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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

How do I defeat Bonetail (at the bottom to the Rogueport Pit of 100 Trials), and what badges will I need?

Games Guru: I’d love to give you the goods, but this one is very complicated. This video might help, though:

How do you beat Bowser?

Games Guru: It’s really hard to beat Bowser. First, attack Kammy. Once Kammy is down, try hitting Bowser with Power Smash and other powerful attacks. Remember to guard against Bowser’s attacks with the A button on your controller. Try Vivian’s Fiery Jinx and Bobbery’s Bobomblast, too.

Can you give me some secret codes?

Games Guru: There are all kinds of little tricks that work some of the time with this game. For instance, when enemies attack you, if you perform an FP-using attack as they hit you and you get first strike, Mario will perform that attack on the battle screen without you using FP.

There is a persistent mole just left of the village on Keehaul Key. Whack him and he will give you a valuable bump. Leave and come right back and he will appear again. You can repeat this several times until the mole runs out of bumps and goes away. You can sell those bumps for 50 coins each.

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25 Comments on Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

  1. 8 more votes

  2. 2-2 tie in my voting please send more

  3. Silver Spiker // October 26, 2008 at 8:00 am // Reply


    For my 2nd vote I’ll say Bobbery.

  4. People come on I thought thousands of people would go at this thing along with getting my help but i guess I was wrong please send in 9 votes along with giving me your help and people who have voted you can vote again just to speed the competition between Wat and Boberry.

  5. Natscout: Wat is a character from the original paper Mario she can zap people with electricity (thats why she is called Wat) and can help you find hidden items or coins which can be very helpful.

  6. Who is Wat?????

  7. Heres the way to get Walaweigi’s outfit,equip the Luigi and Wario badge at the same time, if you don’t have the Wario badge, buy it from the salesman for 360 coins, if you don’t have the Luigi badge ge, go to the place where you got the Granlet Star, or where you got the special move, showstopper.

  8. Shaymin: Yoshi has been eliminated but Wat and Boberry aren’t could you please vote for one of them

  9. how many times do you have to jump on general white?

  10. Shaymin Stun Spore // October 13, 2008 at 10:56 am // Reply


    I say Yoshi.

  11. Finally I got a second vote the score is tied 1-1 please help me end this as quickly as possible. Please I only need 9 more votes.

  12. bobalinafredders // October 6, 2008 at 4:39 pm // Reply

    This is a GREAT game!!!!!!!

  13. Lavaman: Buy the original at Rock 30 games or dowload it on the Wii

  14. Hey everyone I’m sick of waiting for a winner so Please decide who the winner should be with 10 more votes I can decide the winner if you don’t I won’t help anymore!!! So far Its 1-0 Boberry

  15. HEY BOOHEAD84 where can you find the original paper mario


  16. paper browser // September 27, 2008 at 8:22 am // Reply

    The game is awesome but its hard to beat the shadow queen.

  17. Lavaman: Its in Hooktail’s castle but you need one of your partner’s to help you get the badge maybe Boberry or flurry

  18. hey boo where is the badge she wants and how do you get it i really need help

  19. thanks for the help and I THINK BOBBERY is the best party member thanks again boohead

  20. go through the door with the lit torch all the way through and blow up the chain chomp statues in need of help just ask me or boohead84 for help

  21. Looks like we have a tie between Wat and Boberry so time to cast one last vote to decide the winner between these two with more than 10 votes (by next monday.) by the way Lavaman and sharkboy Mrs.mowz is prettty easy to get just fulfill her trouble and you got her but her name is in ?????????????????????????????????? and you can only try after chapter 3 or 4.

  22. In need of HELP // September 22, 2008 at 11:43 am // Reply

    ok im in the thousand year door..and im in a room where ther alot of stares and every time i go through a door i end up out sid of it or appering at the beganning…. near one of the doors a tourch is lit..

    Idont know what to do Helo please

  23. how do you get ms.mowz. can you help me boohead84

  24. HEY BOO how do you get mrs.mowz

  25. This Game is fun till you beat it because after a certin level you reachh you get 1* from many creatures

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