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America’s Army

Do you have to do anything special to get special forces?

Games Guru: I will confess: I was astounded to see that there are indeed codes for this game! Using codes in this game is not as easy as it is in a game such as Age of Empires. Before you can type in codes for America’s Army, you must first open part of the game engine itself.

To input codes in America’s Army, you need to open the ARMYOPS.INI file with a text editor and add the code under the ENGINE.GAMEENGINE line. First type in: bMPCheats=Enabled 2, then hit the TAB key during game play, and type in your code.

Here are two very helpful codes:

To play from the third-person perspective instead of the first, type in: behindview 1

For unlimited ammunition, type in: mpcheat paramsammo 1

Comments about “America’s Army”

  1. iloveWEBLOS says:

    what kind of guns do u have?

  2. iloveWEBLOS says:

    Does this game have blood,because im just saying pretty much all war games have blood.

  3. Mister Spanish says:

    Do you need internet access to play it?

  4. Gamer17 says:

    oh , by the way is it free

  5. gud says:

    what is it for

  6. Tails says:

    Sounds like a fun game.

    • monkeykiller says:

      This game is awesome. You have to download and play it. There is no blood and you can turn chat off. Most realistic game ever!.

  7. The Strategeist says:

    Nobody on AA likes playing with cheaters. then again, unlimited ammo is not that bad of a cheat

  8. long-range says:

    I love it.

  9. 461Denner says:

    i don’t have this game…is it good?

  10. buckeyeguy11 says:

    is it good on x-box 360?

  11. master says:

    The online army is 15 times bigger than the real thing

  12. lutenent fran, says:

    is it worth playing ?

  13. Kaze says:

    There is an easier way to type in a code. Just hit the button next to the “1” key. and type in your code!

  14. $ says:

    the training on this game is hard and boring. the actual game looks cool but icant get past lv1

  15. Galactic Marine says:

    Well, EZShifty, there’s nothing to be afraid of concerning virus’s. It’s a US Army game. You can also get an Xbox and PS2 version called America’s Army:Rise of a Soldier. That’s what I have and it’s really fun!

  16. Deltapatman says:

    Also when you are banned by punkbuster they ban your ip and so you can’t play any game that is PB supported with that ip.

  17. Deltapatman says:

    I have seen people banned for using codes in AA and I have banned a couple so don’t use them you will be caught.

  18. 12345 says:

    sooooooooooo fun

  19. GoArmy says:

    Just get the disc from SeeMePlay all you do is pay for shipping and handling

  20. jeb says:

    U R COOL!

  21. Rottweilerace says:

    What do you do in this game

  22. [EZ]Shifty says:

    I want this game but i cant find it anyware,and my Mom wont let me download it to are computar wht sould i do?

    • monkeykiller says:

      Why does your mom not let you download it? because that is the only way to get it. It’s a download only game which kind of stinks but at the same time doesnt.

  23. mmmm says:

    Mine crashes my computer

  24. {AK}Frodo6695^jr^ says:

    I find this very offensive. Anyone who knows how to play americas army would not use cheats. And anyway PB(punkbuster) wil ban you for running those codes.

  25. US Army says:

    Its a war game duuu

  26. Galactic Marine says:

    What kind of game is this?

  27. ggggggggg says:

    why do you not put in all the letters

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