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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

How do I defeat Bonetail (at the bottom to the Rogueport Pit of 100 Trials), and what badges will I need?

Games Guru: I’d love to give you the goods, but this one is very complicated. This video might help, though:

How do you beat Bowser?

Games Guru: It’s really hard to beat Bowser. First, attack Kammy. Once Kammy is down, try hitting Bowser with Power Smash and other powerful attacks. Remember to guard against Bowser’s attacks with the A button on your controller. Try Vivian’s Fiery Jinx and Bobbery’s Bobomblast, too.

Can you give me some secret codes?

Games Guru: There are all kinds of little tricks that work some of the time with this game. For instance, when enemies attack you, if you perform an FP-using attack as they hit you and you get first strike, Mario will perform that attack on the battle screen without you using FP.

There is a persistent mole just left of the village on Keehaul Key. Whack him and he will give you a valuable bump. Leave and come right back and he will appear again. You can repeat this several times until the mole runs out of bumps and goes away. You can sell those bumps for 50 coins each.

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25 Comments on Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

  1. To PAPERDUDE: Talk to FLavio he will sing about the statues he will tell you to whack both of them a certain amount of times and a door will open then use Boberry to blow open the Pirate’s Grotto

  2. Hey,luigi that does not help.It just doesn”t.

  3. black baby yoshi // August 16, 2008 at 4:04 pm // Reply

    how do u beat shadow queen the 2nd time when peach gives u power ? please i need help i havnt played in months and some how beats me evry time ? hhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hey, bob: first, make sure you got the egg after getting 15th. Then, work your way up to the clefts. attempt to fight them and run away. When you get back, the egg will have hatched into a yoshi. Use it’s gulp to beat the clefts.

  5. how do you beat the iron cleffs

    I really need to know

    Thank you for your cooperation.


  6. boogirl there is no blue gem just hit the rock red 4 and blue3 times

  7. hhhheeeelllppp // August 7, 2008 at 4:49 pm // Reply

    i’m in the great tree i’saved pinos friends from lord crumps cage what do i do next

  8. Super Christopher // August 7, 2008 at 2:59 pm // Reply

    I don’t have a awnser to that because I havent played any! The only game I’ve played on my Wii is Super Mario Galaxy! If that was a choice I’d choose it.

  9. what is better :

    A.paper mario

    B.paper mario:thousand yr. door

    C.yoshi’s island


    D.any sonic game!!!

  10. I am stucked in chapter 5, i have putted the red skull gem but i cant find the blue one, if theres one,i mean.Can somebody help me?

  11. Does anybody have any hints for the pit of 100 trials

  12. paperman, use flurrie to knock out the mini-groudoses. PAPER DUDE, listen to flavio’s song and do what it says. kororo, ride one of the moving platforms in hooktail castle and look for a life mushroom. he is right next to it.

  13. super wuppy // July 23, 2008 at 8:07 pm // Reply

    Are there any secret things you can do while using airplane? my friend says little marios can skydive out of your plane but i dunno..

  14. Hey boohead, where do you find koop’s friend after you find him in hooktail castle, also, do you have any tips to defeat bonetail?

  15. iruka sensei // July 15, 2008 at 3:00 pm // Reply

    where can I get gamecube games really cheap

  16. PAPER DUDE // July 13, 2008 at 12:42 pm // Reply

    HEY BOO! OK Boohead84.I need help on Keehaul Key.I put the skull gem in the in the skull rock by the stache stachues.

  17. SpikeEX2008 // July 4, 2008 at 9:53 pm // Reply

    They recomend going after Maralyn first. But with me. I just jumped like mad till they were dead, and I used Art Attack and Sweet Feast if my HP and FP got low. And use stylish moves and appeal. That’s how I beat em.

    And you can get Jelly Ultras if you cook Jammin Jelly with a Ultra Shroom if your into using items to heal.

  18. To Paperman: You Don’t face Lord Crump a third time when your in the thousand year door you face Sir Grodus he has little drones that can protect him take them out and kill him.

  19. boohead84-

    I meant how to beat Lord Crump in the Thousand Year Door.

  20. Mario#1Fan // June 23, 2008 at 10:37 pm // Reply

    Try Power jump and some star powers,like sweat treat will help get FP and HP back if your low.You can use stylish move,like right after you Do your first jump correctly Press A too do a stylish too gain even more Star Energy.

  21. How do you deafet Magnus Von Grapple 2.0?I am a good fighter but I always loose to Lord Crump.

  22. Does anyone have advice on how to beat Doopliss and the two shadow sirens in the palace of shadows?

  23. To Paperman: Okay Gloomtail should be easy he has 80 HP use Power smash with the hammer and Goombella’s Multiheadbonk and you should be fine if she’s dead use Boberry.

  24. yes u can go back to rogueport, agent z . Go to floor sublevel2 and find a room with a red button. press it and stand on the platform. you will head to underground rougeport. your welcome! : )

  25. lol yes u can go back to rogueport, agent z . Go to floor sublevel2 and find a room with a red button. press it and stand on the platform. you will head to underground rougeport. your welcome! : )

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