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Metroid Prime

I have all the beams and their combos, visors and all the suits. I am in the phendrara looking for the artifact of spirit, but I can’t find it. (The clue says to look in a tall cave at phendraras edge.) Can you help me?

Games Guru: Go to Phendara’s Edge. First, go to the very end as high and as far as you can go, and you will come to what appears to be a dead end. If you x-ray the area, you will find a door hidden behind a pile of snow. Superbomb the door in the snow and plasma beam the door.

How do I beat the phazon mine dynomo? The two blue dots keep getting me.

Games Guru: Have you tried using the Wavebuster? Its homing feature should be able to win this battle for you.

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  1. drcmays says:

    i fall in love with Phazon suit!! and spider ball! Got every energy tank!XD

  2. shadowroy64 says:

    Im new to metroid prime and were stuck at the chozo ruins and we got the morph ball we just need … well i donno and where do we go after getting the morph ball?

  3. Gameman says:

    Iv’e been doing alot of research on the phazon beam and i found a cheat but I tried it and it doesn’t work!

  4. dude hunter says:

    its good but i have a old disc of that game but it seems to stuck where i am in the phazon mines well….of all modes i dont beated the game.

  5. Anonymous says:

    metroid fighter, use two super missiles to the head on an elite pirate

  6. cuttinggale says:

    game dude, shoot a wave buster, but hold down a and y, it drains your missiles, but using this i beat him in under 30 sec

  7. hi says:

    how do you get the grapple beam exactly! i’m stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. metroid fighter says:

    In the mining compound i keep dying after the first elite pirate! Can any one tell me where to find another energy tank?

  9. pow ming says:

    hey games guru can you tell me how to get the boss after the rock dude im stuck so piz help me.

  10. pow ming says:

    mrlegopwoer,ya you dont have to use the thermal visor but its alot easier to use it and thats what i did plus you need the thermal visor to see the rock thing when its rolling because its all snowy…duh.

  11. MetroidFan2150 says:

    Samas Master, to defeat the incinerator drone (scan bosses for names) Dodge it’s fire attacks, then when you se a red light, lockon and shoot until it fires upward into the hive, kill all the wasps that come out. The flames will start again.repeat the process until a cutscene comes on showing the drone destroying the hive. the drone will then blow up. Go forth and collect your prize, the morph ball bomb.

  12. MetroidFan2150 says:

    HELP! I have the Wave and Ice beams, the thermal visor, morph ball, spider ball morph ball bombs, missles, super missiles, and charge beam. My hint system is saying to go to Phendrana Drifts Gravity chamber. Do I need any more upgrades? If not how do I get there?

  13. ricky1705 says:

    I have the x-ray on but i dont see the door for the spirit artifact.

  14. mrlegopower says:

    If you freeze things with the Ice Beam and then hit them with a missle, it will shatter them. (extreamly efective on Space Pirates)

  15. mrlegopower says:

    When you face that huge rock giant (forgot the name) you don`t need the themal visor. Simply use the Power Beam to attack it difrent body parts until a part flashes red, keep on attacking that flashing part until it turns blue and the lock on. this only works in the 1 and 3 stages of the battle. Also you can jump up onto the rocks that are near to the wall so you can be so ice attacks can’t get to you.

  16. Skywalker says:

    I have the second metoid and the first and second Metroid Primes. If you want to see Samus’s real face beat the game with over 85% complete

  17. Samas master says:

    I’m stuck at the part with the thing that shoots flames at you and wasps attack you.


  18. Soulicer2.0 says:

    who here agrees that phazon Metriods are a pain in the neck.

  19. dr.zetaman says:

    the grapple beam is in phazon mines.but you must clear magmoorand pheadrana and get a few upgrades.

  20. dr.zetaman says:

    the ice beam combo is in magmoor caverns in a bridge that can be destroyed by a power bomb.the wavw beam combo is at the top of the tower of light in chozo get it you need to go up a process of shooting missles at the 4 pillars w/o hitting the creatures and going up the platforms.good hunting cheese!

  21. kahu789 says:

    I have Metroid: Zero Mission, Metroid: Fusion, Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and all of the Resident: Evils!

  22. skywalker says:

    i’ve beat the game

  23. DoomU says:

    YOU CAN UNLOCK ALTERNET ENDINGS?? –koool ohhh man im only at 68% compleate…

  24. MasterChief says:

    How do you get past the Tallon IV.

  25. cheese says:

    I need the missle combo for the ice and wave beams

  26. punnydude says:

    you know the piller in the mining facility i cant get past that part.

  27. pokelover says:

    jolt4000 you are totaly right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. paradoxx67 says:

    i ned help killing the lil’ blu things

  29. Gamerz Pro says:

    Man X, there is a way to get the fusion suit in Metroid Prime. You have to beat Prime and link up with Metroid Fusion. As a connection bonus, select the option to play with the fusion suit. I have never tried this myself, but it says so somewhere on the internet. could you jelp me past the first part of Tallon IV

  30. Gamerz Pro says:

    Gamedude, there is a way to get the fusion suit in Metroid Prime. You have to beat Prime and link up with Metroid Fusion. As a connection bonus, select the option to play with the fusion suit. I have never tried this myself, but it says som somewhere on the internet

  31. neji says:

    how to get flamethrower

  32. gamedude says:

    To manX, sorry to disapoint but, there is no fusion suit. :[

  33. gameguy says:

    I beat the whole thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Jolt4000 says:

    I am stuck! It`s fun, but hard.

  35. MAN X says:

    game dude use wave beam and thermal visor charge shots and also use organal shots too cause with wave beam org. shots are stronger then charged shots and thermal visor you can the see robot good in red and the gun’s holes yellow

  36. MAN X says:

    HELP ME AND I’LL HELP YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. MAN X says:

    i’ve every thing except ice beam missle combo and fusion suit

  38. Metroboy says:

    i cant figure out where everything is. Im only at 74% complete. i want to unlock the alternate endings!!! please help!

  39. sora_21 says:

    I would like 2 know where the missile combo is for the ice beam??? Plz tell me

  40. game dude says:

    the phazon mine dynamo boss is hard!!!!

  41. hello? says:

    I know what you mean Unknown SOOOOO uncool!

  42. Unknown says:

    It was fun, but i didn’t like how you had to capture the info on all creatures to get the real ending, that took way too long and it was not cool trying to find save rooms without dying.

  43. adawg says:

    i juststarted playing it.i wanted to know where you gat the grapple beam?also its really hard cause i’m only in the chozo ruins.:=)

  44. dbz says:

    yes there is a charge up because i beat the whole game a long time ago but i haven’t got all of the miisle’s i only go 245 missle’s i think so i got bored and played some other games like breath of fire 2, viewtiful joe 1,2, and red hot rumble and sonic heroes.

  45. ice cream headz says:

    i got wave buster and power beam but is there a charge up for plasma or ice beam?

    if so how do you get it?


  46. Schmango 2 rulz says:

    I really like this game even though its hard!

  47. hello? says:

    What do you mean did you beat it?

  48. the ownerer says:

    and yes it is hard and long but worth the time

  49. the ownerer says:

    this game is amazing an instant classic

  50. hello? says:

    Does any one like this game? If so it is really HARD.

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