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How do I get past level 11? On world one?

Games Guru: There are various way to solve it. Since I don’t know where you’re stuck, here’s a walkthrough video:

What are the codes for this game? I am going crazy looking for them!

Games Guru: There aren’t that many codes for this game. But type in Meteor to unlock the moon level. Type Time Machine to go to medieval times. And use the teleporter to find three secret levels.

Comments about “Scribblenauts”

  1. supermariobros12 says:

    I spawned a Pegasus!

  2. :) cool game says:

    :) awesome game

  3. me says:


  4. Me says:

    I have beat this game like 5 times IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  5. Teh mighty Minecrafter says:

    Try typing in Barrel Launcher, it’s epic.

  6. Epic Girl Scout says:

    How to defeat everything:
    Type in “invincibility cloak”.Put it on Maxwell.Type in “Death”.put Death next to anything u want dead.

  7. scribblopolis says:

    i ♥ the grappling hook!!!:D

  8. mik says:

    how do you get past the last level? i cant beat it.

  9. da man says:

    Try shrink ray, maxwell’s notebook, and pegasus. Try titan too

  10. lego man says:

    try samari shark and cat on ceiling its really cool!

  11. programer says:

    Try typing in medusa but dont look at her

  12. Doom says:

    clone gun clones whatever you shoot; necrominion turns stuff into skeleton warriors.

  13. mustard madnes says:

    type in ice dragon.It is so awesome!!

  14. rex7 says:

    hey why are’nt we talkin about scribblenauts here

  15. bates369 says:

    What if u tipe in:nuke?


  16. hacker 9561 says:

    tipe spiper then click him and click remove and grab his sniper beforew he does then kill him

  17. helper says:

    does bigfoot work

  18. helper says:

    how do you change your person??????

  19. Boss says:

    heres something really COOL to type in!
    Type in Hydra! its awesome!
    I have alot more awesome things to type in
    if you want to know them! :)

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