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Fossil Fighters

After beating the game, there are still a few small storylines to play (The Oonga Oonga on Coldfeet glacier, another Mole Brothers adventure in Rivet Ravine, etc.). I have most of them done except Dr. Diggins’ Time Machine, which is implied that it is needed to get all 100 vivosaurs. I have the Goldonite from Nevada in the Digadigamid and the Diver’s Watch from the ghost pirate captain in Bottomsup Bay, but I can’t seem to find Dynal since story mode to get the Idolcomp Component. Could you help me out a little here?

Games Guru: That’s an underrated game. I’m glad you’re playing it. Dynal lives on the Dinurian ship, which you can reach using the teleporter. After you’ve played through and beaten Saurhead Final and Gunash, you can find Dynal. First, go talk to him. He’ll want to fight, of course. But you have to defeat Duna and Raptin first before you get to him.

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  1. fossildighters12 says:

    How do I get out of the digadig temple with the ancient script it says dig but nothing happened what do I do!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. daawsomeone says:


  3. zekrom2.1 says:

    dude you face him with a compso and somthing esle

  4. Dynal jr says:

    Best team is Frigi,Dynal,Compso. In the red zone I have guhvorn and a t Rex. All of them are level 12 except t Rex he Is level 3 (I’m training him) poast your best team!

  5. no!?! says:

    i need help asap!i stuck in the top of pirimid!how do u get the heck out?

  6. puzzlemaster says:

    How do you get the chicks now that i have beaten the game?

  7. uh says:

    how do you get past the wall that has the purple dig on it?

  8. sonicfly3 says:

    how do you beat duna in mount lavaflow

  9. Capt.REX says:

    Any tips to get the t-rex body?

  10. Capt.REX says:

    I finally got the t-rex and the legs and body made it rank 5 and I will not stop battling until it hits rank 12!

  11. Alreck21 says:

    How do you beat Saurhead after you beat the game???

  12. fossilking3 says:

    how do you get by the girl on the volcano level when she turns into a dino

  13. fossilowner says:

    such a good game but cant beat weird girl that turns to dino in volcano place if know how reply thanks

  14. vegito says:

    there is a hack to get all every last part of the t-rex reply to me if you want to know

  15. ? says:

    Not the crashed starship, the other one

  16. ? says:

    You go to the starship and find him

  17. puzzle master says:

    I finally deafeated DYNAL!!!!!! With Spinax, Salto and U-Raptor.
    Deafeated the brains kin one Shot!!!!Get thge 444 then the 333 then the 333 sad one(with the sun and the frown

  18. master fighter says:

    PS… I have all the masks and 6000000g

  19. master fighter says:

    I beat the whole game and have I have all the vivosaurs including Igno, Frigi,the Gunash brains,the chickens, Dynal, duna ,dinomaton,and raptin. They are all LV 12. And I have 4000 donation points.

  20. Jetska Orn says:

    How do you unlock the mole brothers?

  21. tucker says:

    I defeated gunash w/
    Spinax lv 12(AZ)
    Metria lv 11(SZ)
    Goyle lv 12(SZ)
    I also have igno frigi gunash trio and squirk chicks,Wii connection

  22. salmon26 says:

    dude,the game is really cool! you can even later get frigi!!!

  23. puzzle master says:

    I am stuck at deafeting Dynal at chapter 8. I have a 345,344 and a 444.I stii can’t defeat him!

  24. roelstar11 says:


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