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Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Can you help me get past Earl?

Games Guru: Earl’s hard, very hard, to beat. Here are two tips. Don’t follow him into the trailer park. Boost past it. Then, when you’re in the boardwalk area, Earl gets as slow as molasses when making that tough left turn. If you’re just behind Earl, make the turn really quickly. Make the turn wide, too, so you don’t crash into Earl.

If you guys have any secret codes can you post them? Thanks — I’ll be looking.

Games Guru: Oddly enough, if you have a Need For Speed: Underground 2 file on your memory card, you get a free $10,000. How’s that for cross promotion? Also, before you sell cars, take them into the shop and trade in their custom parts for stock parts. You’ll get some credits.

Comments about “Need For Speed: Most Wanted”

  1. ajsue says:

    wat cars do you have

  2. ajsue says:

    use speedbreaker right before roadblocks it increases your chance of escape.

  3. ajsue says:

    can you get me some cheats?

  4. ajsue says:

    i need some cheats!!!!!!!

  5. age says:

    in need for speed most wanted when you are geting chased by the police and you want to out run them make them crash in other cars

  6. Matt says:

    Can you tell me some cheats for the game?

  7. change109 says:

    razor is to hard

  8. eieio!! says:

    Both my cars are impounded.☺

  9. funfunfun567 says:

    once you get a blacklist members car, sell all your old ones

  10. person!!123 says:

    If your running from the police knock over a billboard and go under it. Police can’t get you.

  11. Elite racer says:

    If you turn off your console right after getting caught in a police chase you don’t pay the due fees.REMEMBER, save before you get into a milestone.

  12. Team terror says:

    Gamemaster is wrong about holding your brakes and and ACCELARATE MAKES YOU GO FAST IS NOT TRUE IT JUST HEATS UP YOUR TIRE.

  13. He's a team leader!! says:

    I think team terror is great

  14. 105 Racing says:

    Iam #1 on the black list and I only used the fastes cars and only and it only took me a day and that is not a lie and it was easy and I played on very on hard mony.

  15. need help says:

    In need for speed underground 2, i wuz accidentially put behind the stage 4 barrier, but i was still in stage 3. i cant get out and it autosaved.please help

  16. Gamemaster says:


  17. the best says:

    i beat this game and now im already on blacklist #3 i beat it like a month ago tho

    if u have any questions ask me

  18. 512 says:

    most wanted is da life

  19. hardgamecantbeat says:

    how do you beat razor #1 i cant beat any of the milstones or anything it makes me mad

  20. ssbm says:

    i cant beet #12(lizzy)

  21. Zaxter says:

    I have Need For Speed Most Wanted 510;how do you sell cars?

  22. street master says:

    when u go in to another city an run the light as fast u can the 911 porshce ploice come after they pull in front of me but i kept going the were faster then me i got my second car impound i owe the city 5 millon dollars in wreckless driving

  23. street master says:

    there.s no way of beating razor on the first part of the game i tryed nitro but it just broke down i got 07chevy mablu that will beat that bmw but the cops when u get out of the city an u still have cops on u fbi comes after u in thoes cars u should just give up get youe car impound because i stay up 5 hour trying to get them off of me

  24. E90 says:


  25. ... says:

    how do you switch gears in drag races? i cant defeat baron cuz i always blow my engine, or he speeds way far ahead…please help me out

  26. Dman says:

    Need For Speed Most Wanted is SWEET!

  27. bballpro says:

    one time i crashed in to a roadblok anfd then i got BUSTED but the like the cops just froze but i could go anywhre but i was still stuck inside and then another cop came and the cops startet to move again and i got BUSTED

  28. stickdude26 says:

    my friend has this for gamecube it rocks. it rolls.

  29. #1 fighter says:

    i beat #15 (razor) he is easy

  30. SSBM says:

    i am on #4

  31. SSBM says:

    I am on JV Jewels was so easy

  32. Wookieluver says:

    how do u beat Jewels!?!?!?!?!?!

  33. PQ says:

    once i found the unbusted glitch i have gotten busted, but i erased it using the glitch!?!

  34. PQ says:

    a really easy way to not get busted:

    Keep a second file. If you get busted, when u go to safehouse, don’t save, just load the other file, then load the file u got busted on. It erases the bust, but u start from right before the pursuit. It iz cool

  35. PQ says:

    I love this game! Me and my older brother shared a file and beat it. Now he’s in college so i made a second file. i’m 9 on Blacklist in new file. I have gotten the pink slip to the rival car EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!!!! But being #1 is cool cuz u get to do whatever u want. the max car limit is 13. I found that out while i was trying to buy a car i had never driven on my #1 file. I think the best car is the Renault Clio. I have a fully upgraded one that looks INSANELY COOL. It ownz at speedtraps. I ownz at speedtraps.

  36. hayabusa_88 says:


  37. ar99 says:

    whats is codes

  38. hayabusa_88 says:

    i can’t even beat #15 on Blacklist. what should i do?

  39. lol says:

    #1 in blacklist

  40. copchaser555 says:

    I’m # 1 on the blacklist! It was easy!

  41. street racer says:

    im in the 3 on the blacklist

  42. M427ASQ says:

    yeah, i’ stuck at number 7 too and can’t move up

  43. death to all rebel scum says:

    my favorite hobbie in this game is chasing the rhinos, i cant get enough of that but they can realy go fast if they want and if there are no more potrol cars they will back track and try to stop you

  44. Thuminator says:

    Guys this game is easy! i beat the blacklist. if u hit the barriers on the cop blocks it will not slow you down

  45. nick says:

    It’s so cool runing from the cops.also I like beating blacklist.I’m on blacklist number seven.

  46. xxz says:

    10,000.00 thatis alot of money!

  47. me says:

    ye..does anyone know if you can download nfs Most Wanted??

  48. superman says:

    can we download need for speed

  49. bash says:

    can we download need for speed

  50. dudeinblack says:

    if you have this game for PC, after the minimovies in the beginning, type in burgerking. it unlocks a special race. If u can win you get a lot of good stuff.

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