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Pokemon Soulsilver

Hey, Games Guru, Right now I’m trying to beat the Elite 4. In my party I have Feraligatr, Lugia, Beedrill, Flaafy, Raticate and Krabby. Can you give me some advice?

Games Guru: This is a lengthy process, as I’m sure you know. Here’s Part 1 on a three-part series on the beating the Elite Four.

I heard from someone that you can catch Ho-oh on soul silver. Is this true, and if yes, how? Thanks.

Games Guru: Defeat the Elite Four. Then, you’ll be able to go to the Kanto region in Pewter City. The old man there will let you have a rainbow wing. Take that because it will let you find Ho-oh in Ecruteak City. He’s at the top of the Bell Tower over there. Try using the master ball on him.

How do you wake up the snorlax blocking diglets cave? I know you need a expn card, but where do you get it? Then how do I get to Mount Silver? The policeman won’t let me through. One last thing: How do you get past the construction men blocking the path to Cinnbar Island? Thank you for answering my questions!

Games Guru: Since Pokemon questions require really detailed answers, I’ll just help you wake the snorlax. You need the updated radio in Lavender Town. The manager of Lavender Town will give you the upgrade after a mission. When you go back to the snorlax, you need to have the radio on the channel that plays the Poke Flute music. But you have to drag the little dot out of the radio (the dot is the radio channel). Drag it to the star at the top of the circle on your screen. Exit the radio and talk to the wakened snorlax. But be careful. He’s going to want to fight you.

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  1. there’s another event!

    Ash’s Pikachu
    Starting January 30

    This Pikachu’s based off of Pikachu in the movie Zoroark:Master of Illusion

  2. wloud i be able to defeat red with latos with folling moves?
    Zen headbutt
    luster purge
    Draco Metor

  3. is my team good? kingdra lv 98 rayquaza lv100 arceus lv 100 tyranitar lv95 feraligatrlv74 scizorlv97 note.all the pokemon in my team knows hyperbeam

  4. Okay guys, Im to change my name to Omega Knight, OKAY? So don’t get confused 😦

  5. gav the pokemon master // December 30, 2010 at 11:56 am // Reply

    here are my favrite pokemon i have
    Arceus lv.100 tangrowth lv.79
    dewgong lv.100{iam not kidding}probopass lv.67
    duskinour lv.69 and others that i dont remember
    meganium lv. 62
    crobat lv.99
    rhyperior lv.88
    magnezone lv.78 BYE!

  6. where is the other gift that you get once you beat the kanto reigon besides the gb player? also, i cant catch entei or raikou, but i got suicune?

  7. EVENT: there are 3 events going on starting on January 3rd at Gamestop. The dates and Pokemon are here!

    Shiny Raikou: January 3rd-9th
    Shiny Entei: January 17th-23rd
    Shiny Suicune: January 31st-February 6th

    These Pokemon are not shiny, but know moves they can’t normaly know and can give you a chance to unlock Zoroark in Black and White.

  8. dude in heart gold i cant get to beat red even with a giratina lv 48
    sad right

  9. But masterball works best

  10. tell me if i can beat red with this team
    73 blaziken
    72 mewtwo
    70 ho-oh
    62 lughi
    53 togakiss
    52 latos
    51 feragater

    • Yup, I think you could beat Red If you tried hard enough.

    • Your team looks really good! But I’m sorry, you can only use 6 Pokemon.

    • maybe, but you will need a load of revives, full restores and any other medicine imaginable. Try training all your pokemon to about 70–75 and you will most likely beat him. Red has the three full evolved kanto starters in their 80s, an 85 pikachu a lapras that is level 83 and some other pokemon i can’t remember probably in the mid to low 80s. Be careful-this guy means one thing: Buisness

    • dracomaster6070 // December 28, 2010 at 9:18 pm // Reply

      That is a good team but you should drop the togakiss because it is weak to most of red’s pokemon and their moves

    • Mabe a cupul reveves

  11. Can you put cheat codes on your DS system and still be able to take them off?

    • I don’t THINK so, but I have never used a Action Replay, so I’m not sure. However, Comet, this is your choice, but if I were you, I would never use a Action Replay. They are just little implements of destruction who hack into your games, unlock everything, then ruin the game and the fun for you. Seriously, don’t cheat.

      • Thanks for the advice! I’ll think about what what you said.

      • Don’t forget about the bad egg. A bad egg is a egg that gets put into the game when you hack. It doesn’t have the green spots on it like a regular egg, and when hatched will crash the game and delete all save data. Hacking is NOT worth it.

    • Yes, you can. Just go into the menu, then settings, and toggle which ones you want.

      P.S. I do not use an Action Repaly.

    • The codes are only in effect when AR is there. Items and pokemon you obtained will still be there.

  12. To get Ho-Oh in pokemon soulsilver get rainbow wing from man standing on ledge in pewter city after you beat lance.


    • Who says you need Arceus? All you need are really well trained Pokemon.

      • where should i train my pokemon?

      • torterra21 // December 16, 2010 at 7:32 pm //

        Try the Elite 4, Mount Silver, or battle with your friends. I don’t like to brag, but I beat Red on my first try.

      • goldendude // January 2, 2011 at 8:36 pm //

        I agree, but if you feel you need to be lazy, use a lv 100 arceus

      • Hurricane1973 // February 10, 2011 at 1:43 pm //

        Battling over wi-fi or over wireless link with your friends may sharpen your skills on strategies ,and help you remember what type each pokemon is so you know which moves to use on it.But it does NOT level up your pokemon or give them any experience points.

      • Hurricane1973 // February 10, 2011 at 1:51 pm //

        The first time I tried (besides the times I had to do something so I couldn’t finish the battle) I also beat red on my first try with this team: Snorlax 53 (traveling pokemon)Feraligater54(traveling pokemon) Ho-oh 72 ,Lugia 54 ,Mew-two 71 ,Dragonite 53.But I just used over thirty revives.For his last pokemon,Charizard, I just revived Ho-oh when Charizard had a little hp left from using Fire blitz.Ho-oh was my last pokemon so Red didn’t use any full is actually somewhat easy.

        P.S I used over 30 revives!

    • i beat red with mt tyholoion and ho oh and my lugia

  14. pokemonlover1000 // November 29, 2010 at 10:08 pm // Reply

    wich cave do u use to catch lugia

    • The top right cave, take the top path. You can’t battle Lugia without the rare Silver Wing and Tidal Bell.

  15. pokemonlover1000 // November 29, 2010 at 10:08 pm // Reply

    how do you get past the dark cave? please help me.

    • I can’t post a walkthrough here, however, I’ll give you a hint: Try entering from Blackthorn City and heading southwest. If you use Flash, you can see better. PS: There’s a man on an island who gives you a King’s Rock, witch boosts a move’s chance of making the foe flinch.

    • Hurricane1973 // February 16, 2011 at 8:13 pm // Reply

      You can go to Goldenrod City ,go into the supermarket place and buy Flash.

  16. pokemonlover1000 // November 29, 2010 at 10:06 pm // Reply

    Where do you find arceus in soulsilver version without cheating and without wifi connection?

    • Since Arceus is a Sinnoh Ledgendary and not a Johto or Kanto Ledgendary, it cannot be found in Heartgold/Soulsilver (without horrible, stupid cheats of course) and cannot be recieved over Wi-Fi (for the time being). So as far as I know, you will have to transfer over from Sinnoh.

      • You can get some sinnoh legendaries on this game without trading or hacking. But to get Arceus, you have to trade, do Mystery Gift, or hack.

    • almost impossible unless…. trade diamond arceus evnt over to your game go to alph ruins go to the exploration shack/house the leader will come out, ill let you have the suprise hint: legendary pokemon alert when you go with him


    • Well, first off, there is no way you can get darkrai without cheats or trades. The red orb cannot be obtained in heartgold, but if it’s for soulsilver, you can get it after you gain access to the kanto region. Then , Profess oak will call you at one point in the game and tell you he has something to give you. Then just head on over to pallet town.

    • If you have soulsilver go to clifecave surf to the laige wear you have to use rockclime go up it and walk in the cave walk out fly to MR.pokemon’s house he’ll give you the red orb fly back to the cave weth the piener in front walk in the cave grodon shuld be sdaning thaer enjoy! :>

  18. i beat most of the game // November 23, 2010 at 5:43 pm // Reply

    i have a
    level 75 feraligator [starter],
    level 59 lugia,
    level 52 articuno[not on cheats],
    level 51 dragonair,
    level 15 mew [don’t laugh, i got it a month ago and don’t use it],
    level 23 gastly [i got it about a week ago].
    those are my party Pokemon.
    i also have many more Pokemon like a ditto and golduck.

  19. These are my legendaries in Pokemon Diamond, Platinum, and Soulsilver. I have Mew level 10, Arceus level 100, 2 Giratinas level 30 and level 61, Dialga level 58, Mewtwo level 70, Articuno level 58, Lugia level 68, and Moltres level 51. I have probably forgot a few, though.

  20. Hey any body know how to defeat Red—BECAUSE I CAN’T:( — Also does any body know any chaeats for -Pokemon:Soul Silver- without an Action Replay??

    • There is no secret to beating Red, however, using type advantages really help. A
      nd no, there are no cheats without a hack
      ing device. DON’T CHEAT!!!!!

  21. wich cave do u use to catch lugia

    • once you have the silver wing go to the whirl islands
      lugia is in the top right cave

    • world-traveling Pokemon Master // December 4, 2010 at 12:03 pm // Reply

      You need to start at the top right cave from the Olivine direction. Although you have to beat the Elite Four and get to Pewter City and obtain Silver wing and Tital Bell which are required.
      PS. I really do live in Italy from the US 🙂

    • i need help i have no clue on how to get the genartaro i looked in cerulean gym but i cant find it HELP ME

  22. testing…testing…one, two, three…

    hello, does anyone know where I can get a pikachu?

    PS, does anyone have pokemon ranger guardian signs? If so, how do you like it?

    • The only way to find a Pikachu is to look around the grass in Viridian Forest, Kanto. I do happen to have Poke’mon Ranger: Guardian Signs and I love it. It’s amazing!

    • It’s awesome.

    • Eagle1 I also have Pokemon Ranger:Gaurdian Sings.It’s awesome, you can even play missons on WI-FI and after you complete them you can transfer a pokemon (Each one represents one spefic pokemon like “Save Shaymin”somthing like that.) and transfer to
      Soul Sliver,even though I have Heart Gold.

    • you can catch a picachu in virdian forest but there kind of rare so good luck

      i have ranger guardian signs and its awesome! i recommend it to you

    • Its’s fun!

    • If your coming from the south end of Viridian Forest, pikachu will mostly be at the end of the forest.

    • My brother, Ranger B, loves this game! We have downloaded special missions and tranfered pokemon. Rander B now has 2 heatrans, 2 shaymins, and a Manaphy he hatched on Diamond.

  23. I’m stuck on elite 4 Karen, please help…What is your favorite Pokemon?

    • Actually, I didn’t have much trouble with her. My Ampharos’s Signal Beam and Thunder swept through her pretty quickly. As for my favorite Poke’mon, it would have to be Pikachu.

    • Karen uses Ghost-type so if I were you I would use either a rock type of or a dark type. A weaville is a good suggestion for beating Karen and Lance. My favorite pokemon are Typhlosion, Lapras, Togekiss, Mightyena, Gallade, and Luxray. There are all my party pokemon!

    • Hurricane1973 // February 10, 2011 at 1:58 pm // Reply

      My favorite pokemon is Ho-oh/Darkrai/Slaking

  24. Rate my Poke’mon:

    Meganium lv 66 (starter)
    Ampharos lv 60 (from lv 11)
    Snolax lv 61 (from lv 50)
    Feraligator lv 62 (from lv 3)
    Typlosion lv 60 (from lv 9)
    Mew lv 64 (from lv 5)

    I hope you like it! Please rate! 🙂

  25. Rate my Poke’mon:

    Meganium lv 66 (starter)
    Ampharos lv 60 (from lv 11)
    Snolax lv 61 (from lv 50)

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