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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Are there any secret ways to beat the Spider Guardian?

Games Guru: Scan the Spider Guardian before entering the tunnel maze. Once you’re in, it’s too late for a scan.

You have to fight this battle from the morph ball using bombs to send the Spider Guardian into blue energy. After three hits, the Spider Guardian will turn red, making him faster and more dangerous, or green, opening bomb slots. When he turns green, drop bombs into the slots to send the Spider Guardian into the blue energy fields.

Comments about “Metroid Prime 2: Echoes”

  1. dark hunter says:

    hey LaserDude27 how do u get the second key on the map screen when its blocked by the power bomb dor

  2. dark hunter says:

    i no a cheat this 1 u can use in the game while playing its L R L R L B Y Z

  3. dark hunter says:

    can u get a cheat 4 unlimited ammo

  4. x ing says:

    In emperor ings 3rd evolution he gets mutated w/phazon grows horns,shoots lazers and i canot beat him.

  5. dark hunter says:

    u no u can beat the boost gardiun by blowing his face off with supr missals right

  6. dark hunter says:

    to deffeat the grapple gardieun u first need 2 locate the 2 up grades to ur light and dark beams and dont wast them and find his room and charge full power with the light beam and fie

  7. dark hunter says:

    does any body know how to get the last key in the 3rd temple blocked by the yellow dor

  8. dark hunter says:

    to get 2 the trouves bog u need 2 1st restor power 2 the 1st 2 temples and read the green dor

  9. dark hunter says:

    u get the powr bom by climing the spider tracks and droping the roof on it

  10. JMan. says:

    Please tell me. Is Metroid Prime 2 worth it? I have the 3rd and Metroid Prime Hunters. Is it worth it?

  11. nick says:

    I dont know how to get to trovus bog.

  12. jolt4 says:

    i am stuck how do you get power bomb

  13. weree says:

    I hated this game:-

  14. Blah says:

    Since when does the light suit lose the spider ball upgrade, I still have both!

  15. SAMAS 2 says:

    anonymous is rite spidre gard is hard!!!

  16. Dcusb says:

    Dude you dont know any metroid stuff the light suit losses the spider ball upgrade

    and the torvus bog is at the orange door with transalatore

  17. compton says:

    Were are all da the keys in the ing hive

  18. fub;ivabuf says:

    i cant get across the gap either

  19. we444 says:

    how do you get past the sanctuary fortress i got stuck by that room where you have to turn into morph ball and go through the tiny passage it is next to the room with the big purple ball spinning

  20. Some random guy says:

    To get the light suit restore power to all three temples, then go back to U-Mos. He will thank you and then give you the Light Suit, but now you have to go to the Sky Temple and kill Emperor Ing and Dark Samus (who survives).

  21. metroidman says:

    i have all 9 meteroid games( including NES Metroid) and ihave played a beaten this game many times and this game can be extremely hard and nerve-wracking but it’s worth it in the end. anyway metroid prime 2: echoes is very hard ( in some places ) but the game is worth it plus, i doubt that games guru actually plays the games. i think he gets info from the people who actually play the games and repeats the info and thats why he answers most questions wrong.

  22. Anonymous says:

    How to I beat the spider gaurdian?

  23. payday says:

    where do i find the lightsuit?

  24. Anonymous says:

    man ive got so much trouble getting to the spider guardian please help me find him…where is he and how do i get to him??

  25. big-banger says:

    how do you get to thourvosbog

  26. flamingpieboy says:

    how can u submit a comment on metroid prime corruption?there’s a huge gap that leads to a satellite uplink and i cant get across that gap. =(

  27. Metroid Prime 2:Echoes player24 says:

    I need help on the grapple guardian.p.s. correct me if i spelled grapple wrong.

  28. dr.zetaman says:

    the annialator beam is in the ing hive must beat quadraxis to get it and you must have all 3 keys to enter.

    p.s. be sure to be loaded up with missles.they play a key part in beating him with the echoe visor,boost+spider ball and morph ball bomb.

  29. g zombe says:

    the spider garden turns red after one hit and green after severl hits.:)

  30. adds98 says:

    help me plz!!!!

  31. adds98 says:

    wrong boss i meant the power bomb boss i now its in the dark torvus bog but where??

  32. adds98 says:

    where is the spider guardian i cant find him at all i have checked everywhere other than where he is,its annoying

  33. nakeddude says:

    what do i do after i kill the grapple guardian

  34. EddieCebz says:

    yeah that fight’s a toughy – just keep playing against him until you get used to the timing and beat him.

    It’s like a puzzle/boss fight, so trial and error is a key factor in obtaining the spiderball upgrade.

  35. Sceptile says:

    did u guys know that theres going to be a Metroid Prime 3: Corruption?

  36. pie says:

    who doesnt :)

  37. pie says:

    i have the spider guardian low on life, which slots, in order, do i use for the last time before he dies

  38. metroidmasta says:

    you get the annihilator beam after you beat the quadraxis in the ing hive

  39. 28jman says:

    in addition to my last comment. where do i find the anihilator beem

  40. 28jman says:

    i have a question. i cant figure out how to get to the spider ball boss. plz help me.

  41. mememe says:

    dude i totally thought the last guy was the hardest in teh game

    not the spider guardion

    nfact teh only guardian i had trouble with was the boost guy where you had to go into ball mode and then into this tiny room and lay bombs to fight him

    or maybe thats theone your talkin bout i dont remember

  42. LaserDude27 says:

    With the spider guardian, be defensive. it’s easily the hardest boss in the game. Take your time and take breaks. Oh, yeah, tons of energy tanks help, too.

  43. LaserDude27 says:

    Billy Bob is right. no codes here. just skill.

  44. LaserDude27 says:

    The Dark Suit is after you beat the Agon Wastes boss, Amorbis. I’ve also beaten the chykka, Dark Samus (twice), and Quadraxis. If you need help on anything, I’ve almost beaten the game, so ask. Hope this helps!

  45. R2D2 says:

    How do you get the dark suit.

  46. MAN X says:

    it’s very easy i have the dark suit

  47. Billy Bob says:

    there are no codes. this game is half luck, half expirience. Just keep on playing.

  48. gx7490 says:

    this game is cool but i can’t beat it

  49. ted says:

    very hard

  50. tom says:

    are threre any codes for this????????????????

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