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Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Can you help me get past Earl?

Games Guru: Earl’s hard, very hard, to beat. Here are two tips. Don’t follow him into the trailer park. Boost past it. Then, when you’re in the boardwalk area, Earl gets as slow as molasses when making that tough left turn. If you’re just behind Earl, make the turn really quickly. Make the turn wide, too, so you don’t crash into Earl.

If you guys have any secret codes can you post them? Thanks — I’ll be looking.

Games Guru: Oddly enough, if you have a Need For Speed: Underground 2 file on your memory card, you get a free $10,000. How’s that for cross promotion? Also, before you sell cars, take them into the shop and trade in their custom parts for stock parts. You’ll get some credits.

Comments about “Need For Speed: Most Wanted”

  1. johnny says:

    I am the good driver

  2. rasor says:

    most wanted is the greatest races games

  3. :] says:

    I got 2 million credits

  4. cheatzilla says:

    If you get stuck with bunches of cops.Then sideswipe them .Beacause that can slow them down and other racers crash into them and get slowed down and the the cops flip over and that can slow them down even more.But be wary.Fliped cops respawn very fast!

  5. boom boom man says:

    i wanted this game sooooo bad but i didnt get a chance to get it yet

  6. sam says:

    I am no.1 on the really intresting game ever i played.
    i had completed it.i am a king on the road. i get the sergeant cross and evade the pursuit sucessfully after 15 minutes on heat level 5 also. i had a great experience of it.

  7. vinny says:

    i love this game. are there any good cheats for the game???

  8. awkward turtle says:

    I played this at my friend’s house and it is awesome! I love the Pursuit Breakers!

  9. Carbison says:

    I got this on my Nintendo DS and it rocks! I also have Need for Speed Underground 2 on my Game Boy Advance!

  10. oscar200 says:

    In that comment down there,I am replying to 15sent

  11. oscar200 says:

    I used to have this game.It was my second favorite game(BULLY is my favorite game).I actully beat that guy who took your BMW(isn’t his nickname ‘razor’?),but the game froze every time I beat all his races.It would go into Photo thing,I would press X and it would freeze.

  12. blobar says:

    to get bountry easy is to download save editor for nfs mostwanted and then it will say how much money do you want or bountry write any thing and save it and take the game when typing how much money or bountry then after you safe it put the game on and then you got the bounty and money enjoy!!

  13. j-man says:

    can i play the trailers on it?????!!!!!!!

  14. pyrodude says:

    how do you get past the races so i can race JB?

  15. izzy says:

    I need 200,000 more bounty! How do I get it Easy?

  16. izzy says:

    How do i get more bounty easy?

    • sam says:

      you get into rockport and run in the high ways how fast as you can. and if you have been followed by cross then go to rose wood area. there are many pursuit breakers there. on high ways you can get enough bounty by dodging the road blocks and all.

  17. kicky says:

    What about to Xbox!?!?

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