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Pokemon Red Version

Where do you get the Earth badge?

Games Guru: Go to Viridian City on Route 21.

How are you supposed to collect all 151 Pokemon when there aren’t any wild Charmanders, Squirtles, Balbasours, Eevees or Bell-sprouts?

Games Guru: Ah, an excellent question. You need to trade. Sometimes the only way to catch ‘em all is to trade with friends who have Pokemon Blue. There are other reasons to trade, too. Your Machoke will never evolve into a Machamp unless you trade him.


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  1. froggy16 says:

    To larvitar_kid,
    The best ones are in red, blue, and yellow version. Would you like to know how to get a level 100 mew without having to beat the second gym? In most pokemon games that would just be a myth but in the older games it can be done, in fact I have done it twice.

  2. pinkpearlmica says:

    how do get 2 master balls

    ps im a girl

  3. larvitar_kid says:

    to froggy16,
    do u no any gliches (in any pokemon game) that u dont need any gameshark ex? if u do plz respown.

  4. froggy16 says:

    To poke hunter,
    What do you mean team rocket’s magazine? You are going to have to explain.

  5. poke hunter says:

    how can i get in the magazine of the team rocket in pokemon red version?

  6. guy65 says:

    To salamence1o1 You dont have to use your gamefish thing.

  7. froggy16 says:

    To matt,
    After you beat the elite four you gain entrance to cerulean cave. Go up nugget bridge and turn left and surf down the stream and take a left and you will see a cave that wasn’t there before. Mewtwo is inside this cave along with many other rare and strong high level pokemon.

  8. froggy16 says:

    To YoungPlaya16,
    The fifth badge can actually be in one of two cities (the order doesn’t matter), it can be in Fuchsia or Saffron City. You will need to get the pokeflute from the top of Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town first in order to get past snorlax. To get into Saffron City give one of the guards a bottled water that you can buy on the roof of the mall in Celadon City.

  9. matt says:

    how do you get mewtwo

  10. YoungPlaya16 says:

    right after you get the 4th badge and defeat team rocket. how do you get to the 5th badge?

  11. Now_Or_Never says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been here :P

    To Bowser 3000,
    If your Pokemon were more equal it would be a great team. You need to learn how to equally train your Pokemon.

  12. froggy16 says:

    To Bowser 3000.
    It still needs some work, try to keep the levels more balanced.

  13. Bowser 3000 says:

    It’s in Yellow…
    Pikachu 77
    Sandlash 45
    Goldeen 30
    Seadrea 36
    Areodactyl 33
    Rattatta 41

  14. RENGRADE says:

    i ment to say the eevee is upstaris the pokemon masion in celdon town ps go the backn of the builden

  15. Gamer1101 says:

    Ah, good old Red and Blue! Its pretty good.

  16. froggy16 says:

    To Salamence101,
    If Nintendo wasn’t so greedy I don’t think they would have been. One of the main reasons people cheat is that in order to beat one game you have to own as many as 3 others. And then you still can not beat it without going to one of their events where you will probably spend money. But yes, I agree, they are very annoying.

  17. Salamence101 says:

    To froggy16,
    I really wish action replays, Gamesharks, codebreakers, pokemods, Pokesavs, etc… never were created. They make rating teams, battling, trading, and playing the game in general so much less fun :(

  18. froggy16 says:

    To silph,
    Next time ask on the fire red page. It is not on the 7th island. First save lorrile from icefall cave on island 4. Then go to dotted hole on island 6 and use cut to get in. Then take the first hole, north hole, west hole, east hole, south hole. You will get the 2nd password but the sapphire stolen from you.

  19. silph says:

    how do you get the team rocket passwords in the 7th island

  20. froggy16 says:

    To Anonymous,
    Normally I would assume you mean you need the move strength but what do you mean by kick the boulder?

  21. Anonymous says:

    uh i kick a boulder but i cant move it again

  22. froggy16 says:

    To pokemon master,
    Well this is red version and you are talking about fire red. But, I assume you are talking about resort gorgeous. Go west from her house to lost cave. Once inside go right, up, down, down, right, left, down, right, and up and you will find her. Battle her and she will return to her house.

  23. pokemon master says:

    how do you get the little girl on five island to be in her house? please help me

  24. froggy16 says:

    To poke geek,
    Well that is what you get for playing a FAKE pokemon game, that is not sponsered by Nintendo. I could tell you how to get cut or surf on red or fire red version…but since you are playing a FAKE game I can’t help you.

  25. poke geek says:

    how to get cuton pokemon chaos black mewthree version cause im stuck on the cave that u get a fossil when i go through there is a water so pllzzzz….. help me…..

  26. froggy16 says:

    To gameboy adik,
    The card key is on the 5th floor of the silph corporation head quarters. You have to step on a teleporter and step back in order to get to it, it is all the way at the bottem in a small passage. Once you have that you will find it easier to figure out what to do so for now I won’t give you step by step directions. For mew look on the 11th page, I posted a way to get him in two parts.

  27. froggy16 says:

    To Bowser 3000,
    Before you start, make sure the pokebox that you are putting your pokemon in is an empty one. Then have the pokemon that you want to clone holding the items you want to clone. Go to your PC and deposit them into the empty box. Then in your PC click the option to switch boxes (switch to another empty one). It will require you to save, as it says “SAVING, DON’T TURN OFF THE POWER…” quickly turn off the power. You have to time this just right or it won’t work. If you do it right you will have the pokemon in your party and in that box when you turn the game back on. I tried to post this earlier…

  28. gameboy adik says:

    where in the saffron trainers you can see the card key?

  29. gameboy adik says:

    How can i past in team rocket at saffron? and where you can see mew in red version or in silver or gold version?

  30. froggy16 says:

    First off this is pokemon red version, not fire red. But, you should talk with proffesor oak and he will give you the national pokedex. Then go to the boat in Vermilion City and it will take you to islands 1-3. Next talk to Celio in the pokemon center on island 1. Go to Mt. Ember and beat team rocket to get the ruby in the cave behind them. If you give it to Celio he will give you a pass to islands 4-7.

  31. froggy16 says:

    To darkrai 4 ever,
    Those are all great games, and I would reccomend any of them, but if you can only get one I would get yellow. It really shows you the true begging of pokemon and you get to see how far it has come, all though pikachu can get kind of annoying.

  32. POKENOBRAIN says:

    help me please i cant go to three island i beat elite four many times have 60 pokedex and i dont know what im going to do

  33. Bowser 3000 says:

    froggy16: What is the cloning glitch on Gold? Tell me if it’s 100% save
    and corrupt-save-file-free.

  34. darkrai 4 ever says:

    To froggy16, I am trying to buy an old pokemon game. Do you think I should get Red,Blue,Yellow,Gold,or Silver?

  35. froggy16 says:

    To Salamence101,
    Interesting…that sounds worthy of trying. To bad I don’t have anyone to battle any more, because no one would see that coming.

  36. froggy16 says:

    To Asod,
    But it is still good…

  37. Salamence101 says:

    To Froggy16,
    Actually, In 4th Generation, There are a LOT of special Sweepers. Also, If you don’t want to do that set, shuckle is one of the BEST Toxi-Stallers in the game (even in Crystal). Teach it Rest, Toxic, Double Team And Earthquake. Item: Brightpowder, Nature: Sassy. max out EV’s In Defence and Sp. Defence. Use Toxic and Then keep using double team. If your Hp Gets low, use rest. After maxing out double team, start using earthquake. I believe you can also do this on crystal. Try it out.

  38. Asod says:

    Whoa! This game is like ancient.

  39. froggy16 says:

    To Salamence101,
    That was me, I guess they made it a little better for diamond and pearl then. It was horrible in crystal. But still, what pokemon only knows special attack moves? Your odds of pulling that off don’t sound very good. But I am glad to hear they made it better.

  40. Salamence101 says:

    To Froggy16,
    Did you post those comments on diamond version?
    If you did then i have a little to say about shuckle. Max out EV’s in Hp and Defence. Have the moves: Rock polish, Power Swap, Stone Edge and Earthquake. First of all, make sure you are going against a pokemon with special attack moves only. Use rock polish several times. Use Power trick (switches shukle’s mediocre attack with it’s massive defence) Use stone edge or earthquake, OHKO the opponent.

  41. Salamence101 says:

    To Froggy16,
    Well i did post the comment about the gameshark but i am talking about the Diamond and Pearl Pages.

  42. froggy16 says:

    To Salamence101,
    Oh that wasn’t you? Oh well, at least they didn’t say anything really stupid. It is really annoying though.

  43. Salamence101 says:

    This stinks, Someone is using my nickname… this is the third time…

  44. froggy16 says:

    To punk,
    Well which pokemon do you think are cool?

  45. punk says:

    I JuSt NeEd To KnOw WhEre tO FiNd KwEl PokEmoN

  46. froggy16 says:

    Really? You would think that would be popular enough that they would have made one by now. Good to know, thanks.

  47. froggy16 says:

    To pokymad,
    Articuno is in the seafoam islands. Step by step directions is to long and complicated to post. Besides, it is even more exciting if you catch it after searching for it for hours ;)

  48. Salamence101 says:

    To Froggy16,
    I have a gameshark (which i kink of regret owning now) And there isn’t any walk through walls code.

  49. pokymad says:

    where do i find an articuno in pokemon red (exact direction)

  50. froggy15 says:

    Just wanted to let everybody know I am switching my name to froggy16 :)

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