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Pokemon Soulsilver

Hey, Games Guru, Right now I’m trying to beat the Elite 4. In my party I have Feraligatr, Lugia, Beedrill, Flaafy, Raticate and Krabby. Can you give me some advice?

Games Guru: This is a lengthy process, as I’m sure you know. Here’s Part 1 on a three-part series on the beating the Elite Four.

I heard from someone that you can catch Ho-oh on soul silver. Is this true, and if yes, how? Thanks.

Games Guru: Defeat the Elite Four. Then, you’ll be able to go to the Kanto region in Pewter City. The old man there will let you have a rainbow wing. Take that because it will let you find Ho-oh in Ecruteak City. He’s at the top of the Bell Tower over there. Try using the master ball on him.

How do you wake up the snorlax blocking diglets cave? I know you need a expn card, but where do you get it? Then how do I get to Mount Silver? The policeman won’t let me through. One last thing: How do you get past the construction men blocking the path to Cinnbar Island? Thank you for answering my questions!

Games Guru: Since Pokemon questions require really detailed answers, I’ll just help you wake the snorlax. You need the updated radio in Lavender Town. The manager of Lavender Town will give you the upgrade after a mission. When you go back to the snorlax, you need to have the radio on the channel that plays the Poke Flute music. But you have to drag the little dot out of the radio (the dot is the radio channel). Drag it to the star at the top of the circle on your screen. Exit the radio and talk to the wakened snorlax. But be careful. He’s going to want to fight you.

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  1. you can catch ho-oh but it’s at level 70

    • world-traveling Pokemon Master // December 4, 2010 at 12:13 pm // Reply

      That would be why i’m trying to catch Lugia without my Master Ball which is to be used on Ho-oh.

  2. Hurricane1973 // November 7, 2010 at 1:48 pm // Reply

    How do you get to the top of the lighthouse?I go up the elevator and there is a little gate and I can’t get through.Then I tried to go up the ladders and it is a dead end.How do I get up there??

    • Climb up the ladders ’till you reach the dead end and jump out the window. It leads to a balcony whitch you can climb up to the top. Hope this helps!

  3. how do i get past the guard in lavender city radio tower

  4. Hurricane1973 // November 6, 2010 at 1:22 am // Reply

    How do you get strength???

  5. How do find lugia in the whirl islands?

  6. how do you catch mew?

  7. POLL:which is best? A.Lugia,b.Ho-oh.POLL 2:which legendary cat is best?a.raikou,b.entei,c.suicune.

  8. I have heard rumors about Deoxys appearing in mt. moon, thursday, midnight. Is it true? Also i completed my Johto dex (aside celebi, and i have a mew) and just so u no, u don’t get anything good.

  9. this is weird… THE BATTLE HALL CHAMPION IN BATTLE HALL SOMETIMES HAS LEGENDS!!! example (regirock,moltres)


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