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Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition

How do you unlock class A cars? Please help me!

Games Guru: That’s too many cars to write about here! Here’s one code for the Cadillac Escalade ESV: Win the second San Diego tournament.

What are all the secret codes?

Games Guru: There are quite a few codes and unlockables to Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition. Here are a few of the most useful. From the main menu, select “Options,” then go to “Cheats” and enter the following codes:

  • “ontheroad” to eliminate damage
  • “roadtrip” to unlock all cities
  • “crosscountry” to unlock all cities unlocked in the arcade mode.

How do you beat the dub tournaments in Detroit?

Games Guru: As you know, there are several races on the Detroit circuit and each has its own hidden shortcuts and straightaways. On the first track, for instance, your best bet is to turn around at the starting line and head through the housing. The big thing is to find straightaways so you can use nitro boosts without crashing.

Comments about “Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition”

  1. Audi says:

    does anybody know of the jump in japan? i love it!


    i was playing at a friends house and we were in atlanta or something eles but i drove a lotus elis through a gas station and flew and totled in midair, and in japan you can destroy the inperial garden with a H1 or you can drive through a mall and destroy windows

  3. 54 bergman says:

    People…..this is an awsome game so if you dont have it well…..I guess u have to get it.:/

  4. wicked clown says:

    i like the game but so easy

  5. jd says:

    its not good at all cheap everything i like mondern warfare 2

  6. ghost 200 says:

    the cheats are cool.

  7. brawler999 says:

    does any budy know how to unlock class A vedicles?please help me!

  8. brawler999 says:

    how do you get class A vedicles?

  9. brawler999 says:


  10. Phantasy Star Zero155 says:

    A great game for XBOX.Fun rides,dark humor,and nice announcing

  11. kiki says:

    how to beat the whole game

  12. joe racer says:

    how do u get a bunch of money

    • brawler999 says:

      to.joe beat club races.if you beat a club race you may move to a nother race if you want to.(p.s.only certain cars can can race in certain club races.)

  13. darkangel. says:

    how do you win the tournament in midnight club 3!

    • brawler999 says: get your fastest car and race.try useing slipstream turbo.if you dont have a car that has 40.0 speed i have 2 things to say to u:1:upgrade your fastest car intil it has over 40.0 speed.2:save up for a car that has 40.0 speed.

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