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Where do you get the wish tag?

Games Guru: I have never found a Wish Tag. I have checked the best sources and they all say that the Wish Tag does not exist.

I was wondering if you know how to get to Sootopolis City.

Games Guru: Head south from Mossdeep Island along route 127. Once you clear the water cliffs, head left to Route 126. You will quickly come to an island. Sootopolis is inside that island, but you enter through an underwater cave.

What trendy phrase at Deford City is needed for catching Febass? And could you tell me at least one tile where it can be found? Thank you.

Games Guru: I have to admit I have never encountered Febass in Pokemon Ruby. Are you sure it is there?

How I can get the legendaries to show the walkthroughs?

Games Guru: I do not understand. I must be missing something on this one.

What is the best way to catch Pokemon like Rayquaza? I hear all these bogus stories like press this button when you throw it and it works 97% of the time, etc. I’m finding it very hard to catch Rayquaza since I don’t have a masterball (not sure where to get it). I use ultra balls, timer balls and pokeballs. Can you help?

Games Guru: First of all, allow me to congratulate you on getting to Rayquaza–that bike ride up to the roof was tough! Now, to Rayquaza. Like you, I have heard people say to use these pokeballs in this order or that order. I have read that this ball or that ball works best. In my experience, with the exception of the Master Ball, there is only one in the game, and it is in Team Aqua/Magma’s secret base. It’s all a matter of luck. I have caught legendary Pokemon with plain old normal pokeballs after wasting dozens of fancy ones.

Save your game before approaching Rayquaza, then wear it down, paralyze it and use every last pokeball you have got. If that does not work, DO NOT SAVE! Simply turn off your game, turn it back on and try again. Sooner or later, you are bound to catch your monster. Just be sure you have a good supply of pokeballs — dozens and dozens of them.

When you said to watch TV after beating the Elite 4 and Mom would ask a colorful question, did you have to beat the Elite 4 for a first time in the game or any time?

Games Guru: I hate to do this to you, but you need to refresh my memory. What are you trying to accomplish? I recall advising a reader to speak to “Mom” after beating the Elite 4 — I think it was to see a newscast about the victory and becoming the new champ, but, alas, I am getting old and need a reminder every now and then.

Can you multiply Pokemon? If so, how?

Games Guru: There is a Pokemon breeding center just west of Mauville. Go have a look.


Comments about “Pokemon Ruby”

  1. froggy16 says:

    To ash7,
    Get Dive from Steven’s house in Mossdeep City. Then surf to route 126 and you will see a huge white rock. Dive underwater on one of the dark blue parts of the ocean and you will run into a cave that leads to Sootopolis City.

  2. ash7 says:

    how do you get to sootopolis

  3. froggy16 says:

    To shaymin147,
    Go to the dock in either Lilycove or Slateport City and show them the ticket so you can go to the island.

  4. shaymin147 says:

    i have an eon ticket but wat do u do with it please help

  5. chezdodlez1012o2 says:


  6. froggy16 says:

    To tc-14,
    You might still be able to find it in some stores but I know you can get it online.

  7. tc-14 says:

    where do we get this game

  8. chezdodlez1012o2 says:

    use yur sun stone to getz sunflora and bellawsom

  9. froggy16 says:

    To cmpka,
    Once you give Celio the ruby and sapphire on fire red version, then you can trade between fire red and ruby normally.

  10. froggy16 says:

    To regi’s,
    Whoops, meant the Hoen pokedex, not national.

  11. froggy16 says:

    To regi’s,
    When you complete the national pokedex on emearld version you are given one of the johto starters. Ask for cyndaquil, it evovles at level 14 into quilava and at level 36 into typhlosion.

  12. froggy16 says:

    To Flagger1112,
    You have to trade it from emerald, fire red, or leaf green. To get it on those games you have to go to a Nintendo event and get a special ticket that will take you to Birth Island. It’s type is based on what game it is currently in, so if you trade it to ruby it will simply be in its normal form.

  13. cmpka says:

    How do I switch pokemons from ruby to fire red????

  14. regi's says:

    how do u get a tyflosion( dont know if i spelt it rite) on ruby?

  15. Flagger1112 says:

    How do you get a Deoxys in ruby version?And if you do,Can you change its forms to att,def,or spd?

  16. froggy16 says:

    To hi,
    You will find it in Sky Pillar, which is north of route 131 only after you beat the elite four.

  17. hi says:

    where do you find Rayquaza:peace out

  18. froggy16 says:

    To Govinda,
    Well the coolest pokemon is probably Bagon. There are three regis in this game. Do you need help unlocking them, getting into their tombs, or cathing them?

  19. Govinda says:

    What kind of rare pokemon can u catch at Meteor Falls?? and how to get a REGICE,REGISTEEL,REGIROCK im not sure if there are four REGI’S But please game guru help me….. im using(VBA) Visual Boy Advance and im using Walkthroughs… its very fun at all F.Y.I VBA is the same with GBA so dont ask…. Thank You….=)

  20. NIKKI says:

    I have many pokemon all of them are more than lv80 thanks to this website

  21. i m pie says:

    to blazer,
    go to stevens house

  22. froggy16 says:

    To mico,
    You have to go to a Nintendo event, and I am pretty sure aipom is not in ruby version.

  23. froggy16 says:

    To blazer,
    You get beldum at steven’s house in Mossdeep City after you beat the elite four, it evolves into metang at level 20, then into Metagross at level 45.

  24. froggy16 says:

    To 4444,
    Close…but so far. There is an item there but it is a simple elixir, not a masterball.

  25. mico says:

    how to get mysticticket in pokemon emerald and how to catch aipom

  26. blazer says:

    where do u get metang

  27. 4444 says:

    I know were a second master ball is ! look in the area of victory road were you use surf and waterfall a lot there should be an area with two spaces only a master ball is on one of the spaces if you have trouble finding it use a item finder because it is burryed

  28. froggy16 says:

    To i m pie,
    My bad, I seem to have lost the paper where I originally wrote down all of the inscriptions.

  29. COOL says:

    if you want to be rich you will need a ruby

  30. i m pie says:

    to froggy 16 and pokemaster,
    its actually First comes relicanth last comes wailord

  31. froggy15 says:

    Just wanted to let everybody know I am switching my name to froggy16 :)

  32. froggy15 says:

    To pokemon master 2442,
    You don’t go into space. You will find a relicanth underwater in the seaweed but they are very rare. The sealed Chamber is on about route 133. The best way to get there is to take the lowest (as in on the screen) jet stream and to always choose the lowest one possible and eventuallly you will reach a calm area where you can dive down. You will find an area that says dive up in braille, do so. Then when you walk in it gives you the letters of the alphabet in braille, and in the back it says did here, do so. Then the last chamber tells you some things about the regis and it says, “First comes Waillord. Last comes Relicanth.” If you have those pokemon in your party in that order than you will hear the regis tombs unlock.

  33. froggy15 says:

    Breed a pickachu with another pickachu and you will get a pichu, (I think it has to be another pickachu, not sure, it has been a while).

  34. pokemon master 2442 says:

    ayo i beat evry pokemon game but im stuck on ruby i have 3 questions 1. how do u go in2 space
    2. how do u catch a relicanth and 3. how do u find the 3 regi’s cave and open it? plz som1 reply :]

  35. froggy15 says:

    Rhyhorn evolves at level 42 into Rhydon.

  36. MISTERCOW says:

    how do you get pichu in RUBY do u breed it or not

  37. MISTERCOW says:

    when does rhyhorn evolve?

  38. froggy15 says:

    At level 30 Bagon evolves into Shelgon, and at level 50 Shelgon evolves int Salmaence. I would suggest getting your bagon and metang up to at least level 55 before you try to take on the elite four, because right now they don’t stand a chance. If your swampert or groudon knows brickbreak use that for Sidney. Use any of your tough pokemon for Phobe. Use the pokemon with brick break again, or if one of your pokemon know and electric move use that for Glacia. Teach Blizzard (give it two or three PP ups) to swampert and use that for Drake. Use Groudons fire blast for Skarmory, Swampert for Claydol, Earthquake for Aggron, Brick Break for Cradily, Swampert for Armaldo, and Earthquake for Metagross. It might be tuff but you could probably beat them if your team knows those moves. I would still suggest leveling up your other two pokemon first though.

  39. MISTERCOW says:

    how do i beat the elite4 with this team
    altaria lvl 59
    swampert lvl 59
    groudon lvl55
    golbat lvl51
    bagon lvl35
    and metang lvl 32?

  40. MISTERCOW says:

    thanks froggy15
    ur the best

  41. MISTERCOW says:

    when does bagon evolve into shelgon. and when does shelgon evolve into salamence?

  42. froggy15 says:

    To rubyman,
    You get Bagon in a small room in Meteor falls, and you get beldum at level 5 as a gift from Steven, after you beat the elite four, at his house.

  43. froggy15 says:

    Metang evolves at level 45. You can find a Bagon in a small room in Metoeor falls. The room is almost filled compelty with water and has the tm for dragon claw. You can only find it in that room. Golbat evolves based on its happiness level. You need to give it things like proteins, not let it faint, and heal it often. A rare candy might help too. Nincada at level 45 and trapinch at level 41 learn dig (I did the same thing). Oh and almost 9 years of pokemon makes me know all of this.

  44. froggy15 says:

    To i m pie,
    One at a time please, it takes to long to post where to get all of them.

  45. rubyman says:

    were do you find bagon and beldum

  46. MISTERCOW says:

    is there a pokemon that can LEARN dig my dumb bro took out of my rhyhorn for rock blast

  47. MISTERCOW says:

    where do u catch shelgon or a bagon i need a salamence

  48. MISTERCOW says:

    how do u evolve golbat my last game it evolved lvl 45 but now its 51 and still wont evolve

  49. MISTERCOW says:

    froogy15 or jaypee can u tell me wat lvl metang evolves into METAGROSS?

    p.s. froggy15 ur r so much better than games guru u 2 jaypee

  50. MISTERCOW says:

    u get a sun stone from the sailor guy in space center

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