used the mirrors to steal the enhancement program on the queen bohemia

  11. rockman and roll says:

    to Makeoh, u have to get it from the data (those diamond shape thingy) i dun remember where… sorry!

    to Bass The Lord Of Choas, wat last barrier?

    i passed that door! yaay~~~ wat does drive urself 2 the absolute power door… how 2 open it…

    tq 4 ur help ppl!! now.. gotta collect the sfrags…. *sigh*

  12. Makeoh says:

    Im on the nebula base too….. it rlly hard i cant figure out how to kill shademan or the sound guy

  13. Bass The Lord Of Choas says:

    how do u beat the last barrier in the nebula base?

  14. Makeoh says:

    Hey how do u get ur like gust thing bigger the thing where u put in like white green blue and red cubes to make u stronger how or can u make it bigger?

  15. rockman and roll says:

    maybe u have to wait longer or either u have a bug….

  16. ShaXdow says:

    where us laberation 3?

  17. Makeoh says:

    Yes, i just found the server and killed gryoman with 1hp for like 5 rounds now back to the undernet

  18. Makeoh says:

    O thanks and im kinda turning out of it which is awsome cause i kinda used some dark chips before i got out of it lol but now im normal but is it normal if u get hit and hp go down? or is it just i have to wait longer for me to get completley normal

  19. rockman and roll says:

    liberation 1 – blizzardman ( the 1st time u fight him where u only have protoman and mm) beat in 5 turns or less

    liberation 3 – 1st cloudman ( right before mm turns evil) beat in 7 or less

    liberation 6 – dark protoman beat in 8 or less

    tell me where u get the sanctuary chip if u find out! thanks~~

  20. z proto boy says:

    yu mean nebula

  21. ShaXdow says:

    Nebula Gray can only be hurt if you attack his blue flame. The one that goes around his body. To Rockman and roll, which area on the internet is liberation 6 and 1 and 3? And on 1 3 and 6 how many turns do I have to do it in? And I forgot where I got sanchary, but it’s a mega chip. I have like 4 of them. Let me try to find out and I’ll tell you. Thanks in advance.

  22. shdow 456 says:

    does anyone know how to beat the last boss

  23. rockman and roll says:

    ok….i will try to help u ppl 1 by 1….

    to ShaXdow, there is a chip called poltrgst i think get it wif trading bugfrags…

    Z saver – get by liberation 6.

    larkman DS – go busting level 10 or S him.

    cloudman and blizzardman SP – liberation 1 and 3.

    and where did u get sanctuary?

    to Makeoh, try not using any dark chips 4 the moment untill ur Navi turns back to normal.

    to arsif, it means u have to go to scilab 3, take go straight all the way to the endwhen u come to the place where there is 2 ways…take the straight one. press A and a door will appear.

    to Makeoh and Chip:goldeneye D,

    ACDC town – jack in one of the trees.

    Scilab – the info terminal.

    Queen Bohemia boat – outside where u first battle napalmman

    End city – jack in the gargoyle on the roof, walk till the end.

  24. ShaXdow says:

    Now I also have gridman ds. So I need 5 more chips. please someone help me I want to get through the next place. rockman and roll please help. everyone please help me!

  25. Makeoh says:

    I Have 2 questions 1st how do i get out of My dark navi i used some dark chips and now i am a dark navi and my hp decreases rapidly and i cant use specials such as roll ect…. i wanna change back! Also in end area (real not in the internet on game) where is the bomb that makes evreyone mad cause i need only that 1 to move on plz tell me!

  26. arsif says:

    i wonder what the textdata in the datadisk meant

  27. Chip:goldeneye D says:

    where can i find all of the microservers

  28. rockman and roll says:

    to Megadude, it’s ok…. is sanctuary a standard chip? i dun have one either… and only 1 more megachip to go!! i only have 34 bug frags 4 trading….can’t wait!! thanks you ppl 4 helping me!!!

  29. ShaXdow says:

    I also need to find dark drill. Anyone please tell me the area of it.

  30. ShaXdow says:

    I have 34 mega chips and need 6 more mega chips for the nebula area 4 door. Here’s the ones I already have.

    SuprVulc, NeoVari, Meteors, NumbrBi, Gaurdian, Jealousy, BugFix, FullCust, Snctuary, Attck+30, BlakWing, JustcOne, Roll, Roll SP, Roll DS, ProtoMan, GyroMan, SerchMan, NapalmMan, MagnetMan, Meddy, BlizMan, BlizMan DS, ShadeMan, ShadeMan SP, ShadeMan DS, CloudMan, CloudMan DS, CosmoMan, CosmoMan SP, LarkMan, GridMan, Django, Django SP.

    That’s all of them, can you guys please help me. Name all the ones I don’t have yet and how I can get them. Thanks in advance!

  31. Megadude says:

    to get ur megaman out of dark mode, heres how:

    Don’t use darkchips for some time, until you see he is in light mode again.


    Trade your Justcone J for a soulclen in old comp at Higbys base and put it in your navicust. (Ive never tried it before so don’t say im wrong.)

    Again, where is Sanctuary?

  32. shadow 456 says:

    my megaman is stuck in dark mode does anyone know how to can him back.

  33. Megadude says:

    !!!! WHERE IS SANCTUARY????????

  34. rockman and roll says:

    I dun have the good guy’s DS and SP chips… i am now on the search 4 the random encounters…. the darkloids ones i already have….

  35. Megadude says:

    sorry if i offended u rockman and roll.i will say this.

    Have you got Badfolder in Oran 3 yet? It contains like 3 megachips. Happy to help if i did.I will also name a few chips off the bat. Need 4 more. How about:


    Im sry i can’t think of anymore in the area.

  36. darkmega of the undernet says:

    I need someone to tell me how to get some more mega chips and giga chips.

    Megachips= nebula area 5

    Giga chips= secret door in nebula area 4 gets opened

  37. Shadow 519 says:

    To rockman and roll: There are normal, SP, and DS chips of every navi in the game (Including evil navis[exept DarkMegaMan]). Look through your library and post the names of the megachips you don’t have.

    To shadow456: You are playing off my nickname!! Get your own code name!

  38. rockman and roll says:

    to shadow456, these are the locations (they are not in order)

    1. Drill comp 3

    2. Somewhere in ACDC Areas

    3. Old mine hiding behind rock

    4. Chip statue outside Scilab

    5. Go to yais house and turn on fireplace/furnace. Go to end of ACDC 3 and take a right. Go through portal and look for girl navi.

  39. shadow456 says:

    thanks mega gamer for the code for the door on the ship. do you know how to win at the hide and seek game

  40. rockman and roll says:

    to Shadow 519, i hope u r rite bout mmbn7! i won’t want a new generation… and Megadude, i learned that “garbage” from the internet… not MY fault! what kinda megachips u want me to tell? I am also in need of megachips…let’s see…… all d characters mega chip… sp n normal?… and save some bugfrags 4 trading…

  41. Megadude says:

    ok… i dunno how u know that but its creepy

  42. chaman says:

    this game rocks megan five

  43. Megadude says:

    Plz? any1? megachips wanted. Im so desperate ill eat dirt

  44. Shadow 519 says:

    There is a megaman battle network 7 coming for NDS. It still has lan and megaman in it. There is a huge decrease in net crime and Lan is failing all his classes. His teacher assigns him to a brother/sister project. These two girls move into his house. Everything went fine until one of the girls gets kidnapped!!

    Meanwhile….. Chaud finds this group that kidnapped the girl on the internet and he LOSES!! He is discouraged and wants to resign from working with the officials. He then gets an e-mail from a Joe person which says that if Chaud beats him in a netbattle Joe will organize a team with Chaud on it to couter the evil group. After some encouragement from Protoman Chaud accepts and they are on their way.

    Don’t know much more but it said that tenguman (MMBN6) will be in it. I think it said that Roll will be a link navi!!

  45. Megadude says:

    jeez wered u learn that garbage rockman and roll? lol

    anyway, can u tell me some of ur megachips rockman and roll? i want help badly

  46. rockman and roll says:

    to dakota, i dun get what u mean…. there is battle network 6 cybeast and i heard there is also a battle network 7 the next generation on the way… though, the story is different. megaman is handed down to Lan and Meiru’s son… so is protoman.. given 2 Chaud’s son.. i don’t think i want to play that one…. a whole new story and a different bunch of characters… i prefer the strong friendship of megaman and Lan much better..

    to Shadow 519 wow! u r an advance player!!! so nice 2 know someone better than my brother…( i am better than him, though) lol

  47. dakota says:

    ARE you going to make a new megaman battle netwrok 7 team protoman and and colonel togther me and cj are playing megaman games the games are great I play the games a lot

  48. Shadow 519 says:

    To rockman and roll: Yes I have. I have each of the megaman battle network episodes and I study them on different web sites so I know quite a bit. Some things I have read about and verified, while other things I have made up myself. If you need help just post your problem and I will do what I can.

  49. rockman and roll says:

    thanks a bunch! shadow519, u finish the whole game already? u seem 2 know so much…..

  50. Shadow 519 says:

    If you are trying to find the random encouter navis that are element navis, (fire,grass,electric,water) get their element NCPs and the sneakrun NCP and install them. Here are the element program locations:

    Oilbody(attracts fire)=Factory computer 2

    Battery(attracts electric)=One of the engine room coputers on the Queen Bohemia

    Fish(attracts water)=Program dealer in undernet 3

    Jungle(attracts grass)=Program dealer in Undernet 3

    After you find them, beat them, them use the lockenemy subchip. Then you can find them easier. This is helpful if you are trying to S-rank them.

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