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Ratchet: Deadlocked

How do I defeat the boss in the Liberator Tournament? He’s hard! Also, what’s the fastest way to get bolts and level up your weapons?

Games Guru: There is no code to get more bolts, but you’ll get a few new weapons as you progress in the Liberator Tournament. (Don’t you just hate that announcer?) This is a difficult level, as you’ve learned. Basically, it just takes quick reflexes.

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  1. luke skywalker says:

    do you have any cheat codes?

  2. astronut says:

    i love the Ratchet and clank though people say deadlocked wasn’t good i think its fun

  3. boby says:

    where should i buy ratchet games

  4. jabird123 says:

    I have 2 cheat codes for it

  5. avatar boss says:

    i wonce beat this game at least twice in one day.

  6. Carbison says:

    My cousin has 4 Ratchet and Clank games there so fun!

  7. Dr.Awesomeness says:

    Oh ho ho, i beat the game in a week, dude! but i almost lost my life beating, Ace Lightyear…

  8. OwnAll R&C says:

    Its a fun game

  9. Brandrago says:

    You should use your strong weapons first untel Ace run out of med packs. then use your dule vipers/ dule raptors to finish him off. Though Ace isn’t the hardest boss in the game though. I won’t tell you who it is.

  10. themaster says:

    Once you beat the game and play it again you get a crazy amount of bolts for killing bad guys.

  11. Jimbimbo says:

    A quick way to get bolts is a sub-mission in the arena where you have to protect a wall from oncoming enemies. This will level you up quickly. If you constantly use one weapon throughout each try they will level up fast and every time you level up a weapon it will regain ammo.

  12. Wanna try it says:

    Wow Ive heard about rachet and I really want to play it

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