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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

I am stuck on the stage on Hero, where you must rescue Amy. How do you get through the room that Eggman says you’ll never leave alive? I’ve been on that stage for about 2 years….

Games Guru: It’s been a long while since I played this game. I still remember how frustrated I got with that giant Golem creature, but I digress. My point is, if I read you correctly and memory serves, you are at the finale. You are Sonic, and you are chasing Shadow, and the station is self-destructing around you. If this is right, I can help. If this is wrong, I can probably still help, but you are going to need to give me better instructions about where you are.

If I am right, you need to hit Shadow three times. Now if I am right, and on this one I am not entirely confident, the secret was to light dash at rings. Shadow comes in and out of range, but if you concentrate on the rings then aim at him; you should be able to hit him all three times and escape in time.

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  1. super sonic x says:

    dose some one know how to make a sonic chao

  2. GROUDON says:

    in the Chao World tails doesn’t have his airship. Is there a way toplay in normal mode like this?

    P.S. Where do you find the missing Chao in Wild Canyon?

  3. jmanf50 says:

    where do you get a sea moster for your chao.

  4. Super Sonic says:

    AWESOME! I watched sonic X this morning and it had in the 2nd show of it this morning sonic & shadow turn into their super forms! Maria didn’t want shadow to promise revenge, but to make friends and help other people! Chris explaned that to him. Did ANYONE watch sonic X this morning? Thanks and I like this game! P.S. I MOVED A CHAO COPY FROM SONIC ADVENTURE DX DIRECTOR’S CUT TO THIS GAME YESTERDAY! Bye!

  5. Super Sonic says:

    HEY THERE! Rouge’s mystic melodys is in dry lagoon (did you know that wild canyon is really dry lagoon exept it’s drained & Knuckles mystic melodys is there!) ROUGE’S TREASURE SCOPE IS IN SECURITY HALL! My friend Aaron thought Rouge’s mystic melodys was there but I proved him wrong with a Youtube video! I’ll get more info from him soon! BYE!

  6. Super Sonic says:

    Good question Cool Man! I’ll tell you how to raise chao good! complete levels with lots of rings and buy nuts from the black market, beat enimies to get chaos drives, and treat them nice! ok! Happy Breeding!

  7. Super Sonic says:

    WHERE’S K’S AIR NECKLACE?!? P.S. are there theese sunglasses for knuckuls? if there is, please tell me how and where! Thank you!

  8. Supersonic Boom says:

    I see it,I see it and now it’s all wethin my reach endless possobilites! SING THIS!

  9. Super Sonic says:


    Which Boss is the MOST UNFAIR:

    A: Eggman or Tails Final

    B: Egg Golem

    C: King Boom Boo

    D: Flying Dog

    Now the survey! Which is your favorite level\Boss

    now, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sonic says:

      May I vote for Biolizard? I’ve gotten about 4 or 5 game overs on him…… beating Finalhazard in real life was much easier. Also, where is my Mystic Melody?

  10. mastermanozze says:

    How do you get the second duelist of level two unlocked on Yugioh Ultimate Masters

  11. Super Sonic says:

    Games Guru, if you think the final boss on hero story, Shadow, takes three hits BBZZZ! WRONG! HE TAKES FOUR HITS!!!!! So, he’s harder this time!

  12. Mr UnKnown says:

    pokefan 2000 to open the crates with sonic you do spin dash to it/ with tails you just shoot it and with knuckles you punchit

  13. Mr UnKnown says:

    hey maran 12 it was me mr ? about the chao

  14. Anonymous says:

    hey moran 12 the chao is were you get to the first to loops on the left jump off and get redy to hit an robot make shur u hav a lot of life like i do 99

  15. Mr UnKnown says:

    Cool man to make a chaos chao rebith it 2 times and on the second fedd it one of every animal with a hero or dark person

  16. Mr UnKnown says:

    to Bfry do bat girls first level and break 3 chao crates

  17. pokefan2000 says:

    how do you open the iron crate with the chao key in it in lv1 of hero side

  18. bean boy says:

    i have this game,i beat it but i lost it when i move.

  19. trucking5 says:

    this is the best sonic game ever!

  20. shadow says:

    I have played it. I like the bad side cause it has shadow. I wonder why shadow said’I will grant you one wish”what?’BEHOLD MY TRUE POWER!!’I like the hero side too because sonic is snowbording on the street and is chased by that gaint truck.

  21. moran 12 says:

    where is the chao in radical highway

  22. sonic and naruto fan1 says:

    ok first of all the air necklace is in aquatic mine! second it is hard to get because you need to dive under water so if you try to get itmake sure you go through the bubbles to get more air! and an extra tip the more emblems you have the rarer the items in the black market!

  23. mega says:

    sorry nintendoboy never herd of him

  24. mega says:

    no Haruko Bunneh2 you collect the animals in the action stages and collect the chao keyand hold a animal and get close to a chao then it will change ps the animal can only be used once so chose wisely

  25. mega says:

    sorry luigi icant find the air neckless but you dont need it to finish the hero side of the game.

  26. mega says:

    to hyper chao…go to the black market and make shur your rich with rings and keep checking it every time till you find a orange egg buy it and do the same process of egg hatching as i said in the last comment.

  27. mega says:

    to cool man…to open eggs faster hold them and run around for 10 min then throw the egg it will crack open then go to the chao lobby holding the chao and to the other side to the chao kindergarden go to the fortune teller with the purple door on the right and name it there she will give a random name then go to the princeaple’s office and talk to him

  28. mega says:

    hey henhen8 to get past it you have to wait till he breaths out ghost stuff it sounds like some one pukeing then go for the ghost with the hour glass and glide into the small ghost dont woory he wont hurt you… then the boom boo will shrink and go into a shadow form dig at that area and then when he’s running away run then glide into the shrunken boom boo you can only do that once per turn there wont be any time left do that 2 or 3 more times to beat him ps he will go on the thick piller you go around.

  29. luigi says:

    you are sooooo wrong, henhen8.its in final rush!!!!!!!!!!!by the way, how do you beat the part in last with knuckles?if you need his air neckless, how do you get it? please respond.

  30. nintendoboy says:

    is this the one with captain wiskers or is that sonic rush and sonic rush adventure

  31. Haruko Bunneh2 says:

    yo peoplzz i got a chaos chao!!!question:Does a chaos choa every change its look when u give it chaos drives???

  32. henhen8 says:

    sonics mystic melody is in the forest level

  33. henhen8 says:

    i cant get passed king boom boo wit knuckles. evry time i sneak up behind him the little ghost cees me and eye lose all my rings pleese help me

  34. Hyper Chao says:

    How do u get rare chao?

  35. Cool Man says:

    To the super sonic: Could you tell me what is wrong so that I could be better at this game? I stink at making choas grow up.

  36. the super sonic says:

    look you guys don t know wat u r talkin about

  37. sonic and naruto fan1 says:

    to k3nnaypwns: a year in chao time is 3-4 hours.

  38. Cool Man says:

    Your definitly welcome boohead84! You help me feel appreciated! Thanks and congrats!

  39. Cool Man says:

    Shadow777: give it fruit light or dark fruit depend on what you want it to be and don’t throw it or be mean pet with its team(dark-shadow. light-sonic.)

  40. Cool Man says:

    TO chaos chao maker: I meant for the chaos, not the other thing. could you be more specific on making a chaos chao PLZ?

  41. boohead84 says:

    To Coolman: Thanks For the help and the encouragement thanks to you I beat the whole game yesterday thanks.

  42. Sonic the cool says:

    To:cheese:Let the biolizard chase you than sparkles will come out,jump on it and it will take you up to its head and jump on the shiney thing.

  43. shadow777 says:

    I can’t get my chao to transform. Help!!!

    P.S. if you have any chao tips or cheats please submit!!!

  44. Chaos Chao Maker says:

    To k3nnaypwns, One more thing, on the last time, you have to give one AND ONLY ONE of each baby animal and NO CHAOS DRIVES! I thought I had put this in my earlier post but rereadingit, I saw that I had omitted this crucial fact. My Bad!!!

  45. Chaos Chao Maker says:

    To Coolman, reincarnate means to be born again as something else. In Eastern cultures it was believed that when someone died, they would be born again as someone or something else. If you lived a good honest life, then supposedly you would be born into a better or wealthier family. If you were bad and greedy and thought only of yourself, then you might be born as poor or even as an animal, which is why some animals are held sacred in certain cultures.

  46. Chaos Chao Maker says:

    To k3nnaypwns, A chao’s year depends on how much time you spend with it. If you stay in one garden and play with one chao and treat it well, then after about 3-4 hours, leave the garden, then go back in and take the chao you want to be older to the chao doctor and the age should have increased by one.But if you be mean to it with both hero and dark characters, then it might take 4-5 consecutive hours. ***********Beware!if you are mean to it,when it turns five, it will go into the thing that looks like a chao head (like when it became hero or dark or neutral) and the head will turn grey, and when it dissappears, so will the chao. But if you were very nice to it, it will turn into a baby chao and have better stats(normally ranking increases, if run was A then it might become E)and if you turn it five and be nice to it two more times, it will become a chaos chao. Then it will never die and it will look like one of the last chao in chao race either hero or dark.Each time it becomes young, you can make it hero or dark, even if it was different before. But as achaos chao, it will be either hero or dark. If for two times it was dark and one time it was hero, the chaos chao would be dark, or vice versa. Hope this isn’t too hard an explanation to follow, good luck with your chao! If you or a friend have a question about lego star wars, ask the chosen one, which is who I am on the lego star wars page. I am one of the best at the game, and have unlocked all but one thing on the second game so this isn’t just empty bragging.

  47. Anonymous says:

    where are secret chao like birds,dragon, and pheonox

  48. Cool Man says:

    HEY BOO: it’s cool that you help me on paper mario and i help u on this game!(lol)

  49. luigi says:

    there is a such thing as a chaos chao in this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  50. Cool Man says:

    To boohead84: You get it for knuckles at aqua marine behind the 2nd floor WARNING sign about the ghosts. Try it. You’ve gotta go fast or you drown. finish the level afterwards. Try this if I’m wrong then tell me.

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