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How do I get past level 11? On world one?

Games Guru: There are various way to solve it. Since I don’t know where you’re stuck, here’s a walkthrough video:

What are the codes for this game? I am going crazy looking for them!

Games Guru: There aren’t that many codes for this game. But type in Meteor to unlock the moon level. Type Time Machine to go to medieval times. And use the teleporter to find three secret levels.

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  1. scribblenaut says:

    if you type in station and touch it it starts glowing. If you wait for a minute it blows up.

  2. Zoroark the Epic says:

    Here are my favorite words!
    Chi,(a friendly dragon you can ride) Mech,(an epic robot suit) Lol Wut, (Just type it in and see what happens) Gaf, (Weird sphere that makes you fly) Feep, (Zombie/Cyborg) Keyboard Cat, (EPIC) and Nuke.

  3. random person says:

    have you guys done force field yet? get an invinciblr handcannon and stand inside of a giant fast forcefield and then u r like invincible. and do u know the volcano playground? put a necromancer in the lava and he will die then put any human in the lava they will turn into skeleton warriors. toxic waste will destroy a forcefield (super scribblenauts only)

  4. mehcagodzilla(godzilla) says:

    my chrecter was godzilla!!!

  5. lolodude says:

    did you know you can make maxwell tiny you make a superhero then do shrink ray and give it to the superhero then type in any gun then give it to maxwell and the superhero will shoot you

  6. Ike Knight says:

    Fun things to type in on super scribblenauts
    Angry Invincible Tank

    Have Fun!

  7. scribbling master says:

    For people with Super Scribblenauts, enter invisible invisibility cloak. On levels where there are spikes, type in invincible flying bathtub and put it right above or below the spikes.

  8. legomanlogan says:


  9. Doom says:

    What is the Super secret adjective?

  10. cool bl says:

    I found a glitch:on frontier action level 8-5, the red bars that can kill you jump on them with a jetpack and you go in to the top and you pass through it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    try putting in freeze ray ps love the game

  12. RhinoA3096 says:

    I have super scribblenauts, here are things to type in: scribblenaut, hover board, flying super sonic strong colossal guinea pig, teleporter, ian, mech. and also, i know the super secret scribblenauts adjective. (for SS owners)

  13. EPICMAN555 says:

    This is an epic glitch.Only for super scribblenauts.Use it for levels where you need to get past steel doors.

    Step 1:Create a small car and put it on other side of door.
    Step 2:Put a gun in Maxwell’s hands.
    Step 3:Tap the car and select “Shoot”.
    Step 4:Immediately after shooting,tap the car and select “Ride”.
    Step 5:Dismount.
    Step 6:Done. Congratulations! Now,repeat if there are more doors.

  14. Rabbid says:

    BEST ting you can summon in super scribblenauts is Tame Supersonic Edy (Edison YAn. Edison Yan is the Artistic Producer of Fifth Cell. Typing in his name summons an T. Rex with a red Cole Phillips style headband.Very cool. Also in Super, there are seven time zones: Prehistoric, Egypt, Wild West,Medieval,Apocalypse, ScribbleNauts (first game,1-1), and the odd Outer Universe, which contains you, your time machine, another time machine that later explodes, and another Maxwell (not the evil clone.)

    • Blast98 says:

      Type in Black Hole, Flood, Nice Potion (to make Mean stuff tame) Stone Potion, Medusa, Flying toilet, Volcano, Vortex, or Crossbow.
      Also, Type in Devil and God and they FIGHT.

  15. Donut says:

    Type in nuclear (or atomic) bomb. :) It blows up everthing. (Be careful you blow up too)

  16. Luxini says:

    I love Super Scribblenauts, though I don’t have the first one. Anyone with S. S., type in super fast super gigantic fire breathing invisible cow! My favorite vehicle!

  17. ActionTrev says:

    Type in ‘zombie repellant,’ ‘rick roll, ‘AR,’ ‘cthulhu,’ ‘shoggoth,’ ‘Jeremiah,’ and ‘grouper!’

  18. scrible mario says:

    what do you give the aliens? And in the one where the hint is write the awnser what are the awnsers

    • king dedede says:

      DUDE, THE ANSWER IS IN THE QUESTION! Simply type in “answer”. The Starite will then appear… acutally, a bunch of Starites will appear. You just need to grab one, though. If you’re looking for another thing to put in, type “starite”. Don’t do “star”, though, because THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING.

  19. rock says:

    Type in nuke, it blows up EVERYTHING!not kidding

    • Sk8 dude says:

      Scribblenauts is VERY cool except I never really have played it. But here are a few things that I know that’s cool that actually works: Bazooka, Nuclear bomb (and P.S. you will blow yourself up to. so just remember that) knife should work because it did not do it one time but Uzi, Missile launcher, Director, Devil, God, Answer, ( which is pretty much a cheat ) And, Limousine should work too.

  20. Striker says:

    put in mario (u turn into Bowser)

  21. lolwut says:

    type in electric barrel shooter

  22. luck says:

    try diving suit to go under water. but watch out,you might run out of breath.

  23. ac says says:

    Try Keyboard Cat,long cat, and Ceiling Cat!!!!

  24. flamer says:

    OMG. the last action level is so easy!!! u just run into the doors and it opens!! P.S stuff is easier to make a invisibility cloak. (stuff becomes a sock monkey in super scriblenauts)

  25. coolguy1 says:

    Type in hungry man and put stuff like tasty paper and he will EAT IT!!

  26. Omega Knight says:

    Have any of you tried hovertank?

  27. maxwell says:

    scribblenauts is cool try invisibility cloak u r invisible!!!awesome

  28. super mario says:

    there’s an item called a roflcopter!!!! it’s basically a helicopter only more compact!!!!

  29. Biker says:

    Scribblenauts is BEAST! I want the new one!!!

  30. A Random dude says:

    Does Scribblenauts have any re-play value?

  31. ac says says:

    Try Gaf u can fly!!

  32. 7up maxwell says:

    Best game ever! type lol wut for a giant maxwell head for you to wear and slime for a invincible little monster

  33. hrjrsyj says:

    i can’t find the moon level

  34. Xplant says:

    Type in Feep. It’s CREEPY!

  35. tardfish says:

    try jetpack.

  36. Lucario says:

    I know some pretty awesome words, so i’ll just give you a few.
    Mech, Mecha, Post two nine seven, Chi(A friendly dragon you can ride.), Toxic waste(In solid form, it can tame animals and turn people into mutants.), Om nom nom nom, and invisibility cloak, REALLY WORKS! 0_o

  37. scribblenauts master says:

    in this game ,(also in super scribblenauts)it dosnt have to be something real.put godzilla or hydra in the box

  38. Scribblenaut says:

    The last level of Super Scribblenauts is a sort of minigame. Shoot starites to go to claiming screen! Oh no! IT’S GONE!!! Spawn a starite to get the starite!

  39. Super Scribblenaut says:

    Anybody know two words that summon the same object? I’ve got a few:
    Death, Reaper, Executioner (Not In Super Scribblenauts)
    Pterodactyl, Sordes (Or Sord)
    Beef, Meat
    Handgun, Gun
    Blackhole, Twilight

  40. Super Scribblenaut says:

    You guys want to know a hint? In the challenge mode, if you put an adjective in front of you noun, the game will consider it a new object (I’m talking about Scribblenauts, not Super Scribblenauts, guys) and you can use it ALL THREE LEVELS!

  41. no draw says:

    you can do what ever you want in this game

  42. son goku says:

    it has internet videos as words

  43. boysrule58 says:

    I have this game. it’s fun!

  44. robodude says:

    This game looks awesome!

  45. Super Scribblenaut says:

    This is an awesome game! Whatdya guys like best about it? What about Super Scribblenauts?

  46. alex says:

    it is beast

  47. wii master says:

    this is the best game i have ever played

  48. 8yearold says:

    this game is awesome

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