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Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

I am having big, I mean BIG, trouble catching Deoxy, Jirachi, Mew, Celib, Lugia and Hoho. Please help me!

Games Guru: For Deoxy, Mew and Lugia, you needed to go to a Nintendo event or Pokemon Center at a time when they were offering the Pokemon over wireless. Jirachi can be obtained from the bonus disc that comes with Pokemon Coliseum.

Where do I catch Mew?

Games Guru: Ah, Mew. Mew and Celebi are not in FireRed or LeafGreen. Sorry.

Can I catch any of the starter Pokemon as wild Pokemon, or can I only receive them from Professor Oak?

Games Guru: The only way to collect more than one of the starter Pokemon is to trade for them.

I can’t find any slowpoke. Can you tell me where I can catch it?

Games Guru: They are pretty common if you go fishing for them in LeafGreen. Check around the ice caves.

Where do you find Mewtwo?

Games Guru: Finding Mewtwo is a matter of time and location. Mewtwo is in the back of a cave a bit to the north and west of the town of Cerulean. To get to the cave, head north out of Cerulean and cross the bridge, then go west and hop in the river. The river will lead you to the mouth of the cave.

Before you can enter the cave, however, you will need to beat the Elite Four and more. You will need to explore the islands to the south and help the people on those islands solve a certain computer problem.

Does Venusaur beat the elite four in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen?

Games Guru: Venusaur is a great Pokemon, but you’re in for some trouble if you try to beat the Elite Four with just one Pokemon. Lance, the fourth member of the Elite Four, specializes in dragon Pokemon. His fire beasts will make short work of a lone Venusaur.

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  1. You can clone pokemon on leaf green, but I can’t tell you how. And It’s not with a cheating device.

  2. TO ADSTER the unouns are in the ruins of seven island

  3. your chansey will evolve after u make its frendship high

  4. how do i get my chansey to evolve to blissey? my chansey currently level 55 and i’m playing leaf green

  5. thankyou! your cheats and all that stuff raelly helped me!

  6. ok how do you clone in pkmn firered i learned how to clone in pkmn emerald but people say beat the elite 4 fifty times in a row the go to pallet town and show proffeser oak the pkmn.

  7. can anyone tell me where to find cheat codes for mew and celebi in fire red? also, if anyone sees a cheat that says you can get mew by beating the elite 4 12 times and going into cerulean cave, don’t try it. trust me, i tried it and it didn’t work. i reaallly want mew and celebi.

  8. TO ADSTER it deppends on wich starter pokeon u chooes in the beggning bubulbsaure u will find entei if u choose sqirtle then you will find raikou charamader u will find suicune..after u beet the illite 4 then u can see the dog wherever in any grass at any moment so alaways b preapeard to see it its lv is 40 it will try and flee the battle as fast as it can so try mean look so it cant scape but if u swich out the pokemon who used mean look then mean look will wear off so then it will escape so good luck

  9. where do you get the unknowns

  10. how do you get legendary dogs someone please please please tell me

  11. to get into cerulean cave you have to get the ruby and saphire from icefall cave and another cave

  12. Chose Bulbasuar // November 2, 2007 at 7:43 am // Reply

    Guru Helper If You Trade Porygon With Upgrade It will Evolve Into Porygon2


  14. oh and if u trade a porgon2 with a dubious disk then it will evolve into poregon3 it learns zap cannon at lv 62

  15. can you get a mew on firered and leaf green using the orignal red and blue mew glitch?

  16. um i need to know how to put gameshark codes in my sp evreything runs good but when i type the code in it does not work and i do not think the codes are wrong because when i am on other web sites about gameshark about pokemon leaf green they say the same codes and they are not ation replay codes because they are all12 digits and i have space i ve blown in it it dousent not work please help

  17. Xan, how did you get a mew please tell me

  18. is there a way to clone or duplicate master balls/

  19. In level 100!!!!!!

  20. I got 3legendary birds,mew2,magmar,1legendarydog,kingler,golem,blastoise,charizard,venusaur,

    nidoking,nidoqueen,alakazam, and dragonite in gameboy with no cheats

  21. Guru's helper // October 18, 2007 at 6:17 am // Reply

    There’s no such thing as mewthree

    There is no mew in leafgreen

    Nintendo event:it’s the wireless communication

  22. Guru's helper // October 18, 2007 at 6:12 am // Reply

    upgrade:trade it with porygon

  23. Guru's helper // October 18, 2007 at 6:10 am // Reply

    you trade it with porygon and it will become porygon2

  24. Wolt do you do wath the up-grade

  25. your the best resours i have on this computer put some questions you must figger out

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