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Megaman Battle Network 5: Team Protoman

How can I make the numbers in main comp. 1, at the very beginning? Please help me.

Games Guru: The numbers should be arranged 762. On the first set of letters put in NAP. Next time put in Owl and RAT.

I need HELP!!! I’m on the part where you have to figure out the letters.

Games Guru: First the numbers: Arrange them into 762.

The next puzzle should be arranged to say NAP.

The puzzle with two sets of letters should be arranged to say OWL RAT.

The next set of puzzles unscrambles to DOCK HALL.

The one after that is HIP TOE ARM.

That should get you past all of those puzzles.

I need to know the code for the engine room when you’re aboard the “Queen Bohemia” ship. I’m stuck and can’t figure it out.

Games Guru: Here’s your code: 11922911

Where are all the megachips and gigachips?

Games Guru: As I understand it, there are 60 megachips and 12 gigachips. Were there any particular chips you needed help finding?

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10 Comments on Megaman Battle Network 5: Team Protoman

  1. I just got the game yesterday from chaos gospel DS me and him dont live to

    far apart and I’m think about buying Megaman Battle Network 5 Double Team DS

    what do u guys and girl think???????

  2. to chaos gospel DS:

    Thank you for the tip on getting Anubis in MMBN5, but this is for MMBN6. And if you are looking for the Poison Pharaoh in MMBN5, it’s the same as in message 212 only a little different:

    Poison Seed A

    Poison Seed A

    Poison Pharaoh A

  3. rockman and roll // June 27, 2007 at 8:19 pm // Reply

    Nebula 6? Anyone knows?

  4. chaos gospel DS // June 27, 2007 at 3:52 pm // Reply

    you get anubus on the last libiration 14 and under :mrgreen:

  5. Does anybody have a clue where I can get the Sneakrun navi customizer part? I have been searching for it for quite a while now and can’t get any more mega chips, unless I get SP or DS chips.

  6. to Slashman:

    If you want you can get one Poisonseed from the Bugfrag trader, and then buy one from the chip shop. Don’t know where to get Anubis though.

  7. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU BASSBOY! i’ve been wondering about that for a while. now the trouble is getting those chips…how do i get anubis, and is there an easier way to get poisseed besides just trading with bugfrags?

  8. rockman and roll // June 24, 2007 at 4:16 am // Reply

    how 2 get pass the big door at nebula area 6!! help!!

  9. to Slashman:

    the Swamp P. A. is:

    Poison seed P, Poison seed P, and Anubis P

    And it doesn’t turn the enemy field into a swamp, it puts a poison pharaoh in front of you and poison’s the enemy field. It lasts much longer, and drains energy a lot more quickly than an ordinary pharaoh. Now I know what you’re thinking: why does it matter to have a statue, rather than a swamp? One simple reason: once a panel is broken it goes back to being regular panel making a “safe area” for the enemy. But the Pharaoh has a fixed set of HP of about 300. Remember: Summoning items can be destroyed, so make sure that the strategy fits the situation BEFORE you execute your plan.

  10. i noticed that about MMBN6, too, robo cup winner! have you comepletely beaten it? if so, do you think you could answer my questions in comment #201?anyway, i hate to say it, but there’s no hint i can give you…just keep practicing.

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