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Pokemon 1 and 2

What Pokemon should I use to beat the Elite Four and the champion? Please respond because I really need it!

Games Guru: I assume that you mean Pokemon Stadium 1 and Pokemon Stadium 2. We’ll do Stadium 1 for now.

Some Pokemon will be more effective against the Elite Four than others. Try using Mewtwo as your lead Pokemon. Along with Mewtwo, your best bet Pokemon are Zapdos and Vaporeon.


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  1. pokemon genius says:

    poke master, are you sure about yellow, because my friend has yellow and he could get mew if you can do it in yellow.

  2. Pokerus says:

    john doe – Depends what game you’re in. The easiest way is obviously a gameshark, or trading with a friend who has copied one or gotten more than one. I’ve never played emerald, fire red, or leaf green, but if you’re refering to them, I’m assuming that there is still an ID# game. Trade with lots of people, get lots of different ID #ed pokemon, and check the #s often as possible. If you get all the #s matching, you’ll win one. If you’re playing r/y/b, you probably should have used the infinite supply trick before you used the ball. Good luck getting one!

  3. the snagger says:

    my emerald team rules!!!!! i have all three super-anctient ledgendaries at lv 100!!!! i can beat anyone!!!!!!!!!

  4. john doe says:

    How do i get another masterball i used mine on a zapdos is there anyway i can get another one?

  5. Pokerus says:

    Entei – If you’re looking for it in r/y/b, it hasn’t been invented yet. In g/s/c, you fight Sudowoodo, then you talk to the dude on the right, who will give it to you. After that, you can buy it in Goldenrod. In r/s, it’s a HM, and it’s with the dude in the bottom right-hand side of Mauville (house), and in d/p, if memory serves, it’s with another dude in Oreburgh gate, which is to the right of Jubilife.

    and what happened to pokemon stadium 1 and 2? I thought that’s what this page was about…

  6. Entei says:

    were do i get rocksmash

  7. suppokemon? says:

    how do you get missingo

    how do you get Pokemon m ?

  8. suppokemon? says:

    how do you get a MEW?

  9. pika boyy says:

    ah mew in blue i used the glitch and it worked and my game did not mess up in any way … how far r u on the game? it depends

  10. Rooster says:

    This was the ezs’t game ever I turned it back in at GAMESTOP the 2 day I had it I was done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. poke master says:

    the mew trick is posible on pokemon r\y\b. verison

  12. rsplayer says:

    im positive u can get it through glitches in red/blue and maybe yellow

  13. Anonymous says:

    is it true that you can find mew on leafgreen

  14. willy slapper says:

    i found a wild charizard on route o victory road. and a mew in the place where you find mewtwo, there were well good, ad i dont have a gayshark or woteva they are called

  15. hehehehe says:

    how do u get rid of the rocketcs in celdron city in blue???????????????????????

  16. dragonitefan149 says:

    Hey,which of you guys got a mew at nintendo events i got 2 from events,and 1 from from a friend.My mews are lv90,83,50.Now heres the question,when mew reachs lv 100 you can change mew in to ANY pokemon.Please put any message on here about what i should change mew in to.Oh,and they are all on diamond. THANK YOU!!!

  17. hehehehe says:

    how do u get mew in blue???????????????????????????????

  18. Anonymous says:

    Missingo looks like haunter and M loks loke a backwards L.

  19. Tono says:

    Vaporen is a great pokemon. Use it in all battles. It is invinceble trust me.

  20. Tono says:

    On the game 2 It shows mew and mewtwo. I pick them then it wom’t send them to the ditto thing.

  21. Pokerus says:

    Marsh man-

    red and blue are ancient now! that makes them all the cheaper at pawn shops. thats where i get most of my games that aren’t found in other stores anymore.

  22. pokefan #1 says:

    all of u get diamond or pearl an if not that firered,leafgreen,or ruby, saffire, or beter yet emrald, that game is way to glitchy though mew glitch seems cool

  23. pkmn master says:

    hayhay in red/blue use a high level golbat(preferibly useing the missingNo. cheat) and any other high level pokemon you may have with you

  24. Marsh Man says:

    Where can I buy Red and Blue.

  25. MewMasta9 says:

    If you want super strong pokemon over lv.100 in red version, try this:

    go to the man in viridian city that shows you how to catch a pokemon and make him show you how~EXTREMELY IMPORTANT-YOU MUST DO THIS~

    fly to cinnabar island and surf up and down on the little strip of land, in other words, go to the right side of cinnabar island and use surf on the water, and GO UP AND DOWN NOT LEFT INTO THE OCEAN

    Ta-dah!! Pokemon lv.100 or higher for you!! (note if you use them, they will go back to lv. 100.

    You might encounter missingno. a glitch pokemon DO NOT CATCH IT IT MESSES UP YOUR GAME!!!! o yea and the item in your sixth slot get multiplied.

    If you dont believe me try it. The glitch is just a bunch of squares and it knows

    water gun

    water gun

    sky attack

    and it has a rhydons cry. I could give an explanation to why it appears…but its too much to explain so figure it out. Go and try it im not lying. Ull thank me!!

  26. we had homework? says:

    guys how do you get mew

  27. Jacko says:

    to cheese bob doodle,

    The starters are Bulbusuar (grass type), Charmander (fire type), and Squirtle (water type).

  28. Jacko says:

    I nearlly beat the elite 4.My charizad is on lv.76!!!! But for all of you, prepare for the worst (stock up on potions and revives)!

  29. richie rich says:

    i got mew without cheating

  30. cheat master #1 says:

    i got all the pokemon in evbery version and there all level 100

  31. hayhay says:

    which pokemon should i use for the pokemon league

  32. hayhay says:

    which types should i use for the pokemon league

  33. tim says:

    where do you get Mewtwo in red version

  34. poke master says:

    which pokemon do i need to win the masterball rank pokemon 1

  35. ...Shy Shy Butterfly...IM A GIRL !... says:


  36. jabberjabber says:

    He’s basically unstoppable.

  37. jabberjabber says:

    Hey AG0205! U can get mew in the original games. I have him on my blue version.

  38. Poopsie says:

    I have Pokemon Dimond Version.

  39. pokemon master says:

    i have all the pokemon!

  40. dig-dug-deoxys says:

    where can you get celebi on pokemon stadium 2

  41. bla says:

    He’s write mew glitch is possible but getting mew without it isn’t possible. diamond and pearl released april 22

  42. cheese bob doodle says:

    what are the starters in this game?

  43. star wars fan says:

    oh and asdfjkl, diamond and pearl are comeing out on the 22.

  44. star wars fan says:

    asdfjkl, the gameshark is a cheating deivice. what you do is type in the code for stuff and thats it.

    star wars fan

  45. asdfjkl; kt says:

    what is gameshark for the gameboy?

    is it like for the PS2??

    is it expensive (american moolah$$?)

    cause theres lots of codes for it and stuff

    but i don t have one

    when is diamond and pearl coming out?????


  46. Dragon 01 says:

    DRAGONS ARE COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………….!

  47. AG0205 says:

    Wha…. you save the Master Ball for Mewtwo but Mew?

    I dont think you can get Mew on the original games…



  48. Pokeman.150 says:

    How do you get mew and mewtwo with out the attachment?

  49. jrc says:






    I MEAN HI!!!

  50. rion says:

    i wont to see calabe

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