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Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts

How do you beat the bear in the cave with only the shotgun and pistol?

Games Guru: If you mean the grizzly, there is extra ammo around the ledge. So shoot at him as you move and collect the ammo as you go.

I can’t find the tigers in India. Can you help me by telling me where they are and how to get them with the blow-dart gun?

Games Guru: There are four tigers in India. I’ll help you with the first two.

Go to the southeast portion of the map. There, you’ll get a tranquilizer gun (not a blow-dart gun). Remember where you hunted the hyenas? There, after some trees, you’ll spot a field with tall grass and bushes. When you walk into it, a tiger jumps out to attack another animal. To the west of where you got the tranquilizer gun, you’ll see a big hill. Go up the hill and head southwest. You’ll see a ruined building. As you move closer, a tiger appears from the ruin itself.

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  1. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!

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