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Super Mario Bros

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  1. It's a me says:

    if you get double numbers like 99 when you grab the flag you get fireworks each firework is 5,000 points each

  2. luige says:

    what do you do if you beat the game i dont know what

  3. Xplant says:

    Hey, steve368, to be Luigi, press the L and R button while choosing a file to be Luigi, and that game is WICKED!!!! :)

  4. super dsi girl says:

    how do you get the seventh level i got evry other 1!!!!!!! help!!plz !!

  5. awesome man says:

    hey, can someone tell me how to get past 7-7. i am stumed.

  6. chese man says:

    HEY!!!!! mario bros the red switch is in the cave after dougnut plains.Find the key at the under water level

  7. GameManiac says:

    In the ice world in New Super Mario Bros,the underground level (the one before the tower catsle) holds a secret.In one of the tubes with a Pihrana Plant,jump into it, and there will be a red flag.Pull it down,and a path to a tube will open,go to it and press A, and you will be telaported past the 1st castle!

  8. kir b says:

    my cousin has it we are stuck in world 8 past the bridge!

  9. mario mania says:

    in the NES version there’s a warp zone in some levels. in level 1.1 go down the first tube at the place where you have to jump from one tube to another, then go through that place and go through a pipe that takes you up & then keep on going untill you get to a place & go down & there will be 3 pipes. the level it goes to will be above the pipe.Also, if you jump on the flag when the last number is 6 there will be 6 fireworks when you go into the castle.

  10. mario mania says:

    there’s going to be a Super Mario bros.for Wii.

  11. moose moo says:

    sorry what i said really you have to get to world 4 you have to hit every ? box on the last castle then you will get a micro mushroom then defeat the boss by jumping up and then in the air hit the down button on the booswhen he half way up thenwhen you defeat the boss then u are on world 4

  12. moose moo says:

    to get to world 4 you have to hit every ? box on the last castle then you will get a micro mushroom then defeat the boss by jumping up then in the air and under the boss then boom you are on world 4

  13. Nightmare says:

    Get the coins in all the worlds and then all the shops are for nothing and you can use them all you need (lives anly go up to 99).

  14. mario fan says:

    i am stuck on level 6-1..i dont know where to go and how to get paseed that level..i already tried being micro mario and it didnt work..

  15. mema says:

    Question how do u get to the big boss in world 8 the last castle my time always runs out

  16. YO says:

    how do you get to worlds 4 and 7 i cant figure it out

  17. luigirules says:

    To “steve386″, you can hold the shoulder buttons to be Luigi. This only works on NSMB. For the original, I think you have to be player 2 on 2-player…I think.

  18. SamBO says:

    This is a awesome game 4 D.S. I would also recommend Madden 2009.

    D.S.’s ROCK :)

  19. steve386 says:

    i dont know how to be luigi?

  20. luigirules says:

    NSMB, someone DOES care about the original! I am a fan of the newer 1s and the classics:-)

    • Tails says:

      Hey! luigirules I think that the old game is awesome! I still have my old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES for short) it is still working! Pretty ineresting huh! I am happy to share my secrets on the classics! ;-)

  21. luigirules says:

    hey jimmy neutron, whats the coin sequence 4 the -2 level on the NES? (yes, I got 1 a couple years ago from a guy my dad works with…)

  22. supermann says:

    How do you get past the big castle on world 8, and the part where those gray bricks ding!!!!! i dont get it!!!!!

  23. jd says:

    on super mario bros on d.s how do u get to world 4 and world 7 is the comment form foot ball boy

  24. talo says:

    I need this game so badly!

  25. mARIO lIKE says:

    how do you guet from level 7 to level 8, can’t arrive to the level 7’s castle

  26. NSMB says:

    noone likes the original

  27. SorBrawl says:


  28. ? says:

    how do you get the last big coin in the ghost house in world 4 in New super mario Bros.

  29. somebody says:

    how do you beay the last bowser castle

  30. mr wanek\ PS3 and ds lite rocks says:

    does any one know how to compleet the mini castle on level 3



  32. Need for cheats says:

    Has anyone completed the game?????? I want to know what it looks like.

  33. Footballboy says:

    To get to world 7 & world 4,you have to be mini Mario in the mega castles of world 5 & world 2.To beat the monsters when your mini Mario,you have to body slam.

  34. matt says:

    i can not get to world 4 or 7 but i have finished the game.

  35. bros says:

    how do u get from 7th level to 8th in world 7

  36. Westy says:

    how do you avoid falling into gaps on the 2nd level after the challange with bowser & save prince peach!

  37. mario bros says:

    any one!!! super mario 2 where is the red switch

  38. Rapper says:

    New Mario Bros is better.

  39. mario ownz says:

    i like to submit that you can defeet the world 7 boss lakithunder with a mega mushroom. you wait for him to strike then you jump. When he hasnt recoverd touch the mega mushroom and wait for him to swoop again. then ground pound him and hes gone. :)

  40. Jimmy Neutron says:

    it still aint better than mario kart!

  41. Jimmy Neutron says:

    in the NES version, there is a -1 level. Bouncy-duck-turn-slide-jump and youre there.

    its an inescapable swimming level.Theres a -2 level if you grab the correct sequence

    of coins,too.

  42. joe says:

    i cant find the red switch help me!

  43. A kid said that a kid says:

    Yeah, before you select a file, hold on L and R to be Luigi. You’ll know if it works if you hear his voice, which is different than Mario’s.

  44. bha bha says:

    it’s L,R,A at the same for luigi.

  45. 11weirdo7 says:

    oops.. sorry, I messed up. that’s for new super mario bros

  46. 11weirdo7 says:

    Actually, it’s L and R at the same time.

  47. Tho97 says:


    When you enter the “Mario Game” press A,B,X,Y and you can play as Luigi.

    (Note: It will take a few tries

  48. dodo says:

    i love this game

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