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Pokemon Colosseum

What is an easy way to defeat Dakim at Mt. Battle?

Games Guru: I’m not sure about an easy victory, but use Psybeam to slow down Swampert and Golem. Use bite on Metang.

How do you get Pokemon out of the pokeballs when you aren’t battling?

Games Guru: My apologies, but I do not remember ever coming across a situation when I needed to pull them out except in battle. Explain the situation and I will see what I can find out.

How do you get pokeballs?

Games Guru: You buy them at shops like the Outskirts Stand.

Is there an easy way to catch Suicune?

Games Guru: Suicune is simply hard to catch. One piece of advice, though: use Net Balls. They will work best when going for this legendary dog.

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  1. where do u get legend dogs

  2. I caught Suicune with 1 ultra ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dorn, you can get ho-oh and lugia without the tickets. Ho-oh is from colosseum after you purify all the shadow pokemon and clear mt. battle in battle mode (not in story) and you’ll get ho-oh. Get lugia from xd gale of darkness after you purify it.

  4. to pkmn master use water on golem and switch pkmn to match up with types’ weeknesses

  5. to happy guy after u defeat the miror b. professor ein and other 2 people at battle tower, you get an e mail on your pda from someone. go there and you get a masterball ise it on tyranitar

  6. hey 377rnm use your masterball on the battle with the real conspirator. the first one you battle, with metagross is fake. the real mastermind is the MAYOR!!!!!!!! u battle him after the fake guy. use masterball on the shadow tyranitar

  7. to demon to get entei go to mt battle and beat 1st 9 battles, 10th battle, the trainer has entei

  8. to twister u CANT get a Mew

    to says says says u CANT get a celebi either

  9. goo goo, what do u mean how to get thru pyrte town? u hav 2 complete beeting miror b. then u can go too other town

  10. AAAAAAARGGGGGGGGGG!!! there is no easy way to get mew! You get mew by going to toys are us on saturday and you hook up your game to the thing and you get a free mew!!!!!111 oh and by the way to go to moon you gotta beat elite 4 4times than talk to dude hel say he wishes to go to the moon but hes to old so hel say you do it for him you step on moon then there is an earthquake you keep going and deoxis is there!

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