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Peter Jackson’s King Kong

Is there a secret code to unlock level select?

Games Guru: As you enter the game, hold down the left and right trigger buttons, then press down, X, up, Y, down, down, up, up. When you release the trigger buttons after putting in that code, there should be a “cheat” button on the menu. Select the cheat button and type in KKstOry. That should give you level select.

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10 Comments on Peter Jackson’s King Kong

  1. on ps2 how do you defeat dinos

  2. Waluigi time! // December 19, 2008 at 9:58 am // Reply

    The movies good! But I haven’t played the game.

  3. its a great game but could be better

  4. Gounce from club penguin. // March 7, 2008 at 11:56 am // Reply

    The cheat didn’t work for me.

  5. When you have the shotgun or the machine gun SPARE YOUR AMMO!!! Use spears or bones as mutch as you can because when the raptors and bugs pop out at you you’ll want to have somthing that can kill them fast.

  6. it is not called a t-rex on this game it is a v-rex.

  7. It is so fun! I just love to battle the T-rex thing with King-Kong!

  8. I don’t have it but in the secret level, you shoot down the planes that are attacking Kong.

  9. Its hard.

  10. if you are stuck on the level with the parasites press the stun combo hit several times then grab it and keep on pressing it

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