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Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut

How do you get the second emblem (Rank B) in Casinopolis?

Games Guru: This is soooo hard. I think the best way to deal with this is to get between 100 and 150 rings in Night Pinball. Then, go past the gutter and take the high paths to get almost every icon. If you’re good, you can do this in between four and four-and-a-half minutes. (I’m not that good.)

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  1. shalethehedghog says:

    well i HATE big’s gameplay style i never got past the second level.

  2. Hotwheelslover365 says:

    I’m gonna get this tomorrow!!!!!

  3. supersilver98 says:

    I’ve herd that you can play as metal sonic after you collect all emblems. I haven’t done it, though.

  4. anakin says:

    games guru how do you beat the egg viper.I hit it but then I fall

    • mr.cow says:

      when he straitens his tail out, jump on it via homing attack, then rapidly press the jump button so he will home attack up the tail until he hits eggman. if you continue to fall, something isnt being done correctly.

  5. mr.cow says:

    by far, this is the best sonic game

  6. KirbyPro6 says:

    Two Favorite Game Characters:
    Kirby and Sonic The Hedgehog!

    It’s nice to see this is here.

  7. the gamer says:

    I have beaten chaos 7 but my disc broke

  8. cottingig says:

    how do you get past the first boss?

    • A Ninny Mouse says:

      For which character? if you are talking about Chaos Zero on Sonic’s story, then you need to just keep jumping on him, grabbing rings when you drop them, and avoiding him when he looks like a puddle of water.

  9. supersilver98 says:

    I’ve beaten the games for all characters except for big and gamma

  10. blade man says:

    how to beat last leval

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