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Pokemon Ruby

Where do you get the wish tag?

Games Guru: I have never found a Wish Tag. I have checked the best sources and they all say that the Wish Tag does not exist.

I was wondering if you know how to get to Sootopolis City.

Games Guru: Head south from Mossdeep Island along route 127. Once you clear the water cliffs, head left to Route 126. You will quickly come to an island. Sootopolis is inside that island, but you enter through an underwater cave.

What trendy phrase at Deford City is needed for catching Febass? And could you tell me at least one tile where it can be found? Thank you.

Games Guru: I have to admit I have never encountered Febass in Pokemon Ruby. Are you sure it is there?

How I can get the legendaries to show the walkthroughs?

Games Guru: I do not understand. I must be missing something on this one.

What is the best way to catch Pokemon like Rayquaza? I hear all these bogus stories like press this button when you throw it and it works 97% of the time, etc. I’m finding it very hard to catch Rayquaza since I don’t have a masterball (not sure where to get it). I use ultra balls, timer balls and pokeballs. Can you help?

Games Guru: First of all, allow me to congratulate you on getting to Rayquaza–that bike ride up to the roof was tough! Now, to Rayquaza. Like you, I have heard people say to use these pokeballs in this order or that order. I have read that this ball or that ball works best. In my experience, with the exception of the Master Ball, there is only one in the game, and it is in Team Aqua/Magma’s secret base. It’s all a matter of luck. I have caught legendary Pokemon with plain old normal pokeballs after wasting dozens of fancy ones.

Save your game before approaching Rayquaza, then wear it down, paralyze it and use every last pokeball you have got. If that does not work, DO NOT SAVE! Simply turn off your game, turn it back on and try again. Sooner or later, you are bound to catch your monster. Just be sure you have a good supply of pokeballs — dozens and dozens of them.

When you said to watch TV after beating the Elite 4 and Mom would ask a colorful question, did you have to beat the Elite 4 for a first time in the game or any time?

Games Guru: I hate to do this to you, but you need to refresh my memory. What are you trying to accomplish? I recall advising a reader to speak to “Mom” after beating the Elite 4 — I think it was to see a newscast about the victory and becoming the new champ, but, alas, I am getting old and need a reminder every now and then.

Can you multiply Pokemon? If so, how?

Games Guru: There is a Pokemon breeding center just west of Mauville. Go have a look.

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25 Comments on Pokemon Ruby

  1. i have done everything i can think of to trade them and it still wont let me

  2. it still wont let me trade between ruby and firered

  3. i didnt git shiny raquaza but i still got shiny golbat

  4. ive got a better way have a pokemon durable and high on hp ware it down by using great ultra or poke balls now use a timer ball 1ce every so often make sure you have alot pokeballs great balls etc.thats how i cuaght mine best of luck (^_^)

  5. how do i get a baygon and eon ticket cos i dont know were to go:(

  6. BlazenSwampenScpitile // August 20, 2007 at 1:42 pm // Reply

    Does anybody know what level Torchic(Combusken, Blazeiken?) learn Sky Uppercut. What level does lairon evolve?

    Is it also possible to catch Mew, Mewtwo, Deoxys, Rayquaza, Kyogre,Jirachi, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, and the Regis in Ruby? If you know please let me know. Thanks.

  7. BlazenSwampenScpitile // August 20, 2007 at 12:35 pm // Reply

    Where do you get timer balls anyway?

  8. this sounds like a job for…..MYTHBUSTER!! dawn stones can only be found on diamond/pearl. and, mew boy, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COLOR OF THE WATER! use a super rod anywhere on routes 103,118, 122, 124 – 127, or 129 – 134 to get sharpedo.

  9. you cant clone in ruby

  10. any1 know where i can find a dawn stone?

  11. I have a sharpedo, 2 catch him/her u need a super rod. surf in dark blue water and use a super rod it is a fighter so it will be a lot of frustration but it’s worth it. When u battle make sure u have a lot of ultra and great balls.

  12. I know how 2 clone in emerald BUT I NEED 2 KNOW HOW 2 DO IT IN RUBY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. How can u clone a pokemon on Ruby i am so excited because i got such strong guys.

  14. dragonmaster // August 18, 2007 at 8:20 am // Reply

    i have a shiny shuppet and mighteyana, and i used to have a shiny zubat.

  15. pokeking, there are no glitch caves. they do not exist, so stop wasting your time. 3d dude, good luck with that! lol, shiny rayquaza’s black, so there is no gold one.

  16. o and you can find feeebas through the trail to fortree uve gatta fish

  17. cool dude, mine is ruby. 🙂

  18. does anyone know how to get to the glitch caves? i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to know.

  19. im still trying to unlock gold raquaza

  20. ive got green golbat

  21. anybody have any shinys

  22. to clone in pokemon emerald u go to the battle tower deposit the pokemon u want to dupe (best in an empty box)save then withdraw the pokemon go to the first lady u see when it says lv 50 push a button then pute the pokemon u want to dupe first and any poke mon 2ndwhen she say saving donot turnoff the power turn it off there u go you have watever pokemon u want

    ps.this worked for me i now have all three startersso does my friend

    pps. the only ledgendairy that works with this is latias or latios

  23. dragonmaster // August 15, 2007 at 1:45 pm // Reply

    feebas is on a random part of the route leading to fortree, use super rod and check every single square in every bit of water there. check each spot five times before moving on. it’s slow, but that’s the only way…when you do find a spot with feebas, remember it, they’ll be common in that one spot. anyway, i don’t like legendaries much, so my favorite pokemon is dragonite. but rayquaza’s my favorite legendary.latios wanders around routes after you beat the elite 4. my strategy for catching pokemon like that is to fly to a place like mauville. i go from there to the nearest grass or other place pokemon could appear. i walk around until a pokemon appears, and then go back into mauville. i repeat until the wanderer shows up. the idea behind this is that latios will come to that route eventually, and every time i go from the city to the route or back to the city, latios moves. it does follow some kind of pattern. also, if latios is on that route, it will usually be the first pokemon encountered. this isn’t foolproof, but it’s the best strategy i know. cooldude, my favorite game is pokemon diamond.

  24. oh and HOW DO YOU GET FEEBAS?!?! I’ve been looking everywhere on route whatever its on, but its not there.

  25. My favorite pkmn is definitely Rayquaza. It’s the ultimate legendary, even beats lugia from the gold and sliver versions. that says a lot.

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