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Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

How do you get to the dark forest, and where is Tor’s sister?

Games Guru: When you say “dark forest,” I assume you mean the Shadowglen. Take the carriage path out of Meridell to its end, past the tunnel. This will put you in the Shadowglen.

To find your sister, and I assume you already have the Arbendus flower at this point, take the path by the waterfall and head left. When you come to the gap, use the rope and climb across. Go past the two boulders and prepare for a fight.

What do you need to do to meet Roberta?

Games Guru: Go up the stairway in Fyora’s Palace Gardens, and you will more than meet Roberta.

Comments about “Neopets: The Darkest Faerie”

  1. beks says:

    how do i beat the boney dragon?

  2. Someguy says:

    Arbendus flower? Where do you get that? Heck, what is it?

  3. Help! says:

    How the heck do you beat the Werelupe king???????

  4. lalala101 says:

    can someone tell me where i can find the person to help me find another way into the castle?

  5. Sophie says:

    How do I find the platforms that take me to the sepents lair?

  6. supergirl 2323 says:

    i need help on when you found the werelupe I was hitting him and all the sudden he leave or i cant see him plz help

  7. nikki says:

    no searasly whres the black night and dont get me exuses get me rezlts!!!!!!!!!!! just kinding

  8. tor says:

    I’m stuck on the Oubliette. was i supposed to go that way?

  9. lol says:

    i need help im pasted the faerieland part and the visit to brightvile i just have a problem i can’t get to mermera that kindom where tor lives close to i can’t get a cross the brige i didn’t fix it yet how do i get to bogshot?

  10. and!!!!!!!!! says:

    its esy to get to the black night

  11. and!!!!!!!!! says:

    how do you beat the were lupe king i found him i just cant beat him

  12. IxiXXraiderXX says:

    When your fighting the Werelupe King is there a way to get health during the battle?

    help me please I’ve been trying for a month!

  13. bower457 says:

    How do u get to the Black Knight

  14. dorito says:

    is any one stuck on the FAERIE sisters they are so easy all you half to do is let them

    nock all the pillars down its so cool.dont worry they will not case after you in the sewars. go to where you helped the arca with the miamice she will show you how to

    get out,

    and can you please see if you can get in to the tresurey you need to get fyoras rod.

    ^_^ THANKS!

  15. dorito says:

    WHERE IS THE SERPENT IN BOGSHOT,I CANT FIND THE RED BOG BERRIES OR THE BLACK BOGBERRIES. PLEASE help me in bogshot vilage it is hard to find anything! :(

  16. ELITE4INATER says:

    how do you people like neopets i mean no offense but i dont even know how to get around the place so if you want to ill refer you all to marapets its very organised.

  17. bobiscool says:

    WERE IS THE BLACK KNIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!

  18. I love Sasuke Uchiha says:

    i won the caption contest on my first try.:D 3rd place.

    it had the neopets on the raft with the meepit.

  19. I love Sasuke Uchiha says:

    my character tor has a knights sword and the sheild u get in brightvale. roberta has the faerie dress, sorceress wand and the green sheild. i saved up for the dress with and hours worth of shooting the gold grass in faerieland. HOURS WORTH.

  20. I love Sasuke Uchiha says:

    To get the black bogberries, defeat the plague serpant. hide behing ur sheind when he bites then attack beware its ice beam and poison attack.

  21. I love Sasuke Uchiha says:

    How do you get to the Black Knight? I can’t figure it out. :( I left Market Town cuz I got bored of fighting all the Dark Knights. ( they arent what i’m talkin bout)

    They come back like every 7 min after killing them, and i hate to go buy more sun motes anyways.

    I go on neopets.

  22. Tormund says:

    How do you deafeat the Werelupe King?

  23. max fighter says:

    boring its hard to help ppl

  24. max fighter says:

    the endless staricase help to get out of the endless staricase look at the quiggle things but kill evil harris’ first go witchever way its hand goes youll go down then up then down then up then down and th door will be there

  25. max fighter says:

    sos black knight need help to get two him

  26. max fighter says:

    to defeat the legendary evil you have to use roberta and shoot at its head

  27. max fighter says:

    bogberries [black] is where you fight the legendary evil that comes back from its grave

  28. max fighter says:

    how do you get to the black knight?

  29. hahahahaha says:

    I love Neopets!!!!!!!!

  30. dragon wing says:

    bogberries? (black)

  31. tormund_05 says:

    on the doubel eyeball brigde, I had hit one of the swites,(but I know ware the other swich is) but disappeared! WHY????

  32. neopets=awesomeness says:

    who here actually plays neopets for reel. i

    love neopets. *_*

    p.s. i play neopets.

  33. neopets=awesomeness says:

    who here actually plays neopets for reel. i

    love neopets. *_*

  34. Eagleboy498 says:

    how do I get across the lava in the mine at cogham

  35. Eagleboy498 says:

    hey kat the missing farmers are captured by the juppie plant monster which was revived by the darkest faerie

  36. Eagleboy498 says:

    This game is the best game ever next to battlefront and kingdom hearts. I love games when you get to explore the land like this game I like exploring Neopia my favorite place is Brightvale and Meridel the best places in the game to me and Cogham

  37. Eagleboy498 says:

    Does anyone know what the Fourth act is about in the game

  38. Eagleboy498 says:

    To get the Black Bogberries in Bogshot Swamp you have to beat the swamp monster in the far northeast part of the swamp then you have to fight the swamp monster then after you beat him on a small platform in the middle you’ll find the Bogberries

    P.S. block his attacks on high platforms then when he falls shoot him. I suggest to be Roberta for this battle.

  39. Eagleboy498 says:

    I play this all the time except I cant find how to get to the Werelupe King in Werelupe woods I know hes behind the the dinosaurs skull but how do I get there

  40. Baddog says:

    u open the 4th shrine by pointing all the statues at the hatch in the middle of the dark storm.

  41. Tails says:

    The COOKIES is a computer system that you don’t really have to know about. Just click OK.

  42. king pug says:

    where is the black bogberrie?in the bogshot swamp

  43. eagle says:

    how do you do the sewer shrine

  44. Shelb says:

    How do I open the 4th srine in altador

  45. Seal798 says:

    how do I beat the drake

  46. kat says:

    Where are the missing farmers in the shadowglen?

  47. asdfjkl; kt says:

    ok i wanna make a neopets account but whenever i try it says something about cookies

    so i do what it tells me to do so that it will work, and it keeps saying it!

    what do i do??

    does that fact that i have a windows 98 have anything to do with it??

    my grandma has a windows 98 and my cousin made one off of it…. that was like three years ago though

    what do i do?????????????!?

  48. Pat says:

    Oh, I’ve played it but I didn’t get it. I mean no dis to people who play it.

  49. Prali Ofols says:


  50. Pat says:

    Do people play this?

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