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Pokemon Soulsilver

Hey, Games Guru, Right now I’m trying to beat the Elite 4. In my party I have Feraligatr, Lugia, Beedrill, Flaafy, Raticate and Krabby. Can you give me some advice?

Games Guru: This is a lengthy process, as I’m sure you know. Here’s Part 1 on a three-part series on the beating the Elite Four.

I heard from someone that you can catch Ho-oh on soul silver. Is this true, and if yes, how? Thanks.

Games Guru: Defeat the Elite Four. Then, you’ll be able to go to the Kanto region in Pewter City. The old man there will let you have a rainbow wing. Take that because it will let you find Ho-oh in Ecruteak City. He’s at the top of the Bell Tower over there. Try using the master ball on him.

How do you wake up the snorlax blocking diglets cave? I know you need a expn card, but where do you get it? Then how do I get to Mount Silver? The policeman won’t let me through. One last thing: How do you get past the construction men blocking the path to Cinnbar Island? Thank you for answering my questions!

Games Guru: Since Pokemon questions require really detailed answers, I’ll just help you wake the snorlax. You need the updated radio in Lavender Town. The manager of Lavender Town will give you the upgrade after a mission. When you go back to the snorlax, you need to have the radio on the channel that plays the Poke Flute music. But you have to drag the little dot out of the radio (the dot is the radio channel). Drag it to the star at the top of the circle on your screen. Exit the radio and talk to the wakened snorlax. But be careful. He’s going to want to fight you.


Comments about “Pokemon Soulsilver”

  1. troop 103 is awesome says:

    I used my master ball on a level 2 pidgey out side of new bark town

  2. coolguy19755 says:

    I beat the game, so if you have any questions, you can ask me!

  3. LegendarykarosXY says:

    Dude i need an action replay so I can get a Lv.50 dragonite to beat clair

  4. Pokemon X says:

    Yes, ANY team will work. EVEN 6 Level 100 Raticate. (just am emphases on the fact that
    some Pokemon will lose even when they are Lv 100.)

  5. weird guy says:


  6. popcorn says:

    any pokemon team can be good, just as long as you train it well.

  7. pikachu says:

    that’s right;0

  8. MunchlaxMaster says:

    Two things,can you battle Steven in soulsilver?,and how do you get a wailmer?

  9. weard dude 27 says:

    did you know you can get a master ball by winning the lottery

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is my team l Lv 50 moltres,level 50 zapdos, Lv 70 mewtwo, Lv 100 feraligatr, Lv 100

  11. pokeTORTERRA says:

    would this be a good team?

    would that be a good or bad team?

    • beartic333 says:

      not in my opinion because a lot of them would be taken out by some good fire and fighting types.
      cool Pokémon though!

  12. st says:

    How do you find the komo girls after you fight them.

  13. joeman325 says:

    i have a shiny groudon!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. mark says:

    where do you get more master balls

  15. poke'dude says:

    do you get to battle sinnoh gym leaders. how?

    • Pokeguru says:

      ok poke’dude, no, you dont go to sinnoh. you go to another region called Kanto after you get all of the first eight badges. there you can get Suicune, Rainbow wing(Ho-Oh) and Mewtwo (all eight badges, cerulean cave) and I think there is Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno. There is most likely a couple of more that I dont remember…


    • ActionGuyJXZ64 says:

      @pokedude: Beat the Elite 4 again after defeating Red and the Sinnoh leaders will be at the gyms who use their type. (Ex: Roark is at Brock’s, Wake is at Misty’s, etc.)

  16. pokefan says:

    What is the importance of the tower/cave on the cliff cave route that you need rock climb to get to?

    • Sosuke222 says:

      if you have national dex go to mr. pokemon get red orb and keep going through the caves you will also need surf. surf to the caveto your farest left go to the top of the cave, if you have the red orb from mr.pokemon you will be able to enter and groudon will be standing there!! good luck and remember to save before battleing him :D

    • Sosuke222 says:

      wild pokemon are shiny code:
      5206E128 4284FE81
      E2000108 00000060
      021D15A8 41C64E6D
      00006073 02111880
      E92D40F0 E51F0010
      E5900000 E1D018B4
      E1D028B6 E0217002
      E1A071A7 E51F1034
      E51F2034 E51F3034
      E5910000 E0243290
      E0253294 E0246005
      E1A069A6 E1560007
      11A00004 1AFFFFF8
      E5810000 E8BD80F0
      1206E116 0000F792
      E206E118 00000010
      F7B1E800 1C05FE13
      FE10F7B1 43050400
      0206E128 E0001C28
      D0000000 00000000
      TA-DA!!! All wild pokemon are shiny including legendaries(eggs will not be shiny when hatched, unless ur tht lucky…) pokemon will remain shiny after you take out action replay. p.s. your welcome ;D

  17. awesome man says:

    I heard you can catch Lugia in the whirl islands

    • epic beast says:

      no duh, mr.geinius, of course you can get a lugia, it is the main legendary,who do you think you should use the masterball on, a digglett?with your mind,only you would, when smart people, like myself, would catch lugia, to help win the game!

  18. pokemaster234 says:

    Hydro Cannon, Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant and Hyper Beam ROCK

  19. HAWK says:

    i will trade ANY pokemon for a arceus

  20. HAWK says:


    Buy action replay it is so AWESOME! You can get 900 master balls and 1000 rare candys all my legentaries are at level 100 Beat that!

  21. inialator123 says:

    I have a non-cheated shiny golem

  22. Timmy26 says:

    Interesting factoid. If you don’t want your Pokemon to evolve but you don’t have the Everstone, press B! It also keeps Eggs from hatching(Which I think is just ridiculous unless you can cook it) :)

  23. samurottfantic says:

    i uesd to be arceus but i got a new laptop so i changed my name to samurott fantic since its a awesome pokemon

  24. desitrain22 says:

    To catch mewtwo, defeat all Kanto gym leaders and go to the cave in Cerulean City.

  25. sarah says:

    how do u catch a mewtew and were is it

  26. PkmnTrainerWhite says:

    I have 100 percent of my game done! No cheating!!!

  27. Pokefan says:

    How do you get a second master ball without cheating?

  28. Pokefan says:

    How do I catch arceus in pokemon soul silver?

  29. Snakeyes says:

    I have a lv100 Lugia who knows sky attack!

  30. Blue Demon says:

    it’s better than pearl:)

  31. jhk says:

    where can you catch cubone

  32. ghy says:

    Can you catch cubone in soulsilver and where?

  33. jj says:

    yes you can ibet the games and i

  34. pokemonfreak says:

    pokemon soulsilver rocks p.s i have a green card

  35. Zekrom da bomb says:

    oops………i transfered 3/4s of my pokemon to white…….

  36. kevman123 says:

    I like pokemon soulsilver because with the capture of a level 70 ho-oh, you can teach it thunder( or other electric type moves) and it will be super hard to beat.

  37. Donut says:

    I am really bad. i might just tranafer my pokemon to white or trade them to diamond. Then i will start over

  38. COOLGUY7 says:

    dude i have caught every pokemon in the game except for arceous

  39. Comet says:

    Pokemon White is awesome! I’ve beaten N and Ghetisis.

  40. blue sage19 says:

    i have a darkria that i am willing to trade

  41. gummybeareater says:

    soulsilver is awsome.

  42. Anonymous says:

    how do you beat the elite four?

  43. zliner22 says:

    i need a tornadus for pokemon white anyone wanna trade i have a lv. 80 shiny dragonite and a lv.100 shaymin im willing to trade

    • Blast98 says:

      zliner, why are you even talking about White Version? This is Soulsilver… (P.S. I have Tornadus on Black and I’m NOT willing to trade)

  44. latos51 says:

    I beat Red with a Lv 76 mewtwo, Lv 76 Blaziken, and lv 72 Ho-oh

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