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Super Mario Galaxy 2

Where is the Comet Medal for Wild Glide galaxy? I have looked all over and can’t find it.

Games Guru: Get the Comet Medal by flying through the five red gates. Also, get the power star by going through the Sun Gate.

I’m stuck on the first Bowser’s Castle and could use some tips on how to beat the dragon.

Games Guru: I assume you mean Bowser, who gets really big near the end of the level.

Jump over the shockwaves that Bowser throws. You’ll see that Bowser likes to hit the planet to cause havoc and shake things up. Worse are the meteorites he sends at you. Ground pound when Bowser throws those meteorites. This will launch them back at him. But wait: He’s got another weapon! Watch out for the flame breath, which you have to avoid until the fire goes out on the planet’s surface. Hit him twice more with ground pounds, and he’s done for.

How do you get past 109 stars? I’m stuck and can’t get comets for more stars. Help!

Games Guru: I think you have to get all the comet stars. I think you can also talk to the Purple Luma for help. There’s a hungry Luma outside the terrace area. Give him 20 star bits for a comet to appear.

What is the second part of the Grand Star circle?

Games Guru: I’m not sure what you mean about the second part. Grand Stars give Starship Mario power and reveal Portals going to other worlds. When Bowser swallows one in the final battle, he gets really, really big.

Are there any codes on High Falls Planet on World 3 and the Boo Mansion Planet?

Games Guru: I’m sad to say I can’t find any for you. Some Nintendo games can be like that, though, with codes.

Which level has the most star bits? I am trying to save them for the next hungry luma.

Games Guru: I find that it’s easy to get star bits in the Sweet Mystery Galaxy. Also, the second star run in Melty Monster Galaxy is good.

I have gotten 119 of the 120 stars. I cannot figure out how to do the last star, the mystery star on the Boo Moon galaxy. Can you help me please!?!

Games Guru: Boo Moon is so cool and creepy. When you’re upside down on those pink platforms, follow them — really quickly as they appear, and avoid the ghosts. You’ll find that star at the end of them. You’ll have to kind of jump up while you’re upside down, which is hard. But you’ll get it after a few times.

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  1. how do you beat bowser at the last planet?

  2. i have 101!

  3. I have beaten all levels! Woohoo! Ask me anything!

  4. ive beaten this game, but i dont understand how to do gem mining and i got all of the stars in every single level

  5. Here is a helpfull move.You have to jump, spin, then ground pound all really fast.


  6. Hello everyone! I am fuga, a nice boy who is on the Boss Blitz Glaxy and needs one more star to advace to the next galaxy, i have 109 stars, and i’m willing to help on world 1 and 2, i have completed those worlds.


  7. THis game is pretty fun, LOT’S of replay after you beat bowser considering after you beat him you only have 71 of 242 stars.

    • Not necessarily! If you find all the comet medals, go and beat the availible prankster comet levels, and beat the bonus levels (monkey challenges, hidden stars, etc.) you should have 105 stars or so.

    • im on world 5 i cant get to bowsers castle cuz i dont have enogh stars

  8. scrible mario // August 12, 2011 at 10:54 am // Reply

    how do you get the comet in grandmaster galexy to pop up

  9. mariopikachu // August 5, 2011 at 7:54 am // Reply

    this game is BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Also, what is the point of getting the power-ups put in the ship?

  11. I need help! I’ve gotten almost every star. I need the Prankster Comet Star in the Shiverburn Galaxy. Is there an easier way than just skating around?

    • Sorry, but the only way to win is to skate around. It took me 21 times, and the only strategy I know of is to try to get as many in a row as possible. also, make sure you don’t fall off the edge once you finish.

    • One way that might work:
      Die enough times for a cosmic guide

      • nin*gorin // November 8, 2011 at 4:50 pm //

        The cosmic guide only gives you a bronze star and (I think) it doesn’t go towards unlocking grandmaster galaxy.

  12. Okay, this is the creepiest thing ever. Go to the Shiverburn galaxy, and before you do anything, press the up arrow to look through Mario’s eyes and scan the top of the cliff. There are three people/aliens/? ! Tell me if you figure out what they are.

  13. stundnt in perl // June 23, 2011 at 12:10 pm // Reply

    did you no that you could get bank toad glasses a shield with a spear and a ax

  14. Sorry Yoman. I didnt realize you already posted it

  15. Im not sure if its a cheat, but its in the game. In that one world with super huge stuff, there is an area where you drill to kill 3 huge koopa troopa. instead of killing them, jump on their backs. keep jumping, and you will hear sounds. the more you jump, the more you hear the sound. Soon, you will start gaining lives for each time you jump on its back.

  16. i beat it! 🙂

  17. i have that game and it is alsome!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I am stuck on world S

  19. Try having 9999 star bits with banktoad after collecting the grandmaster galaxy star.

  20. pokemaster234 // April 29, 2011 at 12:26 am // Reply

    I know how to be luigi! after you beat the game go to the l switch go in and luigi comes out!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I beat the game and I’m working on world s

  22. Like just about all Mario games, this game does not have any cheats. Unless you count the cosmic guide thing.

    • ilikemario // July 18, 2011 at 11:02 am // Reply

      yes it does my friend cheated and got unlimited lives,starbits,and coins,and he used a cheat to beat the game without even playing(including world S.)

      • nin*gorin // November 8, 2011 at 5:00 pm //

        No, that is a hack. It involves messing with the game so it does stuff it wasn’t supposed to. A cheat is when the game designers put a way to enter cheat codes. The difference is that one the disigners put there, and the other one they don’t. I know that is a hack not a cheat because Nintendo never puts cheat codes in their games(or at least not this one).

  23. cheat codes? any?

    • Sorry, no codes. But for 99 lives, go to the Supermassive Galaxy. When you reach the giants koopas, use the long jump (which you just learned) and get on the back of one of them. Then all you have to do is keep bouncing. It takes a few minutes, and it doesn’t save when you turn off the game, but it’s good if you have to beat a really hard level.

  24. any cheats for this title

  25. The best game i ever played

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