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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

How do I defeat Bonetail (at the bottom to the Rogueport Pit of 100 Trials), and what badges will I need?

Games Guru: I’d love to give you the goods, but this one is very complicated. This video might help, though:

How do you beat Bowser?

Games Guru: It’s really hard to beat Bowser. First, attack Kammy. Once Kammy is down, try hitting Bowser with Power Smash and other powerful attacks. Remember to guard against Bowser’s attacks with the A button on your controller. Try Vivian’s Fiery Jinx and Bobbery’s Bobomblast, too.

Can you give me some secret codes?

Games Guru: There are all kinds of little tricks that work some of the time with this game. For instance, when enemies attack you, if you perform an FP-using attack as they hit you and you get first strike, Mario will perform that attack on the battle screen without you using FP.

There is a persistent mole just left of the village on Keehaul Key. Whack him and he will give you a valuable bump. Leave and come right back and he will appear again. You can repeat this several times until the mole runs out of bumps and goes away. You can sell those bumps for 50 coins each.

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25 Comments on Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

  1. X: Well….. this is a tough one to answer. You will need to beat the shadow queen defenatly, because if you cant beat her you cant beat the pit. You will want to first get to level fifty, so just bring a coulple of ultra shrooms in case. At level fifty there will be an itmem that doubles the amount of stuff you can carry. Now here comes the tough part. You will need a large amount of Ultra shrooms, Jammin Jellies, and Jelly Ultras (cook an ultra shroom and Jammin Jelly) I will get back on you on how to get money! Anyway, you will also need some life shrooms and some good attack items, maybe. All i can say is good luck!


  3. wHaT cAn HeLp Me BeAt ThE hUnDrEd TrIaLs…….

  4. What Shadow Queen?Are you talking about the shadow sirens?I need to find Don Piantas daughter and friend.I found it on my own.OK! With a little help from the fortune teller.

  5. To Koops,have you beet the shadow queen if so how did you do it.

  6. Don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t get Mrs.Mowz you can. 8^) 8^0

    P.S.S HOW DO YOU BEET THE SHADOE QUEEN AFTER Peac gives the last of her power to you.

  7. you get ms mowz by going to the trouble center

  8. My 3 fave places r the train,Glitzville,and the room n the xnaut fortress with the hidden glitch of the original music and old-fashond charecters.

  9. Dear, Chase3
    To get into the tube you go like you are going to the tube that leads you to Rouge Port thenon your way you should see a bunch of rocks you should put the stone keys and by the way its moon and sun you should put them in 2 rocks seprately
    then 2 blue things should appear then you use Koops and make him stay in one place while spinning then you let him hit the blue thing while you jump on the other one at the same time.


  11. I cant get to hooktails castle.i got the moon stone and fire stone but wheres the tube to get to hooktails castle? I NEED HELP!!!!!! PLEASE!

  12. Where is the crystal star in the great tree?I NEED HELP!!!!!!

  13. hey boo how do you get to gourdus ps im on chapter 8 after the shadow sierens pss i think bombery is better

  14. Whos Boberry?

  15. Where do you get the crystal star in the great tree

  16. Kororo: I’m sorry but I’m afraid i have never been able to find her the first time ask me something or vote on who is the best partner Wat or boberry

  17. how do you get past the lake with the biteting fish in it on level 2?

  18. Hey Boohead, where do you find the hide and seek koopa the second time?

  19. In need of HELP
    If you need to get past there go through the door that has a lit torch

  20. wings9 cook up zess dynamyte made with egg bombs and cocanut bombs made up of mystical eggs or cocanuts and add a fire flower.

  21. Its still 3-2 wat I need 7 votes and please give me some advice from my last comment

  22. Whatever happened to my voting and asking me help do you guys care or have you already beaten it? and can someone help me on the original paper Mario to help me find the exact locations of the magical seeds? ( even a person like me asks for help)

  23. i”m battleing bowser too my best pick would be bobbery and you use flurie to get ms.mows on your team the chest is in the middle of the top of the castle

  24. you can’t get mrs.mowz

  25. watt is the best character

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