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Is Outer Space worth getting?

Games Guru: It’s not “outer space,” it is the outer space interior decorator. I was not so impressed.

Are there any codes (like letter codes)?

Games Guru: Not that I have heard of‚ÄĒbut have you tried dragging the light bulb that appears over your dog’s head down to your dog? He’ll eat it. (Definitely do not try this with real dogs at home.)

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25 Comments on Nintendogs

  1. to get more paint for ur dog u have to take them 4 more and more walks and theyll be able to walk farther

  2. Check out the sea shore modle.

  3. i watched ppl play this game and i like it, i wanna know if its worth getting???

  4. shadouge_girl // April 10, 2008 at 6:17 pm // Reply

    ok, i knew that lightbulb code before the game even was released! and, yeah, im a girl. and i luv sonic. get over it. but now theres this ds game card thingy and u put it over any ds game and u unlock all the cheats or possibilities. with nintendogs, u teach ur dog a trick and u get unlimited monet, all trainer points, and more. it ROCKS.

  5. anyone got any cheats?

  6. I have TONS of trainer points,and my best dog is Ace,a black lab.He’s gotta gold in Disc Agility,And Obeidience.I LOVE NINTENDOGS!!!I also collect cards!!!

  7. if u want to know an advanced trick si then jump I think

  8. I am so p.o’d because action replay crashed my game and I dont know what to do!

  9. Whats the cheat code for 1,000,000 TP (trainer points)?

  10. How do I get more paint for walks?/ How do I get RC car for my dog?

  11. Iam a master at that game and all my dogs have been trained to get 1st place and so far I had never goten 2nd 3rd or 4th put if my dogs go to the dog park it just show off and I like it.

  12. I played with action Replay…. (Its really cool) but when i played it on nintendog (with my PC pac in and action replay and nintendogs) when i played it it got rid of my dogs and info then when i turn it on and touch it my dog FREZZES!!!!!!!! What do i have to do?

  13. did you now your dog could have babies you just have to put a boy and a girl dog together they have to be the same type of dog and they have to be alone with each other.

  14. I have a dog named nanuak, my first dog and she won the agility championship in her first WEEK!!!!

  15. I have 99999 tranir ponits.

  16. boys123789 // March 14, 2008 at 9:43 am // Reply

    to shadow_wolf, the reason your dogs are still the same as last time is because since you might of saved when you had feed them and walked them the only time your dogs change is when you play with them for a while.

  17. shadow_wolf // March 12, 2008 at 3:04 pm // Reply

    i love nintendogs! its so fun, but i seem to have trouble finding so many items… ūüė¶ also, my friend was playing it, i hadn’t played it in a week cuz of school, but all my dogs were full and said they had just been for a walk!!! nobody touched it for a week!!! how is that possible???

  18. I wonder… HOW DO YOU TAKE CARE OF ALL OF YOUR DOGS WHEN YOU HAVE A LIMMITED TIME TO PLAY!!!!! I’m frusterated. Sorry. But I d love the game!

  19. Jesus follower // February 20, 2008 at 3:46 pm // Reply

    loops455 you have to find it on walks

  20. du u no if u get a jack russell book, u unlok the jack russell terrier in the kennel?

  21. Nintendogs is the best game for a ds! I RULES!

  22. PokéBaro // February 12, 2008 at 6:50 am // Reply

    how many trainer codes do you have? i have more than 40000

  23. i have 7 dogs lucy ceanna mazey charlie shima and misty ther not in oder tho lucy was my 1st dog

  24. my dogs are the best I have one prissy she won the champions in agility

  25. I LOVE My Dogs

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