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Galactic Taz Ball

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Games Guru: It’s an adventure game in space with Super Monkey Ball aspects, starring the Tazmanian Devil and other Looney Tunes characters.

— If you ground slam next to an orange enemy, they turn red (except on Easy). If you tornado spin into a red enemy, you get a large heart.

— If you’re in the middle of a ground slam as a missile reaches you, it will miss.

— Completing each level isn’t necessary for reaching the boss.

— Each level rewards one of the five heart fragments for the world you are in.


1. Run away from the boss.

2. Do not miss the air vents that lift you up before the lava.

3. Continue to run away until the boss falls in lava three times and is defeated.


Word 3 — Psychedelic Mode — Collect all Kiwis first in this world. Then press: Up + Up + Up + Up + Up + Up + Up + Up + X + X + X + Y

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  1. yay man says:

    i hope its not like monkey ball for the wii

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