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  1. pkemonfreak says:

    How do you beat the world 2 medium boss on wii?

  2. mariofan says:

    beat the game 3 times anything you want to know ask me and anyother mario game my best ones are mario tennis,super mario brothers and mario kart

  3. javi says:

    how do u beat world 8 final boss

  4. luigi says:

    What idem do you need to beat world 7-fortress?

  5. boss says:

    o by the way,that is for wii

  6. wiirule says:

    Hey everyone! A trick just in time for the Super Bowl! Holding 1 when you get a game over and then pressing + and choosing a game mode will get you back up to the stage you died in! This only works for Wii. :)

  7. mike says:

    …for wii

  8. mike says:

    how do u get past big boss,world 1

  9. lego king says:

    how get past the ghosts

  10. SkyFire13 says:

    How can I beat Bowser?

  11. SkyFire13 says:

    what does the axe do? I can’t even pass World 1.

  12. g man 55 says:

    how do i get in the pipe to get the cannon on world 1?

    • coolguy19755 says:

      There are no cannons in Super Mario Bros., but there ARE Warp Zones. In World 1-2 you have to take the platforms going up. Go right, and there’s the World 1 Warp Zone!

    • coolguy19755 says:

      Wait, wait, wait! I’ve done some thinking, and I think you’re talking about NEW Super Mario Bros. I’ll tell you how to do it on the New Super Mario Bros. board.

    • boss says:

      go to world 1-3 get yoshi go to the plant with fireballs go to the ledge once your there fly with yoshi hold right and run and you will get the canon

  13. Tale-Zero says:

    ( NES Version ) I read somewhere on how to get to ( the glitch ) Minus World. But I don’t remember how. :(

    • pacman_better_than_yoshi says:

      On world 1-2, at the end , don’t go into the pipe.bust 2 bricks,leaving the one closest to the wall.Don’t hold run,stand on the edge of pipe,face left, duck,jump while ducking, fly into the block you left, and if you are lucky you will slide past the wall.Enter pipe 1 or 3 for MINUS WORLD,pipe 2 for world 5.DO NOT WALK TO FAR OR THE GLITCH WILL END.

  14. Bookworm says:

    I beat it.

  15. Gamer says:

    On the ds you can unlock world 4 and 7 if you beat the bosses of world 2 and 5 with a mini mushroom.

  16. mariomaster says:

    i lost my game.

  17. jonbuddy1 says:

    Guys, there is already a “New Super Mario Bros.” board. Please go talk about the DS game their, not here, where they are talking about Super Mario Bros. for the NES (or the Deluxe version for the Game Boy Color for that matter).


    P.S. I am not a moderator or admin (administrator).

  18. Fan of Super Mario Bros. 3 says:

    Super Mario Bros. is for the NES, and the NES does not not have a L or a R button.

  19. suzukiboy says:

    To be Luigi Press L+R and select a file! Also to go to secret challenge mode go to a world map and press START and press LRLRXXYY!

  20. yay man says:

    super mario for the nes

  21. red fred says:

    if there is cheats for the ds one plz tell me

  22. Xplant says:

    Anyone know how to be Luigi on the CLASSIC version?

  23. The Best says:

    If you want to be Luigi, before you select your profile, hold L and select your profile. It will also tell you this trick when you finish the game.

  24. Marioman says:

    if you go to the pause menu and press left left right right xxyy youll go into secret challenge mode.

  25. luigi power says:

    how do you get a cannon world 5 and under?

  26. Annoyed says:

    I think that this version is the NES version for Gameboy advance, not New Super Mario Bros.

  27. Flamer594 says:

    First press L&R and hold. Then press A when it says “select a file ” you will hear luigis voice and the you will be luigi!!!

  28. Bowser 3000 says:

    Tails, I have a 2600 and Donkey Kong, and it is cool and works!

  29. cat333 says:

    How do you unlock the cannon on world one?

  30. PMONFREAK says:

    TO SamBO: Madden 2009 IS BETTER ON WII PS:I HAVE Madden 2000 FOR GAME BOY COLOR.

  31. luigi eli says:

    to be Luigi,hold L&R and select your file,once you chose your file,listin for Luigi’s voise and then you are Luigi!

  32. mario fan 3 says:

    On world 6, every bullet guy that is on the screen when you finish is an extra life.

  33. Supermario says:

    To super dsi girl:
    if your refering to world 7, you defeat the flying piranha plant boss on world 5 as mini Mario. After that you’ll go to world 7

  34. mario says:

    how do you get past chocolate fortress just before world 6?

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