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Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

How do you get to the dark forest, and where is Tor’s sister?

Games Guru: When you say “dark forest,” I assume you mean the Shadowglen. Take the carriage path out of Meridell to its end, past the tunnel. This will put you in the Shadowglen.

To find your sister, and I assume you already have the Arbendus flower at this point, take the path by the waterfall and head left. When you come to the gap, use the rope and climb across. Go past the two boulders and prepare for a fight.

What do you need to do to meet Roberta?

Games Guru: Go up the stairway in Fyora’s Palace Gardens, and you will more than meet Roberta.

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16 Comments on Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

  1. Is this game for the Wii?

    • Neopets could do better glitch wise but still a awesome game mine freezez at the end of knight crypts…help

  2. Stock up on as many health items as you possibly can. I’m really really far in the game, but there are tons of flying little monster things and I’m stuck. You need as much health as you can get. Trust me.

  3. help!i cant find the first 2 bogberrys and i cant defaet that giant purple monster/snake thing…what should i do?

  4. My tormund died now they wont let me change into him so im stuck as roberta…Help..

  5. neopes darest faerie juego aburrido

  6. go neo pets

  7. i dont see any yurbles there should be yurbles YURBLES!

  8. Neopets rules!!!

  9. NeopetsFreak // June 5, 2010 at 12:22 pm // Reply

    Everytime I try to save fyora my fane freezes up and I’ve cleaned it and the. When it doesn’t freeze and I go through the door there is a huge glitch and there isn’t a room when I go through the door. Help plz!

  10. in the cave where Exactely is his sis?

    • On the map, in the corner there should be a picture of a weird giant flower mutant thing. Follow the map there.
      Hope it helps~!

    • for ju ju ju ju she is in shadow glen woods if you look on your map when you get in there you should see a pic of a giat monster head there

  11. i am trying to get to the dark night in market city (i think that’s the place) but all i can get to is this area with like 7 nights. plz help thanks 😀

  12. Dungeon door help!

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