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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

When on the island with all the cannibals, how do you get that weird lady into the pot?

Games Guru: Don’t try using the sword on the Cannibal Boss. She’s too powerful. You have to Ole her into the pot. That means you have to hold onto the block button and press left or right when she attacks. Once she’s in there, Jack hits her on the head with a coconut. Do this one more time. Then, when she appears for the last time, do a Jackanism, which isn’t that easy to pull off. But you’ll get it eventually.

Comments about “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”

  1. Savvy? says:

    It’s amazing! it’s working perfect, Savvy? :))

  2. teeto301 says:

    hope it is on wii

  3. VideoGamer says:

    Played it on PC! Awesome!

  4. a cool kid says:

    did they make it on xbox 360

  5. shrempster says:

    huh, i guess they didnt put that on the 360 version

  6. comboman says:

    great movie. they made a game out of it?… cool

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