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Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

I am having big, I mean BIG, trouble catching Deoxy, Jirachi, Mew, Celib, Lugia and Hoho. Please help me!

Games Guru: For Deoxy, Mew and Lugia, you needed to go to a Nintendo event or Pokemon Center at a time when they were offering the Pokemon over wireless. Jirachi can be obtained from the bonus disc that comes with Pokemon Coliseum.

Where do I catch Mew?

Games Guru: Ah, Mew. Mew and Celebi are not in FireRed or LeafGreen. Sorry.

Can I catch any of the starter Pokemon as wild Pokemon, or can I only receive them from Professor Oak?

Games Guru: The only way to collect more than one of the starter Pokemon is to trade for them.

I can’t find any slowpoke. Can you tell me where I can catch it?

Games Guru: They are pretty common if you go fishing for them in LeafGreen. Check around the ice caves.

Where do you find Mewtwo?

Games Guru: Finding Mewtwo is a matter of time and location. Mewtwo is in the back of a cave a bit to the north and west of the town of Cerulean. To get to the cave, head north out of Cerulean and cross the bridge, then go west and hop in the river. The river will lead you to the mouth of the cave.

Before you can enter the cave, however, you will need to beat the Elite Four and more. You will need to explore the islands to the south and help the people on those islands solve a certain computer problem.

Does Venusaur beat the elite four in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen?

Games Guru: Venusaur is a great Pokemon, but you’re in for some trouble if you try to beat the Elite Four with just one Pokemon. Lance, the fourth member of the Elite Four, specializes in dragon Pokemon. His fire beasts will make short work of a lone Venusaur.

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25 Comments on Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

  1. Iam having loads of problems with the elite four and I have no clue what to do!!!!!

  2. how come mew do not lessen to me in in leaf green?

  3. in curulian cave i used my game shack to get FIVE mewtwo’s but were do you get the e-rader i’ve been looking on the internet for a wile

  4. where can you buy rare candys from

  5. Can I catch Ho-oh or Mew?

  6. Hi, what happens if you all the unknowns?

    And how can I catch all the unknowns?

  7. i know theres a way to catch mew without a cheat at icefall cave at 4 island i saw images on the internet.

  8. were do you find the safari warden to give him the gold teeth

  9. uhmm..kid who is asking about WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO AFTER HELPING CELIO.

    answer-go to cerulean cave. or at least thats what i did.

  10. what do u do after helping celio with the machine?

  11. what do you do after you help Celio on 1 island with his machine?

  12. mew man 5000 // August 26, 2007 at 10:18 am // Reply

    listen up you cant get any heon pokemon in fire red or leaf green in less you get the net work machine up and running so pleaze dont ask stupid questions about if you can get torchic or regirock in fire red or leaf green because those questions really annoy people

  13. u cant get regirock in fire red or leaf green

  14. where do u catch mew or ho-ho

  15. dragonfableman4466 // August 24, 2007 at 7:07 am // Reply

    comment 631………………………………………NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. caterpie57645674 // August 23, 2007 at 4:35 pm // Reply

    u cant catch him without a cheat

  17. um, sum of these arent so good at all… who’s Mr Briney???

  18. How do I catch MEW or MEWTO?

  19. Is there cheat to get all your pokemon to LV100 ?

  20. to the person who wrote comment 630: you have a very fitting nickname. i just explained reasons why getting anything from beating the elite 4 a certain amount of times would not make any sense. you can only get celebi and mew by downloading them at a live nintendo event.

  21. can you catch a regrock in leafgreen or firered.

  22. u can catch a mew if u beat the the pokemon leuge 12 times & given the ruby and saphire 2 celio! U get the ruby n mt. ember (1 island) where team rocket is standing. go deep n the tunnel & u will eventully find da ruby & give it 2 celio. go 2 6 island & use cut on da dotted hole entrance. go in the hole. follow my directions of which holes 2 jump in, up, left, right & then, down. click on the saphire & a nerd steals it. now go to five island medow & walk in the building. solve the puzzle and battle ur way 2 the nerd, win against him and he will give u da saphire that u will give 2 celio. now search the cerulean cave, but u may find mewtwo. if u catch mewtwo save before u battle so u can still battle if it faints. use timer balls (buy at 2 island) 2, u should have 50 or more. keep searching fr mew, hope u catch it! but thats not all! celibie will apear on a route.

  23. where do you get a e-reader

  24. you’ve driven me to change my nickname…WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?????????NO YOU CAN’T GET TORCHIC UNDER THERE, WHAT SENSE DOES THAT EVEN MAKE? latios the destroyer…after you go through the sevii island stuff after beating the elite 4 once, they get stronger. but after that, they stay the same. so, if you can beat the stronger version once, it’s safe to say that you can easily beat them again. and again. and again, getting easier every time. so why in the world would there be a reward for beating them a certain number of times? and why would there be any reason for you to get something by releasing your starter? the only point of being able to release pokemon is so that you can get rid of useless pokemon, maybe a bunch of baby pokemon you get while trying to find a pokemon with high I.V.s. PLEASE CHECK TIPS LIKE THAT BEFORE WRITING THEM!!!

  25. hey games guru u can get more then 1 starter u can find a torchic beneath mr brineys house

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