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Pokemon Red Version

Where do you get the Earth badge?

Games Guru: Go to Viridian City on Route 21.

How are you supposed to collect all 151 Pokemon when there aren’t any wild Charmanders, Squirtles, Balbasours, Eevees or Bell-sprouts?

Games Guru: Ah, an excellent question. You need to trade. Sometimes the only way to catch ’em all is to trade with friends who have Pokemon Blue. There are other reasons to trade, too. Your Machoke will never evolve into a Machamp unless you trade him.

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10 Comments on Pokemon Red Version

  1. to how

    P.S. means post script

    P.S. how do you do that cheat again?

  2. To hotrod97,

    Mr. Fuji will gives it to you as a reward for rescuing him in pokemon tower, (In Lavender town). The only problem is to get to the top you will need a silph scope which can only be obtained by winning it from Giovani at the secret base behind the poster in the game corner in Celadon City.

  3. where is pokeflute

  4. on the 206th comment i said slowpoke version thats not right.that is TELEPORT VERSION and the other way to get MEW is FLY VERSION

    P.S:you can only pick one of those version to get MEW.there are 2 ways to get MEW but you can only get 1 MEW. you know y? it’s because of the SLOWPOKE TRAINER. you need the slowpoke trainer in both version.if you beet the slowpoke trainer in 1 of the version then you cant use the other version because you need that slowpoke trainer.I suggest you pick the TELEPORT VERSION. i’ll put the other version next i think. :D

  5. TO rareKITTYhunter

    I dont see any matches with SLOWPOKE and MEW(except the W)

  6. rareKITTYhunter // December 27, 2007 at 5:52 pm // Reply

    to How?

    totally true. It’s all about the coding of the pokemon’s name; the mew cheat is because slowpoke and mew have the same coding at the beginning of their name. keep experimenting!

    Happy Hunting :D

  7. To bdog

    i think it was lv55 that DRAGONAIR evolved

  8. To How?,

    I have never thought to try it, could you give me some routes to start looking for trainers like them, (excluding the two mew ones).

    P.S.- PS stands for Post Script.

  9. To bdog,

    Dragonair evolves at level 55. Mewtwo after you catch him at level 70 learns Amnesia(77), Recover(88), and Safeguard(99). Mew learns transform(10), Mega punch(20), Metronome(30), Psychic(40), and I am not sur if in red it does but ancientepower(50). But I would not waste your time on some of these pathetic moves. They can learn any of the TMs or HMs so I taught my Mewtwo Firepunch, Icepunch, Thunderpunch, and Psychic.

  10. do you guys know the mew cheat? well if you do, have you ever wondered what would happen if you go to a different trainer instead of the slopoke trainer (by the way,theres 2 trainers that you can get mew from).if you go to a different trainer you’ll get a different pokemon!!! this cheat gave me a MEW, (of course) GROWLITHE, and a SHELLDER. i think it depends on the trainer for the pokemon.AND IF ANY BODY FINDS A STARTER POKEMON LET ME KNOW WHICH ROUTE YOU’VE BEEN TO , SO I CAN FIND IT AND WHICH TRAINER YOU BATTLED TO GET IT

    P.S: I dont know what P.S means AND IF YOU WANT ME TO WRITE PART OF IT DOWN AGAIN (or everything) SO THAT YOU CAN UNDERSTAND BETTER JUST ASK oh and i tried this cheat in YELLOW VERSION so i dont know if it will work ILL HAVE TO PLAY MY RED VERSION TO SEE IF IT WILL WORK

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