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Battlefield 2142

What order should I get the unlocks in?

Games Guru: If you’re talking about equipment unlocks,

1. Find the black arrow. Push that button.
2. Then, a red arrow shows you the unlocks you have ready to go and the kit you’ve chosen.
3. The purple arrow shows you weapons you drag or double click.
4. The bluish-purple arrow shows where you drag them to equip your soldier.

Comments about “Battlefield 2142”

  1. USAF101 says:

    I’ve seen some gameplay and it was AWESOME. The weapons and stuff is cool

  2. umadbro says:

    is this game rated T or M?

  3. yeerk slug says:

    It’s in da FUTURE!!! This game sounds awesome even though I don’t have it!

  4. Scouting 101 says:

    It IS Awesome! I like Battlefield 2 better though because of the Marines! Urrah!

  5. nate 02 says:

    I so want whis game it relly looks like a fun game

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