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Metroid Prime

I have all the beams and their combos, visors and all the suits. I am in the phendrara looking for the artifact of spirit, but I can’t find it. (The clue says to look in a tall cave at phendraras edge.) Can you help me?

Games Guru: Go to Phendara’s Edge. First, go to the very end as high and as far as you can go, and you will come to what appears to be a dead end. If you x-ray the area, you will find a door hidden behind a pile of snow. Superbomb the door in the snow and plasma beam the door.

How do I beat the phazon mine dynomo? The two blue dots keep getting me.

Games Guru: Have you tried using the Wavebuster? Its homing feature should be able to win this battle for you.

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  1. Wiimaster101 says:

    How do u beat that parasite queen?

  2. supersayian4freak says:

    how do you get past the first level boss she keeps spitting at me

  3. Typhlosion says:

    Who knows how to get past the second section of the game? With the ruins, after you crash on Tallon IV?

    • The Avenger says:

      You get to the Chozo Ruins from your ship, you only have to go through about 4 rooms. From memory, the first room is in the 3:00 direction from your ship facing forward, and up one level. The path is straigh forward from there (I don’t remember the other parts). You should get to the elevator quickly, and scan the switch to get on your way.

  4. Halaswisscheese says:

    Metroid Prime originally came out for the Gamecube, but you can buy it with Metroid Prime 2 and 3 for Wii.

  5. bandana 12 says:

    what platform is Metriod Prime for?

  6. Spacebar says:

    I own the Trilogy on wii. 3 words. BEST. GAME. EVER.

    • supersayian4freak says:

      spacebar, the trilogy is horribly boring. i sold mine just for some extra money, cause its worth 60 bucks

  7. meta527 says:

    Looks like when I came here about to ask about Metroid other M, I find other people talking about it! Anyways, should I get Metroid Other M? It sounds fun but I’m worried it might be even worse than Sonic 2006 and Pokemon Battle Revolution. By the way, I don’t have Sonic 2006 or Pokemon Battle Revolution, but still… Should I get Metroid Other M?

    • Halaswisscheese says:

      Meta 527
      You should DEFINATELY get it!!! It is by far the best Metroid game out there and maybe even the best wii game! The graphics and storytelling are great and it lasts a long time!

      • Trascout says:

        If you read the Game Informer article reviewing Other M (it’s a 2 page review at least) you’ll find that there’s really nothing too new that’s been put into the game. It combines different elements from previous Metroid games and uses the fighting style from Ninja Gaiden for Xbox. But it does look appealing none the less.

    • Superdude says:

      What Hallaswischeese said and let me add that ALL Metroid games, let alone the ones on Wii, are better than Sonic 06. Heck, all the Sonic games on Wii are better than Sonic 06 (Although I especially recommend Sonic Colors over the other 3).

  8. IcyFlame says:

    you know the one in the phazon mine dynamo

  9. IcyFlame says:

    hey how do u scan the invisible sentry drone?

  10. Trascout says:

    Oops, I thought it would be out by now! It IS 8/31. But the commercial said “Summer 2010″ as the time of release, inferring it was coming out just after school lets out. It’s not much of “summer” when you’re already back in school.

  11. Trascout says:

    That’s very weird. I believe during the first trailers and teaser, it stated that Other M was going to be released in December 2011!!! That made me so mad because it looked so fun. But now I think it’s already been released and Game Informer reviewed it. With that review, the cheesy trailers at Metroid’s website,and the sudden release of the game about a year before they said they’d release it, I’m worried about how good this game really is.

  12. Halaswisscheese says:

    this question is about metroid other m
    why the heck did it get moved back all the way back for 6/23 to 8/31?

  13. Trascout says:

    It’s a miracle!!!!!! I’ve fought my way through and I got Power Bombs!!! I’m now having trouble beating that ridiculous Omega Pirate!!!! It’s so hard with all the other pirates and his strong attacks. >:(

    • Halaswisscheese says:

      if you are having trouble damaging the omega pirate, you have to shoot all of the phazon plates on his body and then go onto the x ray visor a shoot him with the plazma beam

    • Darkstar57 says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Use the plasma beam to destroy the armor on is arms and legs, the avoid the smaller pirates ( if you want you can attack them, but u don’t have to). Now you have to turn up the volume and wait for the omega to laugh. When u hear this, sip out your x-ray visor and star to turn in circles. He is easy to see with the x-ray visor, and a beam combo will make in the chest will make him teleport to another phazon pool. Good luck!

      • inferno47 says:

        ive beat the whole game.

  14. Pokemon says:

    Same here

  15. Trascout says:

    I’m stuck Phazon Mines and Im having trouble beating the Ice, Wave, and Power Pirates! >:(

    • IcyFlame says:

      the best way to destroy any beam pirate is to shoot charged shots of the beam that corresponds to them over and over again. for me the easiest are the ice ones because one charged shot freezes them. the wave ones with a charged blast get shocked so the cant move….for three or four seconds giving u enough time to charge again. for the power beam ones take recoil after a charged shot making them the hardest. tip: when u enter a room and u hear the space pirate song enter slowly so u dont have to face all of the pirates in that one room

    • mito says:

      who this so called darkstar57?

  16. Samus the Maurth hunter says:

    I bought this game about five days ago and i love it!
    It’s graphics are fantastic for a game from 2002.
    I am shocked that it’s not rated for blood, because when you shoot the aliens green blood comes out.

  17. Pokemon says:

    what do you need to do after you get the gravity suit?

  18. jesusfreek1 says:

    My freind has this game, and it really creeps me out.
    The music doesn’t help, either.

  19. halaswisscheese says:

    the plazma beam is in magmoor cavers in the geothermal core. use a spider track.

    i know every thing there is to know about this, so hit me with a question

  20. Natscout says:

    Do you need to have the Plasma Beam when ethering the Pazon Mines? If so, can you help me get it? All I know is that it might be in Magmoor Caverns.

  21. person says:

    thanks, FF7fan

  22. Earthbounded112 says:

    In the final fight, dont be afraid to use your missiles. If your a missle expansion collector like me then you will have a lot. The second part requires no missles at all.

  23. FF7fan says:

    Then roll into the tubes where the vines once were and use the bombslot repeat this four times and WIN!!!

  24. FF7fan says:

    First you have to hit the back of the mirror with a missel and that cuts off
    his light

  25. person says:

    Games Guru,how do I defeat Flaahgra at Chozo Ruins? I can’t find his weak spot.

  26. sonic fan 101 says:

    natscout, the phazon suit is real and meta ridely is a robot of ridely after ridely dies

  27. Natscout says:

    My friend (who is a big fan of Metoid) told me that near the end, to fight the big boss you get a suit not mentioned in the instruction booklet called the Pazon suit (it is suppost to make you immune to Pazon, I’m asking it is real? P.S. Is Meta Ridley a copy or something of that nature or is he an upgraded or mutated form?

  28. shadowroy64 says:

    Any bright Ideas?
    We got to fandreanna drifts and magmoor caverns.

  29. joshie says:

    i love that game

  30. sonic fan 101 says:

    id like to play metroid prime 4 but its rated M. you have to have some kind of ID or something to get a rated M game. im just playing grand theft auto advance(4 gameboy advance of course)because my grandma found it on her bus. dont call the cops on me just yet though! she searched for the owner but no one claimed it.

  31. sonicfan101 says:

    its pretty wild how the storyline goes. first they made metroid-metroid fusion. then BOOM a whole differant world of metroid appered on the gamecube. you can link metroid fusion to metroid prime.(wich seems creepy and wierd if you think about all the diffrences.) PS the creaters of metroid prime are making metroid 4:virus(this might not be the real name but this is what i heard.)and if your wondering what the heck happened then you proboly spaced out on metroid prime 2 and 3

  32. prime says:

    How do you get the ice beam????

  33. metroidfan101 says:

    I’m stuck in the pehendra drifts. I’m looking for this power-up but I can’t find it! I see this castle, but I can’t get to it. HELP!

  34. Super Christopher says:

    REALY HARD. (And very creepy, if you ask me.)

  35. drummer says:

    how do you get the spider ball and the bo+mb ball?

  36. shadowroy64 says:

    wow, nobody really playes this game anymore.
    After you get the fusion suit from that THING, How can you get back ALLL the way over to that secret place where you need it inside this volcanoe?

  37. JarvisElite014 says:

    where do i find the wave,plasma,and ice combos.

    • sonic fan 101 says:

      I know the ice combo is in magmoor caverns, ill try to help: do u know that spot in magmoor cacerns where the space pirates made a tunnel for walking through?(it looks like the on u go through to get to the crater impact site)In the tunnel you will notice a broken part in the middle, power bomb it. The glass, (or watever it is)will be destroyed. if u jump off the bridge then there will be a platform, on the platform is the ice spreader(the ice beam combo) NOTE:when u power bomb the bridge it will not be completely destroyed, u can still walk on it

  38. G-man says:

    are there any cheats

    • mito says:

      there’s one you have metroid fusion? if you do, beat it and link the gameboy to the gamecube and you can play the first metroid game.

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