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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

I am stuck on the stage on Hero, where you must rescue Amy. How do you get through the room that Eggman says you’ll never leave alive? I’ve been on that stage for about 2 years….

Games Guru: It’s been a long while since I played this game. I still remember how frustrated I got with that giant Golem creature, but I digress. My point is, if I read you correctly and memory serves, you are at the finale. You are Sonic, and you are chasing Shadow, and the station is self-destructing around you. If this is right, I can help. If this is wrong, I can probably still help, but you are going to need to give me better instructions about where you are.

If I am right, you need to hit Shadow three times. Now if I am right, and on this one I am not entirely confident, the secret was to light dash at rings. Shadow comes in and out of range, but if you concentrate on the rings then aim at him; you should be able to hit him all three times and escape in time.

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  1. To Sonic and Naruto fan 1: What do you mean transform twice for chaos choa? PLZ respond, I want one!

  2. where is knucles glasses i cant find them and dose the sun glasses make you breath under water?

  3. To: Supersonic: Sonic’s Mystic Melody is in the Forest level

  4. To Me says: you must pull the first triger then take left. go till change gravity again. follow that trail till the black boxes. use bounce attack and go down. switch gravity and then jump off, attack bad guy, and land on the next platform. That should get you started!

  5. Thank you Sonic and Naruto fan 1!

  6. Wher is sonic’s Mystic Melodie? how do you beat Knuckle’s Final

  7. is there a way to be mario in this i`ve heard rumors and wannaknow

  8. the master of sonic // February 9, 2008 at 9:28 pm // Reply

    i agree SpikeEx

  9. You can get sonic’s magic gloves, were the four metal boxes are,but you need sonic’s bonce attack,and flame ring.

  10. Naruto& sonic fan 1 // January 27, 2008 at 3:59 pm // Reply

    Knuckles sun glasses are inside the magma thing on meteor herd use one of the fake boulders and hit the doors that have – this in red (I mean this symbol – ) and you will see a ballon thing (not the big but little ones. then it will show a seen where it opens and then jump to the last one and there it is.

  11. Sonic and naruto fan 1 // January 27, 2008 at 1:49 pm // Reply

    Jahna-the-bat the lost chao missions most of the time need mystic melody Example for City escape sonic needs it to be able to go up high by the way when your running down the building and you bounce go back some and play mystic melody and for the mystic melody for sonic it is in green jungle and shadow is final rush or whatever the one space mission outside the ark.

  12. Jahna~the~Bat // January 23, 2008 at 10:07 pm // Reply

    HOLA!! I just wanna know where rouges mystic melody is cuz… I got tails!.. and thats it.. and im not gonna ask where shadow or sonics is cuz.. no 1’s obviously gonna tell meh… 🙂 also wats with the LOST CHAO mission.. ive tried it on all the stages.. yeah.. its not workin i have found no lost chao!! u no.. mission 3.. yea help?? plz??

  13. Naruto& sonic fan1 // January 12, 2008 at 11:46 am // Reply

    I have a chaos chao! You need a chao to have transeformed twice and you have to have given it every single animal (21 to be exact) and give it five chao fuit same for ultimate Devil and angel chao except you get hero and dark fruit

    Ps. if you want a sneak peak go to Chao Karate and go to the hardest mode in the third battle you fight the ultimate devil then 4th angel and then chaos

  14. i am helping chao-jahna you destroy the alien then jump back to the ledge from which attacked there is a door that will be unlocked after attacking the alien.

  15. OK!! I need help.. im in the final stage battle thingy and playing sonic but in the very beginning where do u go when theres that alien with no floor under them .. I feel ssoooo stupid but i CANNOT find out where to go i used the homing attack and… then i just fell.. where do u go?

  16. i found rouge treasure scope in s.hall

  17. hey guys ive beaten the game unlocked evry thing if you get all emblans you get a special stage you will love it

  18. does anybody here now how to beat the Final Sage where you are all the characters?

  19. The air necklace is in aquatic mine in a tunnel hidden behind a gohst danger sign. Also, there is a spring in there that you must avoid to reach the “bottomles shaft” which you must swim through past some spike balls.

  20. knuckles air necklace is in that place where you can change the water level. i think its some kind of sewer

  21. i kneed to know how to get sonics mystyc melody is

    and how to get the bio lizard after he makes u fly around

  22. I know something about Sonic Adventure 2 Battle that you don’t!

  23. Need help? Ask me!

  24. A little music from worms 3d could make it better. Also, you can never beat me!

  25. I am only 10 and I am a girl but i have completed the game and i can anwser all your Questions!

    Okay first…knukles’ air necklace is In Aquatic mine and you have to go in one of the ghost holes and it is the one that shoots you back up.Avoid the bouncy thing and go into the hole , but youve gotta be quick or your life will go. Mystic melodies… well Rouges is in dry lagoon and Eggmans is in hidden base , shadows is in Final chase.

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