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Naruto: Clash of the Ninja

How do you unlock all of the locked characters?

Games Guru: As far as I can tell, this game has three unlockable characters: Rock Lee, Kyuubi Naruto and Sharingan Kakashi.

To get Rock Lee, you have to make it all the way through Zabuza in the story mode with no continues. After you beat Zabuza, you get a shot at Rock Lee. Beat him, and he’s yours.

To unlock Kyuubi, you need to beat the entire game twice with each character in single-player mode.

After you unlock Kyuubi, play the single-player mode one more time as Kakashi. Once you win, Kakashi will be unlocked.

Comments about “Naruto: Clash of the Ninja”

  1. glock 17 says:

    dude there are like 26 unlockable characters!!!!!!!!

  2. glock 17 says:

    i can’t get past mission two please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Naruto is lame says:

    Naruto is the most dumbest,boringest,lame game on this whole entire universe.Chakra is the corniest name ever made up,like i mean come on guys how could you like it.

  4. mg says:

    there is one person more than games guru says demon saske . you have to beat 1p mode 13 times with a score of hokage wich is 999,999 believe me i have done it.NOTE with saska. there is also lee’s grampa and sakra’s sister

  5. pein says:

    by the way the best akatsuki are kakazu, kisame and sasori

  6. pein says:

    my fave characters (on clash of ninja 2) are sharingan sasuke, orochimaru, rock lee and shikamaru, my friend likes gaara but i think hes only ok

    my least fave characters are crow, kankuro and naruto

  7. metalliman2009 says:

    i have clash of ninja 2 and i have every character. some unlockable characters are: might guy, zabuza, haku, kankuro, akamaru, sharingan kakashi, orochimaru, nine-tailed naruto, crow, sharingan sasuke, mizuki, and iruka. i havent played it for a while so i dont remember everyone, cause theres a LOT!!!

  8. nickname says:

    I love naruto!

  9. nana says:

    is this game for ps2

  10. PokemonNaruto says:

    I got this game for 6.99 at half price books ond i love it. However the Ninja counual 3 is better.

  11. mick says:

    how do you get every single character

  12. Mick says:

    oh wise guru can you please tell me how to unlock characters

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