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How do I get past level 11? On world one?

Games Guru: There are various way to solve it. Since I don’t know where you’re stuck, here’s a walkthrough video:

What are the codes for this game? I am going crazy looking for them!

Games Guru: There aren’t that many codes for this game. But type in Meteor to unlock the moon level. Type Time Machine to go to medieval times. And use the teleporter to find three secret levels.

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12 Comments on Scribblenauts

  1. type in electric barrel shooter

  2. try diving suit to go under water. but watch out,you might run out of breath.

  3. Try Keyboard Cat,long cat, and Ceiling Cat!!!!

  4. OMG. the last action level is so easy!!! u just run into the doors and it opens!! P.S stuff is easier to make a invisibility cloak. (stuff becomes a sock monkey in super scriblenauts)

  5. Type in hungry man and put stuff like tasty paper and he will EAT IT!!

  6. Omega Knight // January 6, 2011 at 10:59 am // Reply

    Have any of you tried hovertank?

  7. scribblenauts is cool try invisibility cloak u r invisible!!!awesome

  8. there’s an item called a roflcopter!!!! it’s basically a helicopter only more compact!!!!

  9. Scribblenauts is BEAST! I want the new one!!!

  10. A Random dude // December 13, 2010 at 11:29 am // Reply

    Does Scribblenauts have any re-play value?

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