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Endless Ocean: Blue World

I found Valkia Castle. Now what do I do?

Games Guru: Explore it. One of the things you can do is find the door with the hole inside. You’re too big to go there. So go through it with Oceana. If you go there at night with Oceana, you’ll find a phantom!

How do you get past the frogs in the brazil water place?

Games Guru: You have to switch them in order to get through. The sequence for moving the switches is lapis, lapis, silver, lapis, silver. The multisensor will tell you which frog is which.

Comments about “Endless Ocean: Blue World”

  1. beibddb says:

    i need help finding the stuff when your on the first level with the competition with the guy

  2. lola says:

    I found the servants ring and then tried going back to the river but the catfish never did anything like it was supposed to? am I forgetting to do something?

  3. Shane says:

    is this game only for wii

  4. Doom says:

    do you know how 2 find superlegendarys?

  5. Rabbid says:

    The superlegendaries are the anomlarcus, Nessie, and the NAutilus. The Golden Catfish is found by giving the Servant’s Ring to a catfish in South America.

  6. yoo says:

    i hate the part you get stuck in the creepy worshiping place

  7. Xplant says:

    Haha… Every time I go to the North Coast of Canada, I see the Ancient Mother!

    Guess what: I was doing a salvage request at Valka Castle, and I saw Thanatos out the window. O.O

    I’ve seen every legendary creature except Camerocas, Amerocas (or whatever), Mama Cortica, Krakken Jr., The Living Fossil, Cacao Maraja. I’ve even seen the Sea Serpent.

  8. Doom says:

    Dont you get your own aquarium?

  9. Raju says:

    I went to hawaii and saw stuff like this.

  10. dery says:

    i have no idea whatsoever!

  11. LITWICK101 says:

    I love this game. And if you go to that place where you rescue Oceana at night, you see a large and disturbing shark! The music is creepy there at night.

  12. Doom says:

    ARe there octopi? Octopuses are awesome! They are the best.

  13. cowboy says:

    ya the whales awesome

  14. Lukey says:

    turkey castle’s creepy

    • Gamemaster says:

      Uh, don’t you mean Valka Castle? I don’t think it is creepy personally.

    • the mattster says:

      the best part of the game is when you get stuck in that creepy castle and have to find a way out but what is stupid is that they saw a whale through a window in the castle wall just break the window!!!

  15. Xplant says:

    How do you find that weird starfish in the depths?

  16. chessboy says:

    What’s the best way to get money?

    • Gamemaster says:

      You can go on guided tours (Make sure to show them what they want to see to get paid extra), photo requests, or salvage requests. (I think salvage requests pay best, but you rarely recieve them)

  17. thefunnyman33 says:

    i know, its left left rightleft right left

  18. webeloguy says:

    is it only for wii?

  19. five foot five guy says:

    whales are cool

  20. batman11 says:

    L is the rigth one and the other letter is the left one or the other way around idk but I have that game and it is awsome

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